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Snacks not to be served at memorials

Posted on Sun May 10th, 2015 @ 11:14pm by Captain Enalia Telvan

Captain's log, stardate... I forgot again. Computer, just put a time stamp on this your damned self...

Today was the memorial. Twenty nine people. If Angel hadn't been there, I wouldn't have made it through that eulogy. There's so much I want to say... need to say... but it won't come... Some of those people were friends and all of them were family. Ven is a loss I couldn't have been prepared for. If it was some enemy I could hunt down or bring to justice... but no, it was Devidians doing what they do for survival.

Angel... I had hoped I could get to know her better. Maybe I still can. I mean other than all the spying and Intel surveillance BS. She's seeing Sinek and I didn't even pick up on that until I stole a kiss and she tasted coppery. What else have I missed? Am I so wrapped up in spying on a select few of my crew that I don't know who any of them are? Have I grown so accustomed to the mind games I've had to play? Something to think about.

Perhaps Ulani was right and I need to visit the current Chief Medical Officer. Current... I swear, if I lose one more CMO... Galaxy's biggest joke right there. They can take great care of others but all die themselves.

Also, redbat stew is to no longer be served in the ship's galley. Crewman O'Neil ate nine servings of it and had to go to sickbay for allergies to the spices. Apparently almost a quarter of the crew has these allergies so we're lucky no one else has fallen ill from it.

Shore leave has been authorized, though anyone working with the Court Martial teams or on the list of interviews for Temporal Investigations will need to stay aboard. New Sydney has a rather extensive black market so I'm hoping my crew stay safe and vacation smartly. There's an orbital resort station I'd like to visit if I have time. I heard there's a Caitian hashish bar...


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