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The Rising Darkness

Posted on Thu Sep 14th, 2017 @ 4:02pm by Lieutenant Nathanial Summers DSci
Edited on Thu Sep 14th, 2017 @ 5:36pm

>>>Begin log<<<

"Chief Science Officer's Log stardate: 71702.3: I've arrived at my new posting on board the USS Hera and all seems to be going well. I've met with Captain Enalia Telvan, who at first glance appears to be your everyday run-of-the-mill Starfleet captain but upon second look, one realizes she is anything but standard. She is a joined Trill which colors her attitudes more than she realizes.

"The XO is of a different color of animal than I have ever met; he's a Satyr, literally. And being so, he is an animal in form if not in mind. So I know I'll have to deal with him slightly different than I deal with the rest of the crew. In all fairness and honesty, I like him already. He speaks with an openness that I rarely see with other 'aliens'.

"I have yet to meet any of the rest of the senior staff but I am certain I'll like them just the same. I also need to go through the crew manifest and look at my own department in particular. I need some people in key positions that I can trust in order to get the job done."

>>>End log<<<


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