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Chief Counselors Personal Log

Posted on Fri Sep 21st, 2018 @ 1:06pm by Ensign Avendar Jurot

Starfleet is sending us on a mission to neutralize yet another Higher Order being with delusions of Godhood. Their orders are specific on this, yet I think there are things the Captain are not telling us.

Also, my security clearance is high enough to know all about this ship, yet I didn't know that the refit included far more powerful weapons. I understood that this was to be an "infiltration" ship, for lack of a better term, not a ship of war. Perhaps that lack of information is a consequence of my low rank?

This being we will face is powerful, to be sure. She possesses the ability to transmute matter, seemingly with a thought. I wonder if, should the need arrive to defend the ship and crew, the Captain would punish me for using my full abilities? Would my abilities be enough?

I'm not sleeping well. Lately my Izmadi's rest cycles have overlapped mine, so when I sleep I feel his thoughts, even though a vast distance separates us. I have never considered shielding myself from him, as I have in the past gained valuable information about Borg movements and plans. However I need my rest, especially if the upcoming mission will be as hazardous as it sounds. And he is my Izmadi- I still desire any connection with him whatsoever, even though I still have physical needs he cannot satisfy. I'm not making any sense.

End log.


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