Specifications - Manticore

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Enalia's personal pirate ship. Painted pink with rose detailing. Decommissioned as the USS Vanguard, it was purchased as a bulk hulk with three other salvaged Miranda class hulls that had been stripped by Starfleet for parts. Most of the interior is intact with 2290s to 2340s refit parts. Engineering is a conglomeration of Vulcan, Andorian, and Tellarite tech. Weapons are mostly Andorian. Sensors are Vulcan. Engines and helm are a mix of Romulan and Human standard. Bridge layout is that of the 2390's science refits. Engineered so that warp power flows constantly and is routed directly into all phasers and shields for maximum effectiveness.


Class Miranda class
Role Pirate Flagship/Escort
Duration 80 Years
Time Between Refits 5 Years
Time Between Resupply 1 Year


Length 237 meters
Width 141 meters
Height 58 meters
Decks 11


Officers 40
Enlisted Crew 150
Emergency Capacity 800


Cruise Speed 6
Maximum Speed 8
Emergency Speed 9

Weapons & Defensive Systems

Shields Vulcan semi-regenerative deflector shield systems
Weapon Systems Beam Weapons
Andorian Pulse Phaser Cannon: 2 fore, 2 aft on the roll bar joints
Andorian Type 8 Phaser Pulse Bank: 6 pair ball mounted on saucer, 4 ball mounted on aft
Torpedo Launchers
Pulse Fire Torpedo Launcher: 2 fore, 2 aft located in roll bar pod
Armament 60 photon torpedoes
20 warp shadow generators
20 spatial jamming mines
20 various long range stealth probes

Auxiliary Craft

Shuttlebays 2
Shuttles 6 assorted pirate shuttles
Fighters 6 assorted pirate fighters