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Medical Briefing

Posted on Sat Jun 20th, 2020 @ 10:19pm by Captain Enalia Telvan & Emergency Medical Hologram (Adam Power) Mk X & Lieutenant JG Tovanna Mah & Ensign Tanaak Sado & Lieutenant Tyra Ironhooves
Edited on on Sat Jun 20th, 2020 @ 10:21pm

Mission: Heart and Soul
Location: USS Hera, Deck 12, Sickbay, Conference Room 3
Timeline: 2297

CMO Tovanna Mah called a meeting of all medical personnel to sickbay for a short meeting to introduce one another and famiiarize the crew with each other and their duties so they could work well with each other and to brief them of upcoming projects. "Thank you for taking a moment, this won't take long. I wanted to make sure everyone was familiar with the new faces that are authorized to be working within sickbay on a regular basis. I'm your CMO Dr. Tovanna Mah, my office is always open to you for anything you might need. This is Dr. Power, he was once our EMH program but, has evolved into a full member of the medical crew. Dr. Ironhooves has joined us and is an esteemed surgeon and the most recent addition to our team, Ensign Sado is our Medical Response Team Specialist working with both Security and Medical. Thank you both for joining us, your timing could not be better with what we have coming up." She nodded and smiled to all of them.

"You will notice there are a high number of pregnant woman onboard, please review the caseload so you are familiar with the timelines we are facing, Dr. Power has a full timeline with all contingencies included for your review. Dr. Ironhooves, since you are our surgical specialist would you mind taking the lead on any of our scheduled surgical procedures?"

"Already catching up on the workload coming in, and I should be caught up by the middle of next week," the centaur with the chestnut hair streaked through with grey in the Starfleet uniform top snorted. "Which I'm including time for emergency C-sections and birthing emergencies, which are bound to be happening with alarming regularity given the number of alien species onboard the the various crossbreedings that seem to be occurring. Who's our OB/GYN specialist?"

Tova looked at her fellow medical personnel, "Far be it from me to claim expertise on every subject. Dr. Ironhooves from what I have reviewed you seem to have have the most expertise in the area of OB/GYN, Family Practice and General Surgery. I can handle our Thoracic Surgery, Pediatrics, Psychiatry and Pathology. Dr. Power that would leave Opthomology, Otolaryngology, and Orthopaedics to you, with procedural documentation and additional shifts given your lack of sleep needs."

"Which leaves you Ensign Sado, if you would be so kind as helping with Pediatrics for minor injuries as permitted by your child development duties. The two duties should fit together well, you can of course feel free to call any of us in for larger issues. Can you please find out from Commander Paris if this would be alright as part of your duties, and do not conflict with your primary duties? Does this sound like an equitable and sharing of duties for everyone that they are comfortable handling?" Tova looked to her team to make sure she had the best delegation of duties to benefit the crew of the Hera, yet also her medical staff.

Ensign Sado nodded and spoke up. "I'll be sure to get that cleared, but I don't foresee any issues." The newest member of the team, the horned giant looked around the room a little shyly. "I look forward to working with you," he said in a deep, pleasant voice.

"Likewise," the cranky centaur muttered. "I'll coordinate obstetrics with you so we can minimize class disruptions, and I want to get physicals completed on all of your students. So we'll start scheduling after the meeting."

Dr. Mah smiled at Ensign Sado, "I'm sure you will be a valuable addition to the team." She looked at the entire team, "I also wanted to make you aware of one of the most valuable tools we will have for our Pediatric patients, though they are growing in popularity with the general crew," she pointed to one of the large apocathary jars of lollipops and pulled one from her pocket, "there are 501 flavors from multiple cultures and flavor profiles." She looked back at Ensign Sado, "I have a feeling you will have a use for these in your new assignment."

Tova made a note on her PaDD, "Any further thoughts, questions, needs? We can go over research and other side projects on a one on one basis."

"I'm new as well, so greetings to you all," the middle-aged dam volunteered. "I am Tyra Ironhooves, most call me Doc Ironhooves. Yes, I am the only member of my species in Starfleet, no, we are not a Federation world, no, you likely wouldn't have heard of it. Yes, they are shod in rubber when I'm onboard so as not to create thunder between the decks. No, I don't care for it, but like sharing a turbolift with you, it's a fact of life in Starfleet. I'm not fond of being assigned to starship duty for those and many similar reasons you can imagine, but I'm here, and I'll make the best of it. I'm here as a surgeon and a midwife, apparently, so feel free to call on me. I took an oath, and I will lend aid. Ask me anything. On that note, how long have you been practicing medicine, Doctor Mah?"

The low rank of the physician indicated she was either quarrelsome with her commanders or she was a new grad of Starfleet Medical. In addition to her looking barely old enough to have graduated just Starfleet Academy, it made the hooved healer step a bit in place, her tail switching a few times on her flanks.

Tova smiled at the newest addition, "My deepest apologies Dr. Ironhooves and greatest appreciation for your patience in my myopic oversight. To answer your question, I spent 30 years in private practice before many of my colleagues convinced me to join Starfleet. They seemed to prefer me in the field for easier contact. We'll see what they say in another 50 years." She smiled at the taller woman with nothing but a genuine professional respect.

"If you prefer a different duty to OB/GYN please let me know, now is the perfect time for our group to express what their areas of expertise are. Unlike large medical facilities, we have more leeway on how duties are assigned on starships and I want to accommodate everyone so we can work together as a fluid team." She set her PaDD down to address all of them.

"Not at all. I've midwifed hundreds of babies of dozens of races, and while it isn't my specialty it isn't one I object to serving. Not challenging you, Doctor, just asking for a reassurance is all," the chestnut mare sighed, another attempt at being subtle falling flat for her.

"Given the nature of our group we must work together in a crisis. That means that, despite the long lived existence of my species, I'm still small in stature, as are some of the nurses. Thus we must find the best organizational set up for our patient's and staff. We need to know how to work with each other in close quarters, extreme circumstances and any crisis that may arise with the limited resources we have on board. I'm open to any and all suggestions to make this happen, so we can serve the crew of the Hera. The floor is open." She looked around to her staff for suggestions or ideas she may have overlooked in her planning like the diagnostician she was.

"Football," Ironhooves stated flatly. When that got nothing but puzzled looks, her tail swished and she eyed the rest of the medical staff. "It's a contact sport on Earth. One side tries to get the ball across the field into the goal of the other team. Requires skill, dexterity, strength, endurance, and most of all- teamwork. Each player has their strengths, and the team works to use all their best qualities together while supporting their weaker ones. As a group activity for team building, it seems like a natural."

Tova blinked in surprise, "Well I was always a hockey fan myself, but never played," she looked a little nervous at 5'5" as she imagined becoming a squished mess during the game, "I have complete confidence we can do something like this." She bluffed her butt off with a smile and no fear because that's what a good leader does, have faith in their team. "Why don't I see if the backup medical team can cover for us so we can hit the holodeck tomorrow for a bit of fun as we get to know each other. Would that be acceptable for everyone? Read up so we know the general rules and then a bit of downtime before babies and boo-boos." She smiled at her team to see if they were all on board with the idea.

"So long as we're all on the same team," Ironhooves clarified, "we can work together against the opposition, and we're all medical professionals. So I expect we know how to avoid injury for the most part, and we can set the difficulty ratings in the holodeck. It's a simple battle of moving the ball downfield into the opposition's goal without using your hands on the ball, just your feet. Just my suggestion for team-building- anyone else?" The middle-aged matron was no swayback mare, and it was clear she was unafraid of confrontation.

"What about polo or a departmental relay race? Something where we could all be put on an even playing field and we can minimize the risk of injury?" offered Doc Power, who up until now had silently taken notes.

"I am NOT having one of you ride me while playing croquet," Ironhooves whinnied a laugh. "And how is one of you in a footrace with me in any way equal?"

Tova almost choked at the thought and hid it behind a cough, "Ummm no, that is not a recommended idea."

"Of course not - we'd be riding horses to pretend to be your equal," the EMH countered.

She looked at the others, "Please continue, this is one of the most intriguing brain-storming sessions I've heard since my days in pathological studies at the Mayo Clinic." She smiled at her team as they discussed options.

"Maybe you could offer a suggestion instead of just observing, Doctor?" Ironhooves suggested rather pointedly.

Tova smiled and nodded, "There are many options to pick from for team building activities. We could do anything from swimming to karaoke. The point is to do something that builds camaraderie with each other that is enjoyable. There is a great deal of potential for us to learn about each other in just finding out each other's interests. Why don't we start with our favorite three broad spectrum subjects such as cooking, sports, singing so we have an idea about what interests each other. We may each find a common enough ground to make a choice of activity we can all have fun with." She looked at Dr. Ironhooves, "Can I safely say that one of yours would be sports and if so what would the other two be?"

"Studying medical journals. And I blacksmith," Ironhooves replied, shuffling her legs a bit. "Sports... I am not actually a sports fan. That was just a suggestion, as it is literally a team sport, and injuries in football tend to be lesser. While I do enjoy running, my version of sport is... armored melee combat. While it can build bonds on the battlefield, not necessarily something you would want to embrace in civilized society as 'team building' I suspect..."

"Actually..." The ship's holographic physician grinned and interjected once more. "I've treated more than eighty injuries and logged dozens of self treated injuries related to team melee combat on this vessel in the past year alone. You may be surprised at what some people aboard this ship do for training and fun."

Doc Power then pulled out another PaDD and pulled up a list of holo-programs that the command staff, security, and even the lower decks crew used in groups ranging from zombie apocalypse, modern and ancient pirate takeovers, medieval assaults, and even the battle of Kahless. "Classic sports may be good team building exercises, but I've long wondered what benefit is gained from the wanton murder of holographic hordes at the hands of you and your closest friends," he quipped, grinning as he handed the PaDD over to Doc Ironhooves.

"Is it murder if they are only holographic representations of programs, who can be replenished at any time? Life is singular and extinguishable, but if a life form is electronic and can merely be reactivated at full capacity, does assault on the program with other holograms approximating actions, object densities and mass of physical objects constitute murder? If I end the program and the holographic mace is deactivated, have I murdered the mace? Should I wipe it's program engrams would I have murdered the mace? The ethical questions are potentially thorny here, Doctor. Should we be having this discussion?" Looking around and trying to read the room, the Arborian's eyes narrowed.

"Or... was that a joke and I didn't get it?"

"Ah... It was more a description of the act. My apologies." Doc powers pursed his lips and thought over his prior wording. "Perhaps I should amend my statement from murder to slaughter since it's akin to more of a strenuous full contact strategy game with swords and armor than real life, what with the safeties engaged and the enemies being controlled by algorithms and subroutines. The scenarios are often a variant of the player team having to rely on each other, what they have on them, wits, and scavenged supplies to survive from point A to point B."

"I understand that the Charge of the Light Brigade is quite popular."

The slender shoulders of the centaur came together. "I must admit, units that bond together through combat do work better together. Bonds of trust are formed, senses sharpened and confidence gained. Or problems identified for work to be done. If you are all for it, there are some sieges not dissimilar to those found on my world, with giants and sorcerers and siege engines. I... spent many of the early years of my life engaged in such warfare, and I will admit it is... comforting to me. I... guess that would be another hobby, Dr. Mah. What about you, Ensign Sado?"

The quiet Ensign cleared his throat. "Put me in the sports category, although I think we'd all know a lot more about each other after a few rounds of karaoke." He smiled. "As far as which sport, there is one from Earth that rewards teamwork and avoids violence: basketball. Five-member teams must utilize all of their teammates, know their movements, work together, all without harming their opponents." He considered his own suggestion for a moment, bringing his hand to his chin. "Yes. I suggest basketball or karaoke." The giant raised his eyebrows. "Maybe both."

Dr. Mah appreciated Ensign Sado's insight. She turned next to Dr. Power, "How about you Dr. Power? Any particular vote as to what we should do?" It was obvious the CMO wanted all parties to feel heard, she was letting everyone on the team get a feel for each other and become comfortable voicing their opinions. In times of diagnostic issues she found it was useful to have a team that heard each other and practiced actively listening to each other, a skill she fostered.

"Well..." He hadn't much thought it over, instead offering up suggestions for others. Now the ship's EMH was at a bit of a loss since he had never considered sports or team building exercises as part of his possible activities, even during this conversation and he was faced with either declining (not acceptable) or forcing his program to adapt and overcome.

Then a flash of inspiration came to him as he glanced down at his PaDD with the information on combat teams and sword training and a slight grin came to his face. "When constructing my fruit art masterpieces, I often wonder what it would have been like to have been a knight fighting for one of the castles I've recreated in fruit."

Tova nodded an looked to her team, "Alright, the consensus is an activity with an athletic bend to help us learn to work together as a team." She looked at all of them with a twinkle in her eye and smiled, "Have any of you heard of doing a fantasy game? We each are part of a team where we must accomplish a goal together, sort of like a mission, that can be customized so we each must work together to finish the task. We can set it up so it will include all of what has been mentioned here, tasks of hand eye coordination that come from basketball and football, racing, defense of an area such a castle, heck even tasks like gathering and identifying things used to heal in a timed manner together all culminating in a nice pub sing-a-long if we like. We would work as a team together against another team on the holodeck. What do you think?" She looked at everyone to see their reactions at the idea for such a concept.

"Sounds like an interesting and fun time to me," replied Doc Power with a grin.

"There's an idea," mused Ensign Sado. "It would allow for plenty of creativity as well."

"Very well then, a moment while I make sure we are all cleared for our first mission together." Tova smiled at her team while activating her comm badge. ^Dr. Mah to the Captain, permission to use the backup med team tomorrow for the day during a team exercise in the largest holodeck available for the primary med realm including Dr. Power^

"Captain Telvan here," came the reply a moment later, along with the sound of shuffling PaDDs. "Training Holodeck three is available. Security normally snatches up all four but they only reserved one and two this week. I'm approving the request now. Good luck with the training. Telvan out."

"Sounds like we'll have fun storming the castle..."


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