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To Love Verses In Love

Posted on Sun Apr 26th, 2015 @ 10:25pm by Commander Sinek

Chief Science Officer's Log

Tonight I informed a human female that I loved her. There are many who would argue that this is not the Vulcan way. We do not show affection; we do not love.

I learned from my first meld with a human, also today. Love is not an emotion; it is an act. Even humans choose to love whomever they do. When emotions become a driving force, lust is begun. This is the emotion. However, love is an act of my will. I choose to love Angel.

Something that a very ancient Ambassador Spock stated to be now makes sense. He did not know that Sarek cared for him until after Sarek had died. It was only through Captain Picard's knowledge of Sarek through a meld that Spock had found out. I do not want that in my life. I want those I love to know it. Therefore, I will show them.

End Log.


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