Specifications - USS Frigga

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While the Danube-class was adequate for many of Starfleet's needs in the years prior to the Dominion War, many engineers felt that the design lacked sufficient resilience and firepower for frontline missions during that conflict. Additionally, many of those starships commanders fortunate enough to have a capable MACO detachment aboard had noted the difficulty of delivering those MACOs safely into potentially hostile areas which might not allow the effective use of transporters. Designed with both of these considerations in mind, deployed in 2374 to supplement the Danube, the Mustang class runabout has repeatedly proven itself to be one of the most formidable small craft available to Starfleet.

In addition to augmented hull armor and shielding, the most important innovation which enables the Mustang to operate so effectively in hostile environments is the new Type VII phaser array. With a considerably upgraded power capacity and advanced computer support, each array can support three emitter segments capable of independent targeting and high rates of fire. Between the three such arrays mounted on a Mustang's hull, the range of fire arcs available to her crew covers virtually the entire perimeter of the craft. This enables the runabout to maneuver defensively without fear of masking her own fire, as well as to defend herself against attack from virtually any angle.


Class Mustang Class Runabout
Role Runabout
Duration 20 Years
Time Between Refits 2 Years
Time Between Resupply 1 Month


Length 23 Meters
Width 13.5 Meters
Height 5.5 Meters
Decks 1 main and 1 subdeck


Officers 1-2
Emergency Capacity 20


Cruise Speed Warp 4
Maximum Speed Warp 5
Emergency Speed Warp 6 (for 4 hours)

Weapons & Defensive Systems

Shields Regenerative Shielding System
5cm Ablative Armor
Weapon Systems 3x Type-X Phaser Arrays
2x Micro-Torpedo Launchers (1 fore/1 aft)
Armament 20 Micro Photon Torpedoes