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Welcome Aboard!

Posted on Fri Mar 8th, 2019 @ 12:29pm by Lieutenant Asa Dael & Petty Officer 1st Class Cicero Delacroix

Mission: Recovery Trek
Location: USS Hera | Sickbay
Timeline: 2396

Petty Officer Cicero Delacroix had already inspected the galleys on deck nine and was able to have the pleasure of meeting the First Officer of the USS Hera, a busty woman with a curvy figure as robust as her personality. Cicero found her to be regimented yet also lax at the same time. It was a curious balance, and he was looking forward to getting to know her further. She had also given him specific instructions to see the starship's physician so that he could get his medical records up to date and physical completed.

Cicero walked into Sickbay pleasantly enough and rather quietly. He did not know who the Chief Medical Officer was, but he saw someone with rather vibrant hair and fascinating features. They were quite striking. "I'm sorry. Pardon me" he said to the individual whom he assumed was a nurse or physician seeing the lieutenant pips on their uniform. "Could you perhaps direct me to the Chief Medical Officer? I just spoke with Commander Paris and they wanted me to come down here for my physical."

“Hi there, you found them,” Asa replied brightly. “Sorry, I meant to greet you at reception, just got a little held up fine-tuning a biodbed. The darn thing kept dinging for no real reason every time someone has a base temperature above 39 degrees. Which is absurd,” Asa concluded, sending a withering glare at the recalcitrant piece of equipment.

Motioning for Petty Officer Delacroix to follow them, Asa went to a functional biobed and asked him to take a seat. Picking up a nearby PaDD, Asa reviewed the file in their hands. They had reviewed it in depth before, but it never hurt to freshen ones memory.

“Well, I see you passed your physicals before with flying colors, all vaccines are up to date, and you have been cleared by Intel Command. However, it seems that you have a slight nutritional deficit- perhaps not enough calcium- easily remedied. Difficulty with calcium absorption seems to be part of your human ancestry, so I recommend a monthly supplement just to keep you in the clear. Sound fair?”

He smiled at the physician. "Who am I to argue with Doctor's orders?" he offered playfully. "Heck, I don't think anyone really can. You have yourself a pretty powerful position as ship's physician" he added. "Calcium deficiency...I'll accept that as a relatively clean bill of health. It sounds fair enough to me" stated Cicero.

"I'm a culinary specialist" he said in case they wasn't aware. "They have me working out of deck nine tending to the enlisted and officer messes" explained Cicero. "Is there anything I should be made aware of? Anybody with severe food allergies or a overall notable deficiency with the crew?"

“Oh, absolutely, clean bill of health,” Asa chimed in response. “I don’t really see it as a position of power, just one of making sure Sickbay serves the crew to the best of our abilities, and of giving the crew the tools they need to be empowered in their health. Now, common deficiencies, hmmmmm,” Asa trailed off, thinking for a moment.

“You may or may not have noticed, we have quite a few pregnant crew members, so I would say to expect a few weird requests in the coming months, what with cravings and all. Calcium deficiency is the most common thing the crew needs by and large. I actually have quite a few people on supplements, but extra calcium and iron, especially for the pregnant humans, are always a good thing. Our resident Vulcans tend towards the blander food, but I’m sure you know that. Hera has a stock pile of non-replicated foods in stasis when she needs them- she thrives better that way, something about psionic energy being rejuvenated. The Captain’s wife, Maica, has been our hostess extraordinaire for the last few officer’s meals, so it might be a good idea to ask her opinion. What about you? Do you have any goals my department can help with?”

He smiled at the Chief Medical Officer. "I will be sure to make a mental note of all of that and quickly get myself to a PaDD and start making a written record of it" he said half jokingly. He was most certainly going to take that information and get it down. "Oh I have had my share of Vulcans. They remind me constantly if I dare put a smidge of salt or other seasoning in their food. If looks could stun" he said with a small chuckle and sigh.

"Prenatal dietary needs. I will definitely be sure to remember that and take it into consideration, Doctor" he noted politely. He looked at the Chief Medical Officer "I'm currently studying hospitality, but I have always had sort of an interest in dietary science. Do you happen to have a dietitian on staff that I could meet with regularly...just to make sure I'm getting all the needs of the crew met."

“Of course, Lieutenant JG Peggy McBride joined us recently after graduating from Starfleet Medical with her PA in dietary studies. She reviews the meals being completed by the replicators for nutritional standards among other her other duties. I’m sure she will be happy to visit with you. I’ll make an introduction tomorrow if you like, say around 1600? Maybe the two of you can find a way to make the ‘pickle marshmallow sandwich’ that Mrs. Carrott keeps asking for be anything other disgusting nutrition-less yuck. But I am not willing to fight that pregnant person on what she wants to eat. Last time I suggested midnight ice cream might be causing her gas she almost took my arm off.”

Nearby a tall red-headed man smiled broadly before saying, “Hey now Doc, if my wife fancies eating your arm, well, you can grow another.”

Rolling their eyes, Asa responded, “Carrott, I’ll fed her you next time,” in a jovial tone.

Goodnaturedly muttering to himself about “everyone gangs up on poor Carrott,” the Ensign resumed the sanitation protocol of a nearby biobed he was working on.

“Sorry about that, “Asa said to Delacroix, “We deal with a lot of pain around here, so we try to keep each other laughing when we can. I hope you always feel comfortable speaking to anyone on my staff, and I hope you know my door is always open for you. So, tomorrow with McBride?”

Cicero nodded. "Tomorrow with McBride. I will be there" he said in response. "That sandwich sounds...peculiar, but I might just have to try it myself and see what I think. Though I don't foresee it becoming a daily special" he teased.

"Hey, as long as I'm not eating it, everyone else can have their fill, " Asa rejoined. "Welcome aboard, Petty Officer Delacroix. I can't wait to see what you cook up."

"Thank you, Doctor" he replied with a joyful smile. "I solemnly swear not to send anyone running to Sickbay due to my cooking" added Cicero.


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