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Two Become One

Posted on Thu Mar 7th, 2019 @ 11:29am by Lieutenant Commander Mnhei'sahe Dox & Lieutenant Mona Gonadie
Edited on on Thu Mar 7th, 2019 @ 12:27pm

Mission: Recovery Trek
Location: Deck 8, Crew Quarters
Timeline: 2396

Walking back to the quarters she now shared with Ensign Mona Gonadie was a virtually herculean effort for Mnhei'sahe Dox after what she had just done.

Coming back from the Holodeck, Dox had just completed her first round of mental exercises with the Vulcan Kolinahr master, Lieutenant Sonak designed to help her defend her now opened mind from psychic attacks. It was an intense and exhausting exercise in will power and focus unlike anything the young Romulan woman had ever experienced in her life and it was but the first step in the process of restoring her minds mental defenses. Walking, her knees ached still with phantom pain from the journey up the steps of the projection of the Vulcan monument, Mount Seleya, recreated in her mind by Sonak. In her mind, she fell repeatedly in the attempt, blooding her knees. In the real world, though nothing had physically happened, she still felt the memory of that pain.

As she reached her quarters, the door wooshed open briskly and the warmth of the colors from within felt like a hug as she wobbled into the bedroom and flumped, face first, onto the large nest that she shared as her bed with Mona. Her weak voice muffled by the bedding, she called out with a certain cartoonish exaggeration, playing up her very real fatigue, "Mona? Are you home?"

"I'm here!" Mona was in the restroom finishing up with her evening grooming. "How was your training?" Coming out of the restroom, she cocked her hips to the side with one hand on them. "You look exhausted."

Without actually lifting her head off of the bed, Dox groaned. "Exhausting doesn't quite do it justice. It's amazing that you can basically sit in one spot for a while thinking really, REALLY hard and be this sore and tired. It was like running a thousand marathons in my mind... with Sonak sitting on my back."

"And to think, my people can supposedly have marathon sex like that if the bond is strong enough," Mona muttered as she slipped into their nest with her love, snuggling up and thrumming softly.

Rolling slightly onto her side to lean into Mona's embrace AND get off of her own face, Dox chuckled slightly at the idea before she got a little more serious. "Thank you, by the way. I don't think I could have done what I did in there without you. You... were there with me."

"Of course, Minay. I'm in your cracks and you're in mine. We will never be alone again," Mona replied simply as if that explained everything.

Closing her eyes, Dox thought about it for a second and elaborated as she pulled her hand up to hold Mona's. As she touched, there was a slight feeling of the rush she felt in her mind when Sonak began connecting to her. Suddenly, the connection she struggled so hard to find the other night was almost instantaneous. "It was your energy. You left it in me. He was trying to force a mind meld so I could learn how to force him out. And... I tried to focus on my own sense of self. I pictured that red energy that I could see in my mind's eye, but it wasn't enough. His energy just permeated it completely. That... gate... thing just pulled his energy into mine and I couldn't stop it."

As she described the event, she pictured it as it happened, "But then, from out of my own light, your blue light appeared. It came bursting out and merged with mine. It became a single, purple light that kept his own energy out. it was... it was amazing."

As Dox described it, the image filled her mind as she felt a warmth overtake her from within. She smiled as she realized the image in her mind's eye wasn't a memory, but what was happening in that very moment as they touched. The two colors of light had begun to swirl together in her mind and effortlessly became a brilliant purple again.

Laying in bed, Mona's thrumming resonated through Dox's being and she tucked herself tighter against her Miradonian mate, almost thrumming herself as a gentle moan pressed out of her. She could feel not only Mona's body pressing against hers, but her own body pressed against Mona's as if she was Mona. And while she didn't understand how she was doing it, she understood what she was doing. Subconsciously, effortlessly, she was mind melding with Mona through their newfound connection.

But this was different from the mind melds she had experienced with Sonak. With Mona's own abilities linking them on an entirely different level, Dox simply ceased to exist in that moment as a separate entity as her essence fused itself to Mona's. It was a bonding beyond what she knew of any mind meld, and perhaps more than what Mona had described that her people were capable of.

This was more than Mona had heard about. She had been told it was a sharing of emotions and feelings, but this was as if they were two beings becoming one. She could feel her blues and her Minay's reds swirling together into a beautiful purple love and it allowed her to feel connected to her love in ways she never thought possible. Was this what her mother had meant when she had spoken of the 'true bond'? Being able to feel yourself through your mate? Getting confused on which one of you was whom? If this was the 'true bond', she loved it and she loved her Minay even deeper for it.

In the moment, as the two became one for the time, there was nothing between them. Each thought and feeling was shared and their minds gave strength and comfort to the other. But it was also an overwhelming experience for their first time, and with Dox already past to point of exhaustion, it was entirely too comforting. Gently, She drifted to sleep in Mona's arms as her own mind, swirled and merged, brought Mona along with her.

Together, the two that were one drifted to sleep together. And for the first time in what felt like a lifetime for either woman, both slept free of nightmares.


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