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The Basis of Logic

Posted on Wed Feb 17th, 2016 @ 9:01am by Commander Sinek

The personal log of Lieutenant Commander Sinek

In an interview today with Petty Officer Takethen, I was caused to reflect upon my own logic. This logic dealt with life and death. My logical stance has always been if something is dead, it should remain dead. For all other living around, life must go on.

The Petty Officer's seemed to be irrational to me when she used stored memory in a transporter buffer to bring her lover back from death. As she related her logic, I began to think of my own personal relationships, one in particular, which I have concluded I would have attempted the same process, if only to be with her one last time.

My recent bout with Pon Farr has also caused me to reflect deeper upon that relationship. My reasoning is that my logic alone will cause me to become successful. However, the more I am with Commander Fairchild...Angel...the more I am with her, the more my understanding is that I am stronger when I am with her.

I nearly did not make it through this episode of Pon Farr. It was the most difficult attack upon my reasoning that I have ever had. It was very...lonely. During that time apart from Angel, I have seen my ever present need to be with her.

End Log


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