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Flight Simulation Report

Posted on Fri Dec 28th, 2018 @ 10:23pm by Lieutenant Commander Mnhei'sahe Dox

Personal log, Stardate 2395. Chief Flight Control officer, Melanie Dox.

I've been back on active duty for four days after my medical leave. Doctor Dael wants me to take it easy as I'm still recovering from neurological damage, but I need to keep busy. Keep my mind focused on work. Down time and me... aren't getting along at the moment.

The HERA is still docked at the Worldship and most of the senior staff is on away missions to different areas of said ship. However, the experimental flight helmet that enabled me to successfully navagate into the heart of the spatial anomoly we now find ourselves in has been dismantled by Ensign Gonadie to attempt to determine why the god Anansi wanted it in the first place. And Yeoman Dedjoy now has that dismantled helmet under security lockdown for now.

As such, once it's time for the Hera to leave, It will be without the benefit of the extra sensory information provided by the helmet. Though even if it were still functioning, I'm fairly certain Doctor Dael would step in and forbid it's use, as without the nanobots that made me able to use it without extreme nausea and pain have been removed from my head.

As such, I have been using every available opportunity to run myself and the rest of the flight control officers through simulations based on the data accumulated during our initial ingress. Unfortunately, the current results of these similations have been... less than promising.

Ensign Paulson's performance has peaked at 35%. MacNielle at 42, and Harnell at 40. Ensign Gonadie and myself keep bouncing in the low 70's. My best score has been 74, which means a 26% chance of catastrophic failure and the deaths of everyone on board. As such, I need to work on improving our performances.

I've made my reports to the Captain and Commander Thex in her absence. If they are concerned about my potential failure to perform, they haven't expressed it to me. Nevertheless, I am feeling the weight of this responsibility keenly and can't help but hear my mother's voice reminding me that self-doubt is an option only for the weak.

It's been four hours since the end of my shift, and if I don't step away from the sim and try and sleep, Doctor Dael might end up ording me to and I don't want to give them any additional stress right now. I've done enough in that department.

Simulaions to resume at 0:800 hours.


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