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Back Down the Long Ladder Planning

Posted on Thu Apr 2nd, 2020 @ 8:15am by Rear Admiral Farenia Meowlith & Captain Enalia Telvan & Lieutenant Mona Gonadie & Petty Officer 2nd Class Ila Dedjoy & Emergency Medical Hologram (Adam Power) Mk X & Ahreva Malana & Death & Az'Prel & Aiva One & Maica III 47 & Kodria Mizu & Hera & Riov (Captain) Dalia Rendal & Baroness 2nd Class Schwein von Alcott & Baroness 3rd Class Sarika & Artan Pirate Dana Nyn & Commander Rita Paris & Lieutenant Commander Mnhei'sahe Dox & Lieutenant Commander Thex sh'Zoarhi & Lieutenant Commander Sonak & Lieutenant JG Tovanna Mah & Ensign Weiaex & Ensign Briaar Gavarus & Ensign Fiona O'Dell & Petty Officer 2nd Class 'Big Ethel' Jablonski & Petty Officer 3rd Class S'Rina Wil'I'Ams & Petty Officer 3rd Class V'Nus Wil'I'Ams & erei'Riov (Commander) Arrenhe t'Suil & Jaeih Dox-t'Aan & Artan Pirate Helev t'Liun & Deihu (Senator) Verelan t'Rul
Edited on on Mon Apr 27th, 2020 @ 11:18am

Mission: OOC Documents

Open at funeral
- Minor dialog from young preacher about taking over for both Duncan and Father yadda yadda
- Condolences from friends and family, Starfleet presence noted

Flashback 1 - Enalia arrives at Duncan's
- Fast investigation with Fiona, Jaeih, and 2 Klingons
- uncovers so much more

Flashback 2 - Rita Arrives at the Church
- Discovery of what? with Rita, Ethel, and Sonak

Flashback 3 - Old times at the Winchester Pub
- Briaar and Fiona have a few drinks at the pub
- Jaeih and Az'Prel shadow them to make sure they're safe
- Good thing because a few old timers are unhappy

Back at the funeral

Dee’s Ideas for review:
ACT 1:
- Open at Angus’ grave with a description of the traditional Irish ceremony for his burial that was ignored in favor of a rushed cremation to potentially remove evidence before the Hera arrived. Fiona, Briaar and (Minnie?) at the grave marker

- Flashback 1: On the Hera.
Enalia talking with Fiona and Briaar about the report she’s acting on from Starfleet about Duncan. Says there will be two investigations. An official one carried out by her and Rita and the Security Sisters and a SECOND more covert investigation by Jaeih and Az’Prel
ACT 2:
- At the Church, Fiona and Family, maybe Rita or Enalia too to meet with some town rep (NOT Duncan) to discuss that Angus DID leave a will that Duncan has ordered sealed as he’s in charge now.

- Flashback 2: The Hera arrives and the runabout lands to a town very torn to see Fiona back, but not everyone is upset, and a few locals come to greet her warmly.

ACT 3: Enalia arrives at Duncan’s for the official meeting and open investigation while Jaeih and Az’Prel begin digging in the BK. Rita and Sonak are questioning locals.

- Flashback 3: Fiona and Briaar go to the pub for stories, drinks and shenanigans. To share good memories and maybe start a barfight. Meanwhile, Minnie is with a sitter. ((Maybe Kodria with a mobile emitter) And her tiny Minotaur Labrynth powwrs detect SOMETHING of Grandpa (She bonded with him that once) and discovers secret passages in the old house that lead to, maybe the will and maybe the evidence. Kodi goes to get Jaeih and Az’Prel who were watching over the girls at the bar.

ACT 4: Everything comes together. Jaeih and Az’Prel collect their evidence with the Will and determine the truth (Whatever that is).


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