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Posted on Fri May 8th, 2015 @ 2:27pm by Commander Angelica Fairchild

I never signed up to be a command level officer. Didn't go through all that fancy command school training. I mean, sure. I wanted to command a ship someday, but doesn't everyone in Starfleet? I just figured it would be way on down the line as far as my career goes. Naturally, the universe has other ideas.

I don't think I held the rank of lieutenant commander longer than a month, far as experience goes. I'd barely finished the necessary command testing when we fell into that anomaly and ended up in the past... Enalia thought that was pretty funny too, when she decided to promote me without any sort of warning. And I guess it is... in retrospect. Just would have been nice if I'd had time to get used to it before we lost Aelyn.

That was hard enough. Then we pop out into 2392 and Starfleet's gone and promoted me while I was "dead." That's nice... don't really expect to keep it... and I wouldn't have kept it if Enalia hadn't decided she liked having me in Aelyn's old spot. Seriously, I think the woman's brain damaged or something. There's no other explanation for how much she likes me.

Somehow I let her con me into speaking at the service. I wasn't exactly thrilled about it, but looking back at it... I'm kind of glad I went with it. Gives me a nice start to being this crew's first officer, in the official sense anyway...


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