Specifications - IRW Sistius

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An old T'varo warbird that saw active service during the time that the NX-01 was active. Now a defense force ship of Rihansu reunificationists with ultra-modern sickbay. Received with limited cloak and no singularity core - she currently runs on a small micro-fusion reactor that provides about 90% nominal power of a ship of that era.


Class T'varo
Role Light Warbird
Duration Built in Earth year 2149


Length 250 meters
Width 273 meters
Height 60 meters


Officers 20
Enlisted Crew 80


Cruise Speed Warp 4
Maximum Speed Warp 4.8
Emergency Speed Warp 5.52

Weapons & Defensive Systems

Shields Basic shielding systems
Weapon Systems 2 plasma pulse turrets
2 plasma beam arrays
2 torpedo launchers (1 fore and 1 aft)
Armament 30 plasma torpedoes
20 photon torpedoes
7 class 9 probes

Auxiliary Craft

Shuttlebays 1
Shuttles 1 Teircel class shuttlecraft