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Dance the night away

Posted on Tue Feb 18th, 2020 @ 10:16am by Lieutenant Commander Mnhei'sahe Dox & Lieutenant Commander Thex sh'Zoarhi & Ensign Briaar Gavarus & Ensign Fiona O'Dell
Edited on on Wed Feb 26th, 2020 @ 1:02pm

Mission: Bachelorette Bash
Location: Risa, Space Las Vegas: the Attraction, Paris hotel
Timeline: 2397

With the buffet feast quieting down Thex was feeling extremely happy with herself. The sapphire skinned engineer had been having a blast even with the odd situation she'd found herself in. Now she was taking a break looking over the replica las vegas. The Risan's had made an almost perfect replica, but her engineer's eyes could see a few flaws in their replica.

Plenty of time for criticism of Risan building could wait later. She had to find an Asgardian god she owed a dance and the god of mischief was one you really didn't want to annoy.

The god, or in this evening's case, goddess in question was making her way through the assemblage of women from the Hera, talking with each as she could. Gavarus and O'Dell seemed even drunker than usual as the gender-fluid Asgardian stepped away from them and caught sight of the azure engineer.

"Ahhh, Miss sh'Zoarhi. I trust the eve treats you well?" Loki said, cricking an eyebrow and grinning as she gave the slightest of bows.

"It's been quite the evening. Asgardians sure know how to throw a party and the universe always does like throwing something at me to keep me from getting bored." Thex said with a grin of her own on her face.

"Well, boredom is not the lot for you ladies, is it? But that is to be expected for women so connected to the Divine as so many of you. Cosmic forces will find themselves drawn to you. Fate will bend events towards you." Loki said with a lightly dismissive Aire. "I take it your evening was interesting?"

" Being mistaken for the daughter of an Andorian media mogul and almost kidnapped by the thugs of the Orion syndicate will certainly keep you on your toes." Thex replied with a grin forming on her face.

Holding up her empty hand, with a flash of gold light, a fresh glass of wine appeared in the trickster goddess's hand as she slowly walked in a bit of a circle around the canny Andorian, taking a sip. Then, with a smile, the raven-haired woman leaned in and spoke softly with a knowing tone. "You must be quite fascinating to have garnered such attention. Was this woman's resemblance to you... that striking, my dear?"

Thex paused for a moment as she tried to think of the correct words to use. " Striking??? It was like looking into a mirror of myself when I was in the academy. " She said with a tone that even an Asgardian god could tell was completely serious.

"Indeed." Loki said with a more neutral expression. "Curious, I would imagine that must not be a common experience. You seem unsettled by the experience, I dare say."

Thex nodded in reply. " It's not something you expect to happen. I'll recover though. Since I've joined the Hera a normal day has become a rarity. Being told you have a clone is just another odd day." she said thinking back to what the Risian security officer had told her. That her and Glidal Nog were showing up on the scanners as the same person. She was going to have to have a word with her father as soon as she got back to the ship.

"How intriguing. How intriguing, indeed. Well, this... Nog woman... is not bonded to a divine artifact, so you may still bear more than enough to render you unique." Loki said with a grin, raising her glass to Thex. "Nor, I suspect, does she share your reputation for dance."

" Indeed, I don't even know if i can be separated from this. " Thex said looking at the armour summoning bracelets still on her wrist. " Nor I doubt she could dance as well as I can. Which speaking off I still owe you a demonstration of that don't I?" She said with a grin

"Well, if you insist, I shall raise no objections. I am... quite curious " Loki said with a wry grin. "Though, technically, you owe me nothing until I have arranged that meeting you would like with the Dwarven Maker. That said, It would please me to see this display my future Sister has spoken of."

"As for your bond to that armor, we can discuss more of what I know as you choose. But I dare say that it would take your death to separate it from you. Such artifacts do not choose their masters lightly."

" Hey, the night is still young and need to do something to stop my brain thinking of this whole mess. I just wish I'd worn something in could dance in more easily. " She said looking at her purple dress which had somehow survived the night intact.

"My dear, Miss sh'Zoarhi..." Loki said with an arrogant smirk, "What kind of a trickster would I be if I lacked the power to manage so simple a feat as a... wardrobe change?"

With a wave of her hand, the elegant dress Thex was wearing flowed into the shadows and warped against her frame, becoming a black, full-body catsuit."

"A temporary bit of magic. Your dress is perfectly intact, I assure you." Loki grinned her Cheshire cat grin.

Thex had seen the abilities of the gods before, but it would never stop being amazing in her eyes. Whatever her catsuit was made from it felt very tight on her, but didn't stop her movement in the slightest. " That's just amazing Loki. Shall we hit the nearest dance floor so I can show you what I can do?"

"My dear..." The raven-haired goddess said with a long, drawn out-breath, "Lead the way."


And Thex did. The unusual pair were soon stepping through the doors to one of the resort's clubs. Even before she stepped through the doors Thex's body was moving as a familiar Orion song was blaring through the giant speakers. The Andorian's body began to move like water as she began to dance to the music she could feel in her soul.

Watching, Loki crossed her arms to conceal the slightest of gestures from her fingers that cause the music to raise slightly in volume and intensity. The lights dimmed everywhere but upon Thex, and the crowd cleared ever so slightly around the lithe Andorian with the trickster watched

All of that went unnoticed to the Andorian as her body, mind, and soul moved to the music. It flowed as if she was possessed by the music her body moving as if her blue skin was made from ice-blue water. She was feeling great as nothing seemed to matter, but the music and the dance.

After a few minutes, the song seamlessly faded into a different time, and the black and green clad goddess clapped at the dancing engineer. "I am pleased to say that our dear Schwein did not exaggerate your skills. Consider me duly impressed, Miss sh'Zoarhi. No easy feat."

Thex did a polite bow and curtesy as her face turned into a happy grin. " Praise from a god is high praise indeed. I'm glad I didn't disappoint you."

Smiling back, with the slightest hint of something going on behind her dark eyes, the Trickster Goddess nodded as she replied. "Indeed, I can easily say that I am in no way disappointed, Miss sh'Zoarhi. This evening has been exceptionally enlightening and I am glad to have learned more about you and seen your unique skills in action."

"Though, perhaps it is time to rejoin your comrades for the rest of the evening before we are too missed?" Loki added, gesturing to the dance clubs exit.

" Let's," Thex replied not wanting to worry her shipmates with all that had happened.

"Very well, then. And again, I thank you for your time, my dear." Loki said, bowing slightly and taking Thex's nearest hand in her own and placing a gentle kiss upon its back before leading the azure engineer back to the party. As she did, the black catsuit rippled and flared back into the purple dress she had been wearing all evening as if it had never changed.

And so the pair returned to the party re mingling with the crew that the sapphire engineer called home. Picking up a drink from the table the Andorian pondered as the thoughts returned to her head. Even with the night's events, something was pricking at the back of her mind telling her something wasn't right here. Everything seemed far too coincidental.

And as Thex pondered the events, the trickster goddess materialized a small white cloth and dabbed her lips where she had just kissed the hand of the Andorian who had just learned that she had a clone. And with a wry grin and a satisfied expression, gently folded the cloth up and tucked it into her top to rejoin the party.


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