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Inside of my quarters1

Posted on Mon Dec 15th, 2014 @ 6:55pm by Ensign Husumi Yaakova HPY

Personal log:at my own desk.

uhhm.I was sitting at my own desk .Pondering what would come of a wonderful evening.Even though. My own aditude did flare up. A moment of scare ,thats all. I have to be extra carefull though. My race doesn't have to much patients for things of anoying.Humph.What we consider anoying is worse.

My own ear is anoying right now.Taps left ear with hypo sprey again. An alien in habitation illegaly and hypo shot for a while to rid them all. They said in earths quotas. The alien that atackt me are or would be called jelly fish. The doctor laughed when I told them theres one in my grin to. Then started to leeak fluids out of his peritheial eye lids.humph, well at least thats what I call them.

An way.My first day in the tin can everyone calls the makaw board for steller cartas.Science if you will or not.tumph...

Thats it I'm taking an extra seditive . I'm still over heating. Something called alive for foreigners."I laughed" owwwwwwww. my flippin ear. hmmm ther it stopped for now grr yes. I won one!

personal log off....
ps:the automatic releaser a doctor crusher invented for hypo cleaner sprey head set you wear. Is lovely. I bought one. Since I continully keep getting attacked. Nasty buggers theses jellyfish liycans . Humph.........


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