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Aiva One Soul

Posted on Sun Jun 14th, 2020 @ 8:26pm by Aiva One & Lieutenant JG Oribiar Th'thiasreq & Jaeih Dox-t'Aan
Edited on on Sun Jun 14th, 2020 @ 8:30pm

Mission: Heart and Soul
Location: USS Hera
Timeline: 2397

While Aiva One had a clear and distinct purpose in her pre-programmed and made to order life, she had found a certain satisfaction both within it and outside of it. She had been designed for protocol services first and foremost, but her duties included maid service and assistance when needed, inventorying the on-board assets of Captain Enalia Telvan, handling any and all Artan paperwork correspondence, and watching over the safety of her mistress and her family.

On top of that, she visited the dining areas of the crew to see just how the Starfleet crew lived. She wasn't sure why she did that as it wasn't in her programming. Perhaps it was out of curiosity. Perhaps it was out of a desire to improve the lives of her mistress's own family. She had been able to learn thirteen different recipes so far and she considered expanding her repertoire of abilities a good thing.

This day was similar to most days but since the ship had just returned from a starless region that seemed to disturb the biologicals, she decided to log this day to compare it to others.

0500 - Breakfast has been prepared for both the infantile unit Moira and Mistress Telvan. She insists that the food be prepared manually, even if certain ingredients must be replicated. I have prepared a well balanced breakfast of a black bean and salsa omelet with blue milk and toasty bran cereal. Lady Moira still requires formula so I ensured that it was maintained at the proper temperature while Lady Maica fed her. After that, I assisted Mistress Telvan with the morning Artan reports while Lady Maica performed the morning tea ritual. She proclaimed that it was a rare blend and Mistress showed far more signs of satisfaction with it than with the breakfast that I prepared. I must endeavor to improve my services rendered.

0700 - Mistress Telvan has donned her Starfleet uniform and reported to the bridge. She and Lady Maica are extensively affectionate. I do not doubt that their love produced the infantile unit Moira. Lady Maica runs a massage parlor which opens in an hour and has asked me to see to Moira's daycare services with Lady Jaeih Dox this morning while she restocks her shop before opening. I will do so as my programming extends to childcare services.

0712 - I have arrived in one of the most peculiar work areas on the USS Hera - R&D. I am not certain if they do any actual research or development or if they focus on rearing and developing infantile units. I have developed a joke. I must log this for later use.

As Aiva One entered the R&D labs with Moira gently cradled in her arms, she scanned the perimeter and located her target - the Romulan woman identified as Jaeih Dox. "Lady Dox, I have come to deposit... drop off..." Aiva paused a moment, trying to realign her speech patterns to those of biological norms even as the tyke giggled and gleefully beat on her with her green toy sword. "I am here to drop off Moira into your care."

"Jaeih or Mrs. Dox is more than acceptable, Aiva." the elder Romulan in the blue uniform said as she stepped over, placing her coffee and a PaDD she was reading down on a nearby workstation. The bay was more chaotic looking as usual as plastic sheeting covered part of the entrance to the locker rooms, all areas being reconstructed into a new, detachable flight unit dubbed 'Daycare One."

As she did with Maica and the ship's EMH, Jaeih chose to not treat Aiva in any way differently than she would anyone else on the ship, though she also always accounted for the variable that Avia was an artificial life form and had different ways of communicating.

"Have your morning routines gone well thus far?" Jaeih asked as she gently took the pale greed baby in her arms, hoisting Moira up over her shoulder and taking the moment to talk to the Captain's protocol assistant.

"Affirmative, Mrs. Dox. Mistress Telvan did not seem displeased with the breakfast I provided for her, however I did note that she did not seem pleased with it either. I surmised that this was because she was still running her startup... She was still waking up. Her and Lady Maica were up late last night."

"Indeed. Excellent observations," Jaeih said with the hint of a grin as the implication. "Always consider the factors involved. Also, in my experience, the Captain is not overtly emotive when she is focused. If you require more feedback, I would suggest asking what she thought when you are relatively certain she is awake enough to properly process the question. Let her know that it is important for your development and future service to know such things."

The cybernetic life form processed this for a moment before replying. "I thank you for your suggestion. I will take it under advisement and proceed accordingly. Do you require my assistance with any of your duties or tasks before I depart?"

"Thank you for the offer, but I have everything under control." Jaeih said with a nod and a smile. She had no need to mask emotions around the young synthetic lifeform, and understanding how Aiva process information, realized that expressions like a smile helped her to learn. "And thank you again for bringing little Moira over. It has saved me time."

Aiva smiled back with her eyes almost closed, head tilted slightly, and her face lit up perfectly with joy, which she had been programmed to do quite well as she and the Artan maids at the fortress had been modelled after quite a beauty nearly fifty years ago and the original programmer wanted at least that to look natural. "I am here to serve. If you have need of me, please do not hesitate to call."

Aiva then stood there for several moments, trying to transfer directly to another part of the ship before she remembered she was an android now and she couldn't do that like her counterparts back on the fortress. "If you will please excuse me." With that, she turned and left, the skin around her cheekbones feeling warmer for some odd reason.

0730 - I have once more reported to the ship's galley to assist with cooking and to learn new recipes. The head chef is not the most friendly, but he's promised that if I can follow orders and work hard, he'll teach me all that he knows. Today's main line entrées are vegetarian stir fry dishes from six different Federation worlds and seafood croquettes. I will endeavor to do my best and expand my functionality.

1045 - Ship's galley supplemental - the main line meals are prepared and I have been asked to assist in the preparation of the deserts. I am to mix the batters for brownies, cakes, and puddings while he preps them for baking and the artisan chef finishes them after baking. I will observe both processes as I am able.

1200 - I have completed my duties in the ship's galley and am now taking Mistress Telvan's lunch to her. Every day that I do so, I must receive authorization from the bridge. Today is no different. I understand the need for security as this is an intel vessel. I make my visits quick and if my requests are denied, I have discovered that use of the conference room stairs from deck two is still authorized to catering personnel and I may be able to deliver her meals that way. As she is currently in the conference room, I am altering my standard route to test this theory now.

Arriving through the service entrance of the bridge conference room, Aiva One excused herself and found Captain Telvan thankfully alone and staring out one of the large bay windows. "Mistress Telvan, pardon me, but I have your lunch for today, as well as a refill of your tea. Is this an acceptable location for you to dine in?"

Lightly startled at the disturbance, Enalia turned to look at the Trill catgirl android maid that had been assigned to her by the Artans. With a soft smile, she nodded. "Here is fine Aiva. And again, you can just call me Captain Telvan or Enalia. Especially when we're alone."

"Understood Mistress. However, you are my Mistress, so calling you anything else would be improper," Aiva replied as she set the box she carried down and began laying out Enalia's lunch. "Today, with the aid of the galley staff, I have prepared a selection of mushroom and vegetable stir fried noodles with Bolian crab croquettes. As a side, I have prepared something called hot and sour soup. Today's white ginseng tea was prepared by Lady Maica."

Having laid out the meal before the Trill woman, she stepped back and stood at rest next to the wall. "Please let me know if there is anything you may need."

"Thank you, I will," Enalia replied as she started eating, a slightly uncomfortable silence settling over the room.

A few minutes into the meal, Aiva spoke up. "Mistress Telvan, if I may, I have a query that requires your attention to further my development and aid my future service to you." With a nod from the captain, the android maid pressed on. "You neither seem pleased nor displeased with the food I prepare for you, yet you always seem pleased with the smallest of consumables that Lady Maica provides for you."

Here the cybernetic woman paused, now no longer sure of herself and her line of questioning. Instead, for some reason, how she wanted to ask the question started going haywire and was now all confused.

Thankfully, Enalia picked up the cue and ran with it. "And you want to know why that is?" This time it was Aiva's turn to nod in reply. "Well, love is an imperceptible ingredient. It took some time for Maica to figure it out too, but once you do, it adds something special to the food. Also, don't try making food more healthy. You're adding protein powder to my oatmeal, aren't you?" she added with a grin.

"Yes, Mistress, I have been," Aiva replied, that same odd warmth from earlier returning to her cheeks as she replied. "I will refrain from doing so in the future."

"Thank you," Enalia replied with a wide grin, recognizing a blush when she saw one and never having expected it on Aiva. "Your cooking is good, it's just that it's the same as the rest of the cooking at the Fortress or in the galley. In time, you'll improve and find that secret ingredient and then you'll be on par with Maica or any other master chef in the galaxy. I guarantee it. You just need to practice and give it time, ok?"

"Yes, thank you for your guidance." With a bow, Aiva smiled that perfect smile of hers.

Then Enalia glanced at the time. "I'd better finish quickly. I have a meeting soon and I'm sure you have duties to attend to other than watching me eat and waiting to clean up after me."

"It's no trouble, I have plenty of time, Mistress," the cybernetic woman replied with another bow. She had much to process and standing here was the perfect time to do it.

After a few more bites, Enalia spoke up again. "These croquettes are really good, but if they had some sort of sauce on the side, I think they'd be perfect."

"Yes, Mistress," Aiva responded almost absently, before something in her clicked. Love wasn't a specific ingredient... It was how you showed your dedication and affection with the combination of ingredients. As her eyes lit up with realization, she bowed once more, this time deeper than she'd ever done so. "Yes, Mistress! I will endeavor to perform at my peak efficiency for you!"

Enalia just stared at her, a forkful of stir fry halfway to her mouth.

1230 - I have returned to Mistress Telvan's quarters for cleaning. Lady Moira is an infantile unit and yet she is able to generate excessive amounts of clutter. My programming tells me that this is the nature of young biologicals. I will endeavor to keep up with her clutter generating abilities.

1445 - I have completed cleaning cycle 47 since arriving aboard this vessel. I have added further infantile unit safeties in the cooking areas and around the ceramic display areas. I will now report to personal storage and perform weekly inventories of consumable and perishable goods in order to better schedule and plan for Mistress Telvan's upcoming meals. As Lady Moira is still an infantile unit, her meals are simple and require zero planning skills until her enameled calcium based mastication utilities are installed. That is a process I admit a certain curiosity and anticipation concerning and hope to witness the process. Do biologicals perform the task autonomously or to the parental units perform the installation?

As the synthetic lifeform entered the Quartermaster's offices to report in for the weekly inventories, she surveyed the inbound and outbound goods. It seemed to her that the supply and requisitions of everything from arms and armor to foodstocks was one of the busiest areas of the vessel and the constant bustle in these offices were proof of it.

It didn't take her long for her to find LtJG Th'thiasreq and soon she had approached him, waiting for him to finish with his current conversation. "LtJG Th'thiasreq, I am here to perform the weekly inventories of Mistress Telvan's personal stores and to ensure no spoilage has occurred. Will you assist me in obtaining the necessary documents for completing this task once more?"

The andorian turned with a look on his face that could only come from being a father of small children. Despite the weary look on his face, he gave a polite smile. " Just give me a second. " He said as he opened up a few of the draws before he stopped and withdrew a data crystal from it's resting place. " Here we go. " he said handing it to the android.

"Thank you," Aiva replied, taking the crystal and plugging it into one of the data ports in her arm. As she reviewed the data on it, another thought struck her - This would be someone that would know if enameled calcium based mastication utilities are bright in via supply or replicated in Medical. "I have a further inquiry, if you would indulge me. Infantile units. How are their enameled calcium based mastication utilities installed? Do you receive them through your office?"

The andorian blinked a few times as he tried to think of what she was talking about. When his mind worked out that she was talking about their teeth he gave a chuckle before replying. " No infant teeth will form naturally. They don't need them installed."

It took the android woman a moment to process this before she could formulate a response. "I find this dubious and must express my skepticism, however I am in a position where I am able to observe and confirm the veracity of your statement over time. I will report back to you once Lady Moira has obtained the ability to masticate food on her own with... teeth. I thank you for your assistance."

" Take care." The andorian said with a grin in his face as the android woman bowed respectfully and left. The people you met on this starship.

1900 - I have returned to Mistress Telvan's quarters. Lady Maica has retrieved Lady Moira and is proceeding to feed her, which is proving difficult this evening. She has stated that my assistance is not required and that I should prepare the evening meal instead. I have been ordered to follow the recipes laid out for me and not to deviate from them, however I am conflicted. My conversation with Mistress Telvan earlier indicates that I should infuse my prepared meals with an imperceptible ingredient called love. My research shows that love is an emotion and not an ingredient used in meal preparation.

Nevertheless, I will persevere. I have dedicated myself to Mistress Telvan and her family unit and I will... /ERROR/ Override. Reset. Unknown fault has occurred. Analyzing.

Analysis complete. It seems that an emotional simulation subroutine was added during my upgrades at some point and it has recently been activated. I will need to study this further. For now, I have to prepare the evening meal for Mistress Telvan. I do hope she will enjoy the white truffle pasta and Bolian goose I am lovingly crafting for her. The recipe calls for very little sauce on the goose, and I have noted that she prefers juicier meats so in this case, I will disobey orders and vary from the recipe by adding just enough to prevent the meat from becoming dry. I l... lo... lo... /ERROR/ Override. Reset. I expect Mistress Telvan will be pleased with the outcome of this meal.

2100 - Mistress Telvan showed appreciation and enjoyment for the meal and has complimented my expanding culinary skills. I will have to log this for future analysis. For now, my duties as her Artan adjutant are required. I will now process all of the paperwork that she is expected to review and have a summary ready for her in the morning. She may have retired as a Queen, however she is still receiving daily reports on the status of the empire.

2245 - I have completed all tasks for the day and the family unit has retired for the evening. I will now sit quietly, recharge, and process the day's events and logs.

0500 - I prepared breakfast as usual, but something is different. None of my sensors or diagnostics detect anything and yet I can tell something is... Better. Today while preparing Lady Moira's bottle and Mistress Telvan's banana pancakes and eggs I started making a buzzing noise that sounded lyrical. I also omitted the health standards that I was programmed for. Is this... Emotion?


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