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Out of the ashes rises a Phoenix

Posted on Fri Sep 7th, 2018 @ 5:24pm by Lieutenant Seregon French

When Seregon was a girl, she read old comics. And because of the color of her hair, she Identified with one character in particular. The Phoenix of a group they called the Xmen! Earth had long given up on finding super heroes to worship, but who knew what could happen within the mind? Jean Gray, as she was called, was a split image of Seregon. So naturally she took a liking to the character. That was a long time ago. She had become her own hero, and that of others that she had saved on her journey.

She looked around the Promenade of the space station. Her days off were coming to an end. Soon, very soon she would need to report in for duty. She had no idea of what rank she would be as she had been away for over two years. All she knew was, she had been given her choice of assignments and the Hera was it. The ship was docked here at the station, so it was time to find it and report in.

They had given her a transporter tag for her gear. Stuff she had not thought about or used for two years now. Leaving her buddy Alex was the hardest thing she had done since leaving the hospital. The last two years hanging out with him while she got her head together and her game face on again, would be the momeries that she would cling to. But she was looking forward to this deployment. She reached over and grabbed her drink. Downed the Cranberry and orange juice combo. Stood up and headed off in the direction of the docking bays. There she was sure to find her ship, the U.S.S. Hera.


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