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Pirates of the Vegas Strip - Part 1 of 2

Posted on Fri Feb 7th, 2020 @ 10:03pm by Queen of the Artans Enalia Telvan & Death & Commander Rita Paris & Lieutenant Commander Mnhei'sahe Dox & Lieutenant JG Tovanna Mah
Edited on on Wed Feb 26th, 2020 @ 1:01pm

Mission: Bachelorette Bash
Location: Risa, Swashbucklers Adventure Theatre
Timeline: 2397
Tags: pirate, pirates, swashbucklers, chet, captain mac,

In the lobby of the opulent and ostentatious hotel that was hosting the bachelorette party of the Baroness Schwein Von Alcott, the grouping of ladies that had collected from the Hera had plans to meet back up for dinner at the hotel’s restaurant later that evening. But that meant that, until then, the sights of Risa’s recreated approximation of Earth’s Las Vegas were free to be explored.

The Baroness herself had gone to check on the two mountains of muscle, Petty Officer “Big” Ethel Jablonski and the Valkyrie Hildr in the group’s reserved suite and it appeared that Ensigns Briaar Gavarus and Fiona O’Dell had whisked Lieutenant Commander Thex sh’Zorathi off to another pub for a while.

A double-decker, open-topped hover-bus pulled up at the front of the hotel with the words ‘SWASHBUCKLERS ADVENTURE THEATRE: A Pirate Extravagaza’ and standing in the portico of the glittering resort, Captain Enalia Telvan had her trademark piratical smirk well and truly plastered on her face. At her side was the redheaded Romulan pilot, Lieutenant Commander Mnhei’sahe Dox and the ship’s most recent addition, Chief Medical Officer Tovanna Mah. Standing neared to Dox, was the shadowy woman in flowing black silk known as Masato Rei, also known as the embodiment of Death itself, but at this moment, that particular fact wasn’t quite known to Dr. Mah.

“I guess with all the chaos of your Tribunal and then two missions on the Golden Ghost, Rita has had her fill of all things ‘pirate’ for a bit.” Mnhei’sahe said as a group of tourists disembarked from the rather large transport shuttle and they waited to board. Adjusting her black bolero jacket that covered the dark green dress she was wearing, the young pilot took in the sight of the replica of the Las Vegas strip. “So, this is supposed to be, what, a recreation of Earth Pirates of the colonial era? But… I would assume… romanticized for entertainment purposes, Caaa… Enalia?”

The order of the evening was no ranks, but it was clear that Mnhei’sahe was struggling just a smidge to call her Captain by her first name as the young Romulan woman blushed slightly at the slip.

"Oh yeah, definitely romanticized. Even today a lot of pirates have bad living conditions, though with modern tech it's sometimes by choice or laziness." Enalia waved one hand in the air as she explained. "Or lack of education on how to fix things... That's a pretty common cause as well. Still, I expect we'll see the lighter points of swashbuckling in the... Ah... What did humans call it?"

Rei chimed in with an answer she hoped was satisfactory. "I believe they called it the Golden Age, though I'm still curious as to why. They had more deaths per capita than almost any other world at that point of development as far as I can tell."

"I had a professor at the Academy that said something about...  what was it... it's in the hardest of times that the most extraordinary individuals tend to stand out in any culture. And if those individuals' achievements become romanticized, so too does the era or hardship they came from." Dox said, eyebrow raised with the slightest of smirks. "Or, sentients all over the galaxy really DO just like to blow their own... egos. Look how tough we were back then. I mean, Romulan history is filled with horror and tragedy on an epic scale, but I grew up hearing about how great that history was. Still, I'm sure that whatever we're in for will be, at least, entertaining."

Shrugging lightly, Dox turned toward the ship's new doctor that she had been actively avoiding in the week or so she had been on board the Hera. The anxious officer was somewhat territorial and had developed a strong friendship with the Hera's last doctor, who was also an El-Aurian, and the comparison had caused the young Romulan to be a bit more antisocial than was usual even for her. But here, in this off-duty locale, she was making an effort to be better and get over herself with this woman who was clearly less comfortable in groups than she was herself. "I'm glad you could make it, Dr. Mah. This might not be the most... conventional way to meet some of your new shipmates, but it should at least be memorable."

"Please call me Tova since we will be serving aside one another for the foreseeable future. As for our future Pirate Adventure, as long as it doesn't include scurvy, fluxes, food poisoning or any other more common medical conditions to pirateering I'm up for an adventure. I must admit a bit of admiration for the fashion if nothing else, there's something to be said about the combination of corsets and swords," Tova laughed at the thought of them romping around in such clothes in modern days.

"Tova it is. And you can call me Mnhei'sahe. Or just Dox as it's a bit earlier to pronounce." The young Romulan replied with a light smile, As she did, the transport doors hissed open and a short ramp extended down to the platform they were standing on and, almost as if on cue to the El-Aurian physician's comments, a young human man in an exceedingly tight vest with a billowing white top and baggy brown pants tucked into buccaneer boots strode out and extended his arm towards the open door while tipping his flourished Pirate hat with the other.

"Oooh, look honey, it's a real pirate!" one of the tourists behind them exclaimed, as Enalia's eye twitched.

"Greetings, one n' all! I be Cap'n Mac of this here transport to another age a' swashbucklin' adventure. Please, walk th' plank in single file and hop aboard! Thar be smooth sailin' ahead to our... final destination!" The young man said, chewing as much scenery as was humanly possible, leaning heavy into every syllable and grinning like a Cheshire cat the whole time as he looked at Enalia in the center of the grouping. "Ladies first."

The spotted woman's heart sank just a bit as she recognized the man. She'd had a bit of a rivalry with him before she joined Starfleet and she only hoped that he didn't recognize her. From the look of that grin on his face and the fact that he'd obviously picked her out of the crowd, she didn't think there was much hope of that after the Tribunal. Odds were good that her face had been plastered across every news source, be it public or private. In fact, she wouldn't be surprised if there were unofficial bounties out on her placed by her old rivals.

Rather than avoiding a confrontation, Enalia decided she'd invite it, a grin matching his spreading across her face. "Captain Mac, cheesiest pirate this side of the Arachnid Nebula! You old dog!" As she spoke, she waved her hands dramatically and chewed up just as much scenery as he had, if not more. "It is a pleasure! And a de-light! To once again see your old whiskers! Please, pray tell us! What wondrous entertainment do we look forward to on this piratical voyage?"

"Well, well, who's t' say what mysteries of th' briney deep has t' offer, my dear." The grinning man in the ostentatious pirate costume declared as he stepped to the side to clear the ramp. "Let's be off to uncover buried treasure and court high adventure. Welcome aboard Ladies, Gentlemen and Sentients one n' all, t' Captain Mac's Swashbucklers Adventure! If'n you'll take yer seats, this here skiff of a transport will have us to our Pirate Ship in no time."

Looking away from Enalia and grinning to the small assemblage of tourists that began loading up onto the transport, Captain Mac welcomed each of the guests aboard one at a time with a clearly pre-scripted collection of cheezy one-liners. As Enalia, Dox, Tova, and Rei made their way to the open-air, upper level of the transport to the rear, the Red-Headed Romulan leaned over as they filled out the rear bench of seats while the transport loaded up and headed out down the brightly lit strip of casinos, hotels, and resorts. "So, you actually know the host of this thing, Ca... Enalia?"

"I seem to recall blowing a fair few of his ships out of the stars when he tried to break the code," replied Enalia, trying to settle in and hoping the entertainment was a bit more enjoyable than it was back then.

"Hmph... As long as I get a night off, I'm happy," added the pale woman known as Rei.

Tova rode along with a smirk at the level of cheese and the quips the respective Captains were exchanging. She turned her attention to Rei to avoid giggling at the costumed guide and tried to recall her from all of the personnel files she reviewed before coming aboard and pulled a blank. "What is it you do miss...I'm sorry....somehow I'm pulling a blank. My name is Tova, I'm the new doctor. I might as well get to know everyone since eventually, we cross paths." She smiled at Rei warmly.

"Ah, I suppose introductions are in order. My name is Rei and I've been afforded VIP quarters upon your sterling vessel on... Deck eight? I believe? After ages of not having a permanent home or friends, it's been a pleasant change of pace." Rei then paused a moment as she stared at Tova unblinkingly as if sizing her up and looking for a way to put it gently. "As for what I do... I look after those that transition from this life to the next so that they're not left in the dark. I am the embodiment and avatar of that which you despise and work against as a physician."

Tova froze, the shy insecure young woman somehow disappeared as she closed her eyes, took a deep breath and let it out. When she spoke it was no longer the relaxed, tone of sickbay or the unsure voice of the drunken woman from the night before. Tovanna Mah sounded like a Starfleet officer with sixty plus years of experience under her belt. She was professional, confident and she exuded power for the first time since boarding the Hera. "I'm to understand you oversaw the passing and extinction of my race with the assistance of the Borg? If that's the case, as a physician I don't work against you I merely ensure you're truly needed. You are a basic function in the cycle of life, like a sneeze. It is the suffering you inflict I work against. Your lack of mercy, your inequity, your disregard for who is left after the wake of your duties is what I work against. Understand however I see your necessity to keep balance. We all must evacuate our bowels as we work to keep our bodies in balance, I for one though flush such things once I'm rid of them and my toiling is at an end."

"Since you are not alive I'm sure you will have no need of my services Rei and as such I will avoid your deck as well. Enjoy the rest of your time with the ladies. I think it's time I return to my research on the ship." Tova looked to her captain with controlled professionalism and her continued air of confidence. "Permission to return to the ship, sir."

Listening, Dox's face blanched as she bit her tongue at first, wanting to defend her friend, in spite of Rei's uniquely unusual profession, but not finding the words fast enough.

"That's the normal response..." Rei sighed, keeping an eye on those around her. "You're wrong on one point though. I'm not the one causing the suffering. I do my best to ease it for those that pass and my least favorite cause is those infernal Borg. I assure you that one of my greatest pleasures is reclaiming the souls that they've..."

Enalia stepped in at that point to shut down the conversation, slightly annoyed at being called 'sir'. "Ok, that's enough for now. We're all friends here in one way or another. As for returning to the ship, since we arrived via Bifrost and the Hera is around forty light-years away, if you have a means of getting back you have my full and express permission."

"Then as I do have a means of leaving and I seem to be the disruptive element tonight, I will bid you all good night. There's a Klingon colony experiencing an uprising in a few hours that I should prepare for." With a gentle tap to Dox's tense shoulder and a nod, Rei made her exit, fading away through the crowd as if she were never there.

Tova rounded on Enalia, full doctor mode engaged. "Sir, if I might inquire as to the reason that as ship's doctor I was not made aware of this situation?!" Her hand gestured to where Rei sat moments ago, "Do I need to be concerned if she walks into sickbay while working on a patient? Wouldn't that be a be a bit of a conflict of interest if she and I are at odds during a procedure?" Dr. Mah started pacing, is there anyone else I've not been informed of?" She stood toe to toe with her commanding officer again, unblinking in her conviction. "While it may be your ship I'm one of the few damn people who you have some level of answerability to as a system of checks and balances for the safety of the crew. Consider me a cranky 60-year veteran trapped in this body. Not one of this crew will suffer so much as a hangnail on my watch and not one member of this crew will put another at risk." Dr. Mah stood up to her Captain no fear in her eyes and looking ever the part of an officer someone could comfortably go to knowing they would be well taken care of.

It was a complete conflict to the young woman who had been floating around the ship reading and handing out lollipops. Apparently when ruffled the doctor had a spine of steel and a stinging tongue. Now all that remained to be seen was her skills in the medical field while under fire which were reported to be top-notch and her ability in battle.

The Trill woman was willing to let the first 'sir' slide. She was even willing to overlook the issues until after they returned to the ship. But calling her 'sir' again and calling her out for something like this in public? Enalia was now in a very foul mood indeed. "First off... We could only see her tonight because she allowed it. I'm told that, barring a few exceptions, she can only be seen mere moments before passing. Second off, as the avatar, she exists in all places of the universe and only makes special appearances. Third off, if you have questions about her job and what it actually entails, which does not include walking into random places, I recommend you direct your inquiries to Commander Dox as she seems to spend the most time with her. Fourth off, you may address me as ma'am, captain, Enalia, hey you idiot over there, late for dinner, or anything else... But if you call me SIR again, you are going to get stabbed."

"Now as for other secret entities aboard the ship, we'll introduce you to Hera later." Unflinching and unblinking, Enalia stood there with her 'Queen face' on full display.

Tovanna nodded to her Captain respectfully, "Yes ma'am, I will try to remember your preference in title, though 60 years of Federation standards will be hard to break. My apologies, I was not informed about your dislike for the other. I will, however, continue my commitment to the Hera and it's crew stabbings or not. If possible please avoid major organs, ma'am, since the crew needs their doctor and I still outperform the best EMH we have since I helped program the most recent versions." Tova stepped back, her hands behind her back.

"As for Rei, that subject is better left alone. I've no wish to approach the issue. I understand she was doing her job. I trust your decision-making in this matter Captain. Just please understand the one area I am no shrinking flower is in my capacity to be a doctor or psychiatrist." She pulled out a lollipop and handed it to the Captain and then took a seat. She again appeared to be the quiet young woman with a lollipop. It was if a great beast had been put back into its unassuming shell. Within this woman with a great deal of potential, loyalty and hidden facets sat something more than the shy woman sure presented to the world. Tova silently watched the buildings go by on their way to the show contemplating.

As the tension hung heavy in the air, Dox didn't want to stir up anymore, but she also didn't want to leave the topic as it was. Gently and quietly, as the transport went down the strip to it's destination, the young Romulan woman turned slightly towards the ship's new doctor. "Tova... or, after this, maybe it will just be Dr. Mah... I don't know. But please know... what Rei does is a task that she must. It's a responsibility she can't abandon. And she does everything she can to make that moment as peaceful as possible for those she must meet."

"But some of us... myself among them... are only still here because she worked with our last CMO to not do her job for as long as possible." The anxious young woman said to the woman she was hoping not to alienate.

Looking at Dox thoughtfully, Tova slid closer to keep their conversation quiet, "First it will remain Tova unless you choose to address me differently. Second, I am under the impression Rei didn't enlist for her assignment unlike most of us so her duty should be done with swift efficiency if she wishes to be merciful. I've seen the suffering of those awaiting her call. Better she come quickly than wait until the last moments. As for my own feelings, it is the Borg who dealt the blow that ended my race that does not however change the pain of the loss. She is here, they are not, thus it is much easier to want to ask universal questions she may or may not have answers to."

The member of an endangered species shook her head, "I understand your last doctor was one of my own. We each bear this burden differently. My family and others have deep expectations of me and all their future children to somehow stop our eventual extinction." Tova looked down at her lollipop as if the weight of the world sat upon her shoulders. When again she spoke, her voice was quiet and low.

"The thing is, we are already dead as a species, a race, a people. We are walking history. The Borg and Rei saw to that, so yes, I will remain clear of Rei for now. If for no other reason than being a survivor of a colony of bugs she was assigned to wipe out. It was just her job, I get it. She was the clean-up crew to our extermination, our extinction." Tovanna took a deep breath and closed her eyes as she regained her composure and pulled back to be heard more readily.

"Now, we are here to be pirates and to celebrate. Enough seriousness. The doctor is prescribing lollipops all around, and festivities to be focused on a future with possibilities, not a past that cannot be changed. Who wants one?" She looked around determined to bring the mood back up and put the focus back where it belonged.

With an uncomfortable smile, Dox accepted a lollipop but sunk her head lightly. While, in her heart, she wanted to speak up and tell the doctor that she was wrong, she suddenly and fully began to understand what she already knew was the case: how impossibly lonely it was to be Masato Rei.

Thankfully, the ride ended quickly as the transport pulled up to a large, circular theater hall decked with massive spotlights and a holographic display in the front of the logo for the Pirate show rotating in space above the entrance.

Excitedly, the tourists disembarked and as they entered the lobby of the garishly decorated theater, decked out in kitschy faux-Earth Piracy paraphernalia of the colonial era, even the three crew members from the Hera were beginning to relax a bit more. Finally cracking her self-imposed silence, Dox looked around. "A... bit different from the Artan fortress, isn't it?"

In the hall where the hundred or so tourists had collected, were facades that resembled old Spanish forts from Earth history, each flying torn and worn flags with white skulls emblazoned on them. One in Red and one in Gold, on either side over separate entrances.

"It's a bit... Yeah..." Enalia withheld judgment on the cheap decor for the actual show, hoping it wasn't as garish and one-sided. "So do you think they'll focus solely on Earth piracy or mix in a few other racial piracy stereotypes as well?"

"It does look fairly... Earth-centric, so far." Dox said, betraying a bit if her own prejudice in the slightly dismissive tone that she quickly quashed as she looked around. "Still, it is... Interesting. Colorful at least."

As the red-headed Romulan looked around with a critical eye, Captain Mac popped up, as a slightly oversized hologram atop The partition between the two entrances, and his voice now boomed through the hall. "Greetings landlubbers, sentients from a thousand worlds and beings of all kinds. Yer about to enter a wild world a' swashbuckling adventure like no other and get a glimpse of the world of pirates from the ancient seas all the way to the wild spaceways!"

"That answers that, I suppose." Dox muttered to Enalia and Tova as the hologram continued.

"On your tickets, you'll see a color. That color.. be it Red... Or gold..." And as the hologram spoke, his vest changed color to match his words, "dictates yer journey. If her ticket be GOLD, then enter through the starboard port and follow yet hostess to get seats. If yet ticket be red, then PORT is yet Port a' call! Walk quickly, but safely, t' yer FINAL destination!"

Pulling out the e-paper tickets, the info scrolled across a gold background. "That's odd... I could have sworn they were red when I got them... But they're gold now."

As the trio made their way to the door on the right, the young woman at the kiosk who was taking tickets who appeared to be a short, human brunette with a near-perpetual smile and a gold-rimmed pirate costume looked at Enalia. "Ahh, welcome Miss Telvan. Captain Mac has arranged special accommodations for you and your group and would like to welcome you to behind the scenes before the show begins. If you all would follow Chet, the cabin boy, he'll show you all to the VIP booth."

Walking up behind her was a thick built young man that looked to be half-Klingon and half-human and didn't look much like an actor with more than a few real-looking scars on his exposed and quite well-developed arms. He nodded with a slightly creepy grin as he opened a side door to lead them into the narrow dark hall that lead to the dressing rooms for the show. One of the rooms had a gold star-shaped display that read 'VIP' on it that slid open to admit the group. "If you'll all wait here, the Captain will be with you momentarily."

The room was simple enough, with racks filled with pirate costumes, mirrors and makeup stations and a long, green couch against the wall. Looking around, Dox gave Chet a bit of a sideways glare as she caught him looking her up and down with a narrow-eyed stare as the door shut behind him. "So... how much trouble do you think we're in, Enalia?"

"Considering Chet was Mac's security officer when I... Ahem... Last I heard..." Enalia shrugged it off and decided to try to relax for a few, still keeping an eye out for deceit and subterfuge. "I'm willing to bet he's still pretty sore that fifteen year old me disassembled his whole operation almost to the man and reduced him to selling shows here on Risa just for breaking the pirate's code."

"The way I see it though, the moment he started peddling in the truly harmful stuff, he was no longer a pirate and deserved everything we gave him." Enalia then grinned her best piratical grin as she sat down on the green couch. "Then again, anyone would be pissed if they lost thirty ships against three."

Pacing slightly, Dox walked in a bit of a protective orbit around the Hera's new CMO as she looked around the room. "Then being ready for anything is probably a good precaution."

As she spoke, the door swung open dramatically as Captain Mac flung himself in with a showman's flourish. "Greetings, ladies! I am so glad you agreed to meet with me before the show!"

His uniform was now rimmed in Red with an even larger, more ostentatious feather in his even larger pirate's hat. "I wanted to take this opportunity to have a brief aside before the evening's entertainment began. And to make... something of a request of my queen."

"There's certainly no harm in asking," Enalia replied with one of her best grins. "I might even be inclined to agree to your request."

Bowing, the faux Captain removed his oversized hat and stepped in closer, shutting the door behind him. As he did, Dox automatically stopped pacing and stood slightly between him and her Captain. Not enough to interrupt him, but enough to let him know she wouldn't let him try anything. 

And he noticed as he stepped slightly back and stood back up. "Indeed. Well, then I shall make my request. Ours is a showcase of the... lighter view of our noble profession. One somewhat sanitized and fantasized for the masses. But it is a show that, nonetheless, requires skilled performers with a blade. And tonight, we are a few hands short thanks to some delay on the strip that has apparently rerouted the local transports. Which is to say, for a swashbuckling adventure show, we stand a few swashbucklers short on the Gold team. And knowing your skills well and your... generous nature which has allowed me to carry on in spite of our past issues, I would request to fold you and yours into our show for the evening to really show the crowd a good time."

The Trill woman took a deep breath and pretended to consider it. She knew Dox and herself could handle most of it, but she still had to wonder of Tova had ever held a sword, let alone had any skill with one. "That is a bit of an issue, isn't it? My skills with a blade notwithstanding, my companions may not be quite as handy. Still... It would be nice, for old time's sake. So the odds are what then? The three of us versus..."

"A meager ten swashbucklers wielding holographic safety blades. At this moment, our acrobats should be warming up the crowd and building up the energy. We strive to put on the best show we can, with performers from a dozen worlds. But I guarantee that those dear people out there have never seen your like." Then, the Captain looked Dox up and down quickly, "Or that of your able companions, no doubt."

"We have wardrobe a plenty and afterward, a bit of feast, drink, and merriment in reward for a show unlike any seen on this world since Risa was once the lawless frontier herself." he concluded with a bow.

"Then we look forward to being part of your show." With a bow of her head, Enalia waited until he left before letting her smile slip and addressing the other two. "Mnhei'sahe, I know you can handle most swords well enough to route his entire crew. Tova, what about you?"

"Daggers would be my preference Captain if you don't mind." She nodded to her commander and already front-loaded her hypo with sedatives. Given their trip she knew there was the possibility of people getting out of hand, thus the need for calmer patients. She also had stimulants, antihistamines, and other neuroactive medications. There was also of course her tricorder and 60 years of anatomy and physiology, which though ugly to think about, equated to an efficient understanding of how to dissect someone. It was a skill she wasn't proud of, partnered with a focus in defensive combat. Do no harm didn't apply when it came to self-defense. She would never be an offensive fighter, but after hearing what happened to her people she was determined to go down fighting. It was a skill she hid from everyone, her family, Starfleet, everyone, due to her shame over the inner fury she felt every time she felt when she practiced. She merely nodded to her Captain feeling the dreaded adrenaline rush and stood quietly behind Dox who gave the doctor a slightly surprised smile.

"Then we should be able to at least put on a good show since the people out there paid for one, right?" Enalia stood and headed over to the costume racks, looking over the selection, tossing a few aside as she tried to find one that wasn't completely tacky. "And maybe I'll get to put Cheesy Mac in his place again..."

Looking over at the rack of over-the-top Pirate costumes that left remarkably little to the imagination, the generally body-conscious stout young Romulan rolled her eyes. "Of course there are skimpy costumes. Kreldanni shaill'hnaev."

Letting out a particularly crude Romulan expletive equivalent to the excrement of a horse, Dox pulled off a dark green blouse with a gold vest and poofy black pants. "But I have a thought. If you're willing to... abdicate your throne for the night?"

Enalia finally settled on a skimpy black leotard with gold fishnets and a gold vest. "This will do... If by abdicate, you mean what I think you mean, I think we might survive the show. Especially if he sticks true to his MO and actually has thirty or more pirates with real swords out there."

Pulling her black, long-sleeved bolero jacket off to reveal the shiny, black Asgardian bracers she was wearing that had both a suit of custom made armor contained within it, and more than a few swords, Dox looked at Enalia with a light smirk. "Swords, we have. I'm thinking with Tova favoring daggers, if we let her play the part of "pirate queen" for the show, we can create a protective perimeter and handle the longer swords as needed. If that's good with you, Tova?

Tova looked back and forth between them both and sighed, "This is going to suck. After this we will sit down over a long drink and there will be an explanation of what started all of this. For now, I need the quick version of how I should be dressed as a queen of pirates before we head out to give this performance. I also hope that any unbecoming behavior on my part will be unspoken of to the rest of the crew." She sighed with resignation and once again looked like the doctor who went toe to toe with her Captain earlier. "And for the record, I will need someplace to hide my hypo, preferably with sleeves so I can slip it in and out."

Enalia gave a quick explanation as she quickly changed, popping several curved daggers out of her bracers and handing them off to Tova as she did so. "Long story short, I'm the queen of an empire that's rooted in piracy. Mac's pirate group is one that I personally crushed as a young girl. This is a chance at revenge and I expect him to take it. Do I feel bad about reducing him to show business? Not really. It's an honest living. Do I hold anything against him? Not really, no. Personally, I'd like to think we're here to help make his show that much better."

Having finished slipping into what amounted to the skimpiest outfit of the lot, the Trill woman turned to face the other two as she completed the ensemble with clip on cat ears and her usual grin. "And that's why you're in the back as the queen. I'd like to show off my sword skills and beat the crap out of some people. Then, after we give the crowd a good show by beating up all his men, we'll let Mac best the evil queen and her minions so he gets to keep his job as an entertainer, and we call it a day. Sound like a plan?"

Lacing the green blouse up as high over her less than impressive chest as it would go, which wasn't much, Mnhei'sahe looked at Enalia and rolled her eyes in an exaggerated fashion with the slightest of smirks. Like Rita, the Starship Captain knew how good she looked and enjoyed flaunting that from time to time. The thickly built young Romulan woman, however, was much less comfortable with her appearance. But tonight, she was there to put on a show and flicked her wrist as the black bladed sword she trained with appeared in her hands. After a quick twirl, she flicked her wrist again and the blade vanished back into the pocket dimension contained within her bracer. "Aye... uh... Matey? Is that right?"

"Aye, that be the right of it, lass," Enalia replied with a wink as she checked her own Trill heavy rapier, the thick blade flicking in and out of existence for but a moment. "If we be ready for a brawl, then?"

Tova looked down at her corset, at Dox and looked back at Enalia with her cat ears, "Seriously? You are both up for a mental exam when we get back to the ship. In the meantime let's go kick some booty."

To Be Continued...


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