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Suits: Part 2 of 2

Posted on Thu Feb 6th, 2020 @ 10:02am by Lieutenant Commander Thex sh'Zoarhi & Ensign Briaar Gavarus & Ensign Fiona O'Dell
Edited on on Wed Feb 26th, 2020 @ 1:01pm

Mission: Bachelorette Bash
Location: Risa, Space Las Vegas: the Attraction, Bellagio hotel
Timeline: 2397

Ten minutes later, an unusual quartet made their way across the casino floor. In the lead was a gorilla in a suit- one of the fabled white apes of Neuron, a Mugato, who walked and kept a sharp eye out like a higher intelligence sentience than was conventionally attributed to the species. Behind him was a redheaded humanoid midget, a frail toothpick of a being whose only remarkable feature was a large unruly mop of crimson curls. Beside her, being gripped firmly by both arms, was a young Andorian woman, who moved as if drugged as she shuffled along, clearly being supported by the bookends in suits.

The other bookend in question was a tall Tellarite, whose mass was perched on two rather delicate hooves, who, like the other two sinister suited members of the group, was looking around behind her sunglasses, making it obvious that they would not be caught by surprise. While they attracted their share of attention from similarly-clad casino patrons, no one got in their way. A number of black-suited individuals consulted their data devices, eyes flickering up to Thex then back to the device. While a number of those similarly-clad patrons began leaving their seats, no one particularly make a move against them. Primarily due to the presence of said exotic alien ape, who looked thoroughly capable of ripping the arms off anyone even relatively close to his size. Of which there were very few such sentients in attendance.

Doing her level best to look badass and support the partial weight of the lithe Andorian who was wobbling along between them, the Porcine blonde in black said, in a gruff and demanding voice, "C'mon, girl. You got an appointment to keep. You don't wanna keep our clients waiting."

Thex had taken a few drinks and was doing her best impersonation of being a high and highly drunk spoiled andorian. " Don't.... wannn.." She said with an extra slur added to her voice before giving a belch to aid in the effect.

Arriving at the elevator unmolested, the big ape in a suit pressed the button, as Gavarus and O'Dell glanced behind them, only to see a number of various humanoid life forms in black suits and ties with white shirts getting up, turning toward them, and following them. Not unlike a school of piranha beginning to form up, all pointed toward their prey.

Eyes meeting over their glasses, the two gulped as the elevator dinged, and a family of tourists disembarked.

Including a slender, lithe Andorian girl and what looked like her older sister.

As their eyes met, Thex noted the young woman really did bear quite a striking resemblance to her.

In a very long second, Fiona O'Dell saw the Andorian women, guessed that this was likely not only the heiress and her daughter, but that they were walking into a feeding frenzy they had started behind them. Abandoning Thex, O'Dell scooted forward to grab both Andorian women's hands. "Ti'sn't yuir floor, ladies, in ye go!"

Tugging insistently at the women, O'Dell was about to bark a call for help when the tubby Tellarite shoved into both women, scattering their balance and allowing them to be dragged into the elevator. Which might have been fine save for the great horned white ape in a black suit that shoved his way onto the elevator as well, eyes darting between the three women.

"Well, no plan survives contact with the enemy," Thex said with a smirk before landing her elbow hard into the face of the Mugato, before bringing her fist round square into the white ape's face. As it started screaming, Thex kept up the assault hitting the ape in as many delicate places as she could trying to stop the ape from getting a chance to fighting back.

"HEY!!! GURRRGK!!!" The Mugato blurted out as Thex continued her surgical assault. "CUT THE SHIT, BLUEBERRY!! AAAGH!"

"Holy F***! Is EVERYONE else on the ship some kind of frickin' ninja?! First Commander Murderpunch, now her! Damn!" Gavarus yelled, as she grabbed Fiona and pushed her into the corner in front of the two intended Andorian targets, putting her own thick hide between them and the fight

Thex kept up the barrage of blows going for every weak point, a nerve cluster and the weak point she could think of. Her body flowed like the water around the big brute, and despite the small space, he was unable to maneuver, barley landing any blows on her. Still, she needed to take the brute down so with a swift move pulled the hypospray tucked into her back that she jammed hard into his neck. With a thud the brute fell with a clatter to the floor before it began to snore very loudly.

"Well that could have gone better, but like I said, no plan survives contact with the enemy," Thex said, wiping a smudge from her mouth before she turned to the two other Andorians. This was creepy as hell. It was like she was looking into a mirror. " Vlidal Nog, are you alright. I'm Lieutenant Commander Thex sh'Zoarhi- we're Starfleet."

"I... uh... uh..." It would appear that both women were in shock, alarmed by their sudden kidnapping by a midget and a pig, only to watch a doppelganger beat a giant white ape within an inch of its life. As they stammered and clutched one another, the elevator doors opened onto the sixth floor, where a collection of four more black-suited individuals turned at the sound of the elevator's arrival.

Looking out the open lift doors, Briaar stared for a full second and looked down at the snoring Mugato. Then, with a harsh grunt, buried her hoof with a deep kick to the white-furred brute's gut. "And THAT'S what you get for tryin' to pinch OUR frickin' BOUNTY, ya' overgrown horny Tribble lookin' bastard ass!"

Then, the tall Tellarite looked up, adjusted her tie, and scoffed. "Anyone else planning on seein' if pigs fly? Or are we gonna make our dropoff without further... incident?"

One of the four sentients at the door, a lean and tall Rigellian with coal-black eyes and a shaved head raised a brow and looked at the assemblage in the lift. "The contract was for Nog and her mother. Who is this... other... antenna head?"

The diminutive O'Dell took advantage of Gavarus' distraction to hurriedly whisper to the two terrified Andorian women, then she stepped on the big ape-like a besuited carpet and strode out, hands in pockets, looking to all the world thoroughly unconcerned about any danger they might be in presently. "Ye nivvir heard'a 'Double Trouble', the famous assassin who can disguise herself as innyone? Ye got to keep up, laddybuck. Now howboout ye get the fook oot of our way before somethin' unpleasant happens to ye as well, aye?"

Standing there, not even a meter and a half in height and weighing less that one of her partner's toolbags, looking up at the four black-suited assassins, O'Dell wished her blood alcohol level was higher to bolster her courage. But it was her cockamamie plan they were following, and she had to play this cool. Their lives were counting on this plan, as well as the lives of the heiress and her daughter. Thex as well, of course, although she seemed perfectly capable of taking care of herself, it seemed. This had to work- which meant she and Gavarus had to sell it. "G'wan, pessoaf before we hafta make an example oota ye too, aye?"

The tall Rigellian's eyes narrowed as he looked the assemblage up and stepped slightly back. Breathing the slightest sigh of relief, Gavarus was exceedingly happy to be wearing dark black sunglasses as she kept her sphincter clenched as her stomachs were so tense she was terrified that her anxiety would leak out her ass. Instead, she slapped Thex in the arm a bit harder than was necessary and blurted out, "C'mon... uh... Double Trouble. Grab the cargo and let's get a move on."

As she reached back to collect the two women, Thex whispered to them in Andorian, explaining the situation in brief and letting the two civilians know that the situation was under control, and that the Starfleet officers would protect them. Which she fervently hoped was the case- when she had agreed to this far-fetched plan from the two oddball officers of R&D. she had agreed to endanger herself, not civilians. but they were here now, and safer under their care than left to their own devices in the lobby full of black-suited assassins all eager to collect the bounty. Even as they now approached the lion's den- room 606.

There was no guard on the door, and nothing obvious nor sinister about it, which just made it somehow more ominous. Glancing at one another, O'Dell nodded to Gavarus to knock- after all, she could be seen in the peephole, and the burly Tellarite would look far more intimidating staring back through the simple lens of the peephole in the hotel room door.

Clearing her throat, Gavarus grabbed the lapels of her jacket and gave it a tug and running her hands down it to make sure the small disruptor that she had in her breast pocket was still there. Glancing down to O'Dell, the portly porcine whispered to bolster herself up. "Okay... probably won't get too killed tonight. Not with Samurai Smurfette with us. We got this shit. We're Starfleet."

Putting one hand on her hip, the black-clad faux-assassin rapped casually on the door with her thick, three-fingered hand and waited, looking impatient and hoping it was convincing.

Looking at the bottom of the door, O'Dell was doing a mental headcount of the shadows she saw along the crack as they could hear shuffling on the other side for a long moment. Flashing four fingers up so Briaar and Gavarus could see, O'Dell gave a nod and the three officers made sure their game faces were on as the door opened.

Thex gave a reassuring squeeze to the Andorian who could have been her minus ten years as the door crept open. Standing behind the door was a massive Orion male, with muscles that looked like solid steel. "I," he said in a simple drone-like voice as he stood aside. The hotel room had been stripped, and the only thing in it was a mobile transporter padd and a single chair.

"Get on," the Orion said pointing to the transporter padd.

"Not on your fookin' life, pally," O'Dell responded. "Yuir boss wants to collect the packages, they kin come to us joost as easy. We're nae settin foot on that thing, and wqe're not gettin' beamed innywhere. Your boss can come to us, or we've nae deal at all." While her voice was clear and confident, O'Dell was bluffing from one end to the other, and if this went south they were now in an even more dangerous situation, now with the added complication of the actual civilians to protect. Internally her mind raced, trying to overcome the panic that was setting in. Joost like when a test flight goes teats oop, ye canna lose yuir cool noow, Fiona. Alla these people's lives are on the line here, so fly yuir way oota this, ye wee knucklehead...

The tall, imposing Orion male narrowed his gaze and looked down at O'Dell as he cricked his head to the side. Taking a single step forward, Gavarus stepped up without thinking and tilted her head down to meet his eyes as she looked over her glasses. Before she knew it, the words were falling out of her mouth without even thinking as she saw him step towards her partner and love.

Looking slightly down, she desperately hoped that in spite of being crap in a fight, that being two meters tall would be more intimidating than she thought she was as she spoke, "Was she unclear? It's a simple request for a business transaction to remain on the up and up, right? We're here. Your boss can come here to meet with us. Otherwise, there's an entire hotel worth of people willing to pay for what we have just on spec."

Behind them at the door, there were three other large and imposing figures that all looked ready to pounce as Gavarus pushed the glasses back up the bridge of her snout. And in doing so, activated the heads-up display built into them with the same Tri-Corder functions as the helmets of the Hera's EVA armor. Another precaution she was glad Fiona had thought for them to have for the night. Looking, she could see the Breen-style disruptor in the pockets of the men and she could also see the control panel of the transport pad.

With eye movement-based controls in the glasses, she began doing what she was FAR better at than being a fake thug: an engineer.

The Orion thug blinked a few times. as if his brain was having trouble understanding the request. A few ideas were running through Thex's head, however. Male Orion slaves were often drugged to lower their intelligence and made more obedient.

"My companions which to negotiate with the Utan," Thex said, hoping her Orion pronunciation was up to scratch. That did seem to penetrate the Orion meat slab's thick skull, as he walked over to the transporter controls and pressed a few buttons. "Etadubran, the Dubyal's which to negotiate over the goods."

A sound that was clearly Orion swear words came over the transporter, before it hummed into life. Two heavily armed thugs wearing full battle gear stepped through, before they took flanking positions at the side of the transporter. It glowed into life again as another individual stepped through. A rather young Orion woman stepped off the pad, dressed in the garb that had become a stereotype of her people, with a look of utter anger on her face. Flanking her were two Orion animal women who adopted another flanking position.

"What the hell is wrong with you lot? The package was supposed to be delivered to my ship!" The clear head of this operation yelled.

"Aye, twas indeed," O'Dell agreed, stepping forward slightly as she watched what was happening in her sunglasses, which emboldened her considerably. "But changes of plans happen, ye should know that. So, as of course 'no questions asked' is the usual way of these things, we're curious- why alla this? A lobby full of assassins, a transporter hidden with a carrier signal that the Risan authorities won't pick up on, a cloaked ship in orbit... it's a lot of trouble to go to for joost one Andorian lass and her mum. So tell us why. Who's the bankroll here? Why alla this big show joost over two wee blue gals?"

The Orion woman's face changed to a look of annoyance, as if the answer to O'Dell's question was the most obvious thing in the universe. "Gee, I know mother hires idiots, but are you really this stupid? Why would I want one of the most influential celebrities in the Federation in my pocket? When I break her little girl and make her into my own personal slave, I'll have complete control of her, her assets and her empire," She explained, her voice dripping with content. "And mother said I'd never accomplish anything..."

Great, Thex thought to herself. We have the brat off one of the upper ranks of the Orion syndicate out to impress the mother with a scheme right out of a cheesy holo program. Oh, and she'd just blabbed her plan to a room of total strangers. Even one of the animal women appeared to be rolling her eyes at that. Thex couldn't be sure, but she thought the face looked familiar.

The Orion woman's face then only seemed to notice Thex was in the room. A predatory grin formed on her face as she walked over to the engineer. "Oh, now you're a pretty one. Ever considered a more permanent work in the syndicate? I bet you'd look great in a dancing outfit."

Great, add an Andorian fetish to the list. of charges "No thanks, I have two right feet." Thex said silently, giving the hand signal to her crewmates to prepare for combat as she asked the Orion bratling, "Now do you have our payment?"

"Yeah," Gavarus added with a sneer. "Navigating all the rubes you had down there made our job all the more difficult, and we'd like to get paid. And what about me? I can dance up a..."

But as she spoke, suddenly she felt a loud, thumping coming towards them from the corridor getting closer. Then, the heads in the room all turned as the white-furred Mugato, Pancracio, slammed his massive body through the door, roaring and using the guards from the end of the turbolift as clubs. "LYIN', CHEATIN' SPACE PIG!!! YOU N' YER MIDGET OWE ME MY CUT!!!"

"Oh, for F***'s sake, REALLY??" Gavarus said as she pulled Fiona and the Andorian hostages away from the rampaging brute.

"Alreet, inny time noow would be good, aye?" Fiona muttered into the comms, and as she did so, a dozen spots ion the room suddenly sparkled to live, materializing as armored Risan security forces with their weapons leveled at everyone in the room.

"Your weapons have been deactivated, your starship is currently being boarded and your transporter has been rendered inoperational. You are under arrest. Stand down-" they managed to get out before the enraged Mugato slammed one of the security officers through a wall, and bedlam broke loose.

"Well, here we go again. Protect!" Thex yelled at the top of her lungs, as the light surrounded her forming the Armor of Achilles around her nimble frame. As the heads up display formed on her helmet, she charged at the Mugato, screaming an Andorian battle cry at the top of her lungs. She paused only to yeet one of the Orion's armed goons straight at the monster. The surprised hireling let out a cry as the armored Orion smashed into him, right before Thex jumped and smashed a blow right into its face.

"GYAAAGH!!!" The Mugato yelled as it stumbled back in pain. As it flailed, falling to the floor, it accidentally took out two of the Orion guards that were trying to get out of its way.

In the chaos, the Orion woman ran back to the transport platform and began leaping up and down on it like a petulant child! "Work, dammit! Beam me back and get me out of here or I'll have every one of you killed!!!" But, true to the security team's word, and thanks to Gavarus' scans with her sunglasses, the transporter pad was completely deactivated. But still, the angry wannabe criminal mastermind screeched at her personal guard! "Kill them! Kill all of them!!!"

Casually, as if she'd had all the time in the world, O'Dell drew the small, innocuous-looking type 1 phaser she'd had in her pocket this entire time, and shot the irate would-be kidnapper with a stun beam that would knock her out for hours. In the chaos, it was the only clear shot she4 had, but with the boss out of commission, the thugs would be easy to take out. Even as she considered it, Thex was busily mopping up the last of the hired hands, as their disruptor bolts glance off her invincible armor.

Turning to regard the two frightened Andorian women, O'Dell beamed a smile up at them. "There ye go mum, safe as houses. Ye'll need to give a statement to Risa security I'm sure, and who's behind alla this and what it may foretold, we'll leave to the proper detectives to sort oot. The Lieutenant Commander there in the magic armor suit is in charge, and she'll see to ye both. As for us, if ye need us, we'll be doownstairs at the bar, aye?"

Standing behind her pint-sized partner, Gavarus adjusted her tie and tucked her shirt back into her slacks and gave a somewhat satisfied smirk as she nodded along with O'Dell. Then, shooting a salute to Thex and the security team, the tired Tellarite gave the Mariposian midget a fist bump. "Damn skippy. That was some top-flight Starfleet hero shit. Now it's time to get grade-A drunk off our asses for our effort. Let's get our drunk on, Fee!"

"Bluiddy Starfleet heroes we are, y'damn right. We deserve a raise, at's wot we deserve. Cuz what bluiddy good is a medal, aye? Somethin yuir great great grandkid can write a report aboot a hundred years after yuir dead?" As she put the thought out there into the universe, both immediately had the thought of their great great grandchild, as improbable as their child, giving a book report to a class, and setting their life's path.

Looking down at Fiona, Briaar imagined some fantasy grandchild that inexplicably looked like her, her pint-sized ginger partner and their adopted Minotaur daughter, scrunched her face and shook her head as the unpredictable couple headed out to the bar. "Yeaaaah... Whiskey. Lots of frickin' whiskey."

"I could get on wi' bein' paid in whiskey, noow..."

With that, the unlikely pair in the matching black suits both straightened their ties, then departed the room where the chaos of the evening was now handily under control. As Thex explained the scenario to the authorities, the odd couple made their way to the bar, to enjoy their reward for a job well done.

Good drinks, good company, and good times spent with one another- their greatest reward.

Thex let out a sigh as she finally finished explaining this mess to the Risa security who had gotten everything down and had walked off looking over the madness he had just typed up. Taking off her helmet she breathed in a few times. She needed a drink. Her blue eyes drifted over to the Andorian mother and daughter at the heart of this mess. The resemblance was uncanny. Walking over she gave the two of them a polite smile. She tried to say something, but all that came up her throat was " I'm sorry that this ruined your vacation."


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