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Another Ship

Posted on Thu Feb 2nd, 2017 @ 8:12pm by Lieutenant Commander Eneas Clio

I was just getting use to the Katana. I even had friends. Sure, I had too much work to do and way more responsibilities than Starfleet had any right to give to one person, but it was finally home. Like I'd been adrift for the past three decades and had finally found somewhere I belonged. I should have known it was too damned good to last.

The worst part is we don't even really know what happened. Even the Drej don't have weapons that can do that... at least, not that we've seen. To cripple the ship so severely in one, unseen blow? It doesn't even seem possible. And believe me, I've seen people and starships do a lot of impossible things. Generally, those ships belong to Starfleet Intelligence.

Like the Hera.

I've seen systems on this ship that even the Banshee didn't have. Systems I don't quite know how to operate. Even a few that I was pretty sure didn't exist. My question is... why?

Why do we need such heavily classified equipment and so much of it?

Why do we need armor that essentially renders the ship invisible?

And why would Starfleet Intelligence claim a ship like the Hera? A Nebula-class isn't generally their style... they like the Prometheus and the Predator classes. Ships with more teeth, ships the enemy takes one look at before fleeing. No one runs from a Nebbie.

Then again, most Nebbies aren't equipped like this one. Maybe it's just a clever trap...


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