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Building Bonds

Posted on Wed Apr 1st, 2015 @ 11:59am by Commander Sinek

Personal Log: Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant Commander Sinek

I have applied the logic given to me by Ambassador Spock. It is pertinent to build relations with those on your team. Otherwise, you are on the outside looking in on the team.

I have established a...friendship with a doctor. He has had severe trauma on the ship's previous mission. It is my duty to assist him in recovery. I have admonished him to schedule a time with another doctor present for a mind meld. This will be the first I have attempted to meld with a human. It will be rather difficult due to the amount of trauma he has faced.

The is another individual - a human female - with whom I have established a bond. At times, she displays a logic to perform her duties that is unfathomable from a human standpoint. Yet, she has confided in me with her emotions. I have offered my services to be a bastion of logic, to help her process the emotions she has. I find our time together...fascinating.

End Log


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