Season 5

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The Tal Shiar have gotten their hands on new protomatter technology and are trying to both weaponize it and plot against the other powers in the galaxy.

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Included Missions

Family Detention

Post Count: 369

Senator t'Ruul, Dox's grandmother, and Dalia Rendal, a Captain in the Tal'Shiar has kidnapped Lieutenant Dox and her mother to help complete her research into the Titan Gaia's protomatter weaponry. The crew of the Hera must rescue them and prevent that data from falling into the hands of the Tal Shiar. Unfortunately, goodbyes may need to be said before we are ready and Riov Rendal escapes with a significant amount of data.

Neutral Zone Neutrality

Post Count: 244

The USS Hera performs an incursion into the Romulan Empire, making a risky crossing of the neutral zone and deep into Romulan space to meet with Reunificationists to learn about the Tal Shiar and specifically about Dalia Rendal. The stealth plating works admirably other than for people looking out a window so little trouble is had.

Bachelorette Bash

Post Count: 150

Loki appears with Baroness Schwein von Alcott and declares himself the organizer for a traditional Asgardian Royal Bachelorette party.

Dedjoy System Mystery

Post Count: 83

A missing science vessel dispatched to the Dedjoy system is cause for investigation and the USS Hera is the only ship equipped and authorized to investigate.

Back Down the Long Ladder

Post Count: 36

The USS Hera and Captain Telvan specifically is asked to investigate some issues on a backwater Federation member planet.

Born and Reborn

Post Count: 69

Dox, Mona and their entourage go to Miradon for the birth of the chicks and a small vacation while the Hera investigates Rendal's latest shenanigans.

Return to the Core

Post Count: 159

The crew of the USS Hera are ordered to secretly investigate the recent transgressions of the IRW Iurret and several other of Rendal's allies at the former location of Starbase 336, galorndon Core. They find that she's been testing similar singularity technology to what Gaia used to leave this universe and they've been sending probes in and out of the singularities they've been creating.

Heart and Soul

Post Count: 153

Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Hera. Its continuing mission: to defend the Federation from threats within and without using those same founding ideals and with freedom of heart, mind, and soul.

This mission details the daily lives of the crew of the Hera - their hopes, dreams, goals... Because those are the hopes, dreams, and goals of the great vessel herself.

The Bulikaya Particle

Post Count: 160

The dimension-spanning adventures spawned from the mysterious dimension-spanning particle.

Rest and Relaxation and a Wedding

Post Count: 0

The crew of the USS Hera finally get a break, or so it would seem. Schwein and Thor finally get married and the crew are invited to Valhalla for a vacation of sorts and to attend the wedding.

Valhalla Interrupted

Post Count: 0

A few hours after the wedding, a fleet of mysterious, cloaked ships in the shape of manta rays attacks Asgard demanding the remains of Starbase 336 and the body of Iapetus. The Ensuing battle is glorious and dramatic.

Hunt or Be Hunted

Post Count: 0

Having left the Baroness von Alcott in Valhalla with her husband Thor, the Hera now embarks upon ending the threat of Riov Dalia Rendal once and for all. Intel places her once again deep in Romulan territory, but the information source seems suspicious and is likely a trap. Solution - spring the trap. With the help of the Reunificationists, the trap is sprung and the crew live to save the day again.

Final Countdown

Post Count: 0

The Hera is in a race against the clock. Dalia Rendal has finally deployed a series of cloaked, long range warp missiles against several targets loaded with protomatter warheads designed to wipe out all life and turn the planets into barren lifeless rocks. Will the crew be able to stop all three cloaked missiles in time or will three Federation applicant worlds be wiped from existence?

Showdown at Hera Corral

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Dalia Rendal has finally been cornered in her lust for greed while trying to get more data and a sample of Primordius. Thanks to a trap set up by Admiral Meowlith, The Hera crew are able to savor a final showdown with the Tal Shiar Captain.