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Andoria! Go!

Posted on Sun Jul 5th, 2020 @ 1:24am by Kodria Mizu & Baroness 3rd Class Sarika & Commander Rita Paris & Lieutenant Commander Mnhei'sahe Dox & Lieutenant Commander Thex sh'Zoarhi & Lieutenant Commander Sonak & Lieutenant JG Tovanna Mah & Ensign Tanaak Sado & Ensign Fiona O'Dell
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Mission: Heart and Soul
Location: USS Selune/Andoria Northern Wastes
Timeline: 2397

Away Team: Rita, Thex, Sonak, Dox, Tova, Sarika

In the runabout Selune, the flight deck team had already prepped the craft and run through the startup sequence when the first of the away team had arrived. The engines were prepped, the stealth systems were online, and the small ship was packed with equipment hardened against the extreme cold.

As was customary for him, Sonak was at the exact appointed time for the departure. After checking the calibration of the sensors and scanners, he made sure there were enough tricorders available for every member of the away team if any and all wanted to add their own observations to his own. Although it was his chief duty as first science officer of the Hera, he was well aware that any lone individual may be subject to errors or lapse in observation, even a Vulcan kolinarh master. it was not an admission of any lack of competence; just of the inherent limitation of the humanoid form. As a scientist, he was therefore insistent upon having at least a second person also intaking data, so that his own scans could be validated properly.

He had never been to Andoria before. There was a long shared history between his people and that of their chief engineer, some of it less than admirable. But the times of conflict between Vulcans and Andorians were centuries in the past now, especially since the Vulcans had returned to the Way of Surak after straying too many decades from it. In this day and age, notably thanks to Humans who's very nature made a natural bridge between the logical beings of Minshara and the passionate ones of Fesoan, having this opportunity to meet such a different people was nothing short of fascinating.

Sonak anticipated much from this experience.

It had been a while since Lieutenant Commander Mnhei'sahe Dox got to actually pilot a craft during a mission with the Hera, as much of the last half year of her life had been spent seemingly everywhere BUT her home. It was a frustration that had been growing in the back of her mind after bouncing from one ship to the next for a wide variety of reasons that she was happy to push out of her mind as she came out of her office onto the main flight deck reading over the report on the various adjustments made to the Selune that she had overseen with the R&D Department. 

Ensign MacNielle had been taking on the responsibilities of the assistant flight chief of late and Dox had deferred the task of performing a preliminary check of all the systems and modifications, though as the mission's pilot, she would be performing all the final system checks herself. Thankfully, the report she was reading looked good and MacNielle was adjusting well to the tasks set to her. For her part, Dox was looking forward to flying a Runabout, for sure. 

The part where she would be at the polar cap of a moon where the temperature dipped well south of 30 below with wind chill however, was slightly less exciting. Hence the thick thermal black undersuit and the modified, experimental EVA suit that the R&D Department had refined and designed specifically for this mission. Her helmet was retracted and she had customized this new variation of her suit so that the metal plating was a metallic red to match her crimson uniform, with a raised silver and gold Starfleet Delta on her chest. 

Looking up, she nodded to the Hera's Chief Science officer who had just arrived on the Deck in his own EVA suit. "Hello, Lieutenant Commander Sonak."

''Greetings, Lieutenant Commander. I have checked the sensors and scanner systems and everything seems to be in excellent working order, especially reagrding the particular conditions of Andoria. I anticipate no difficulty with the equipment and the accuracy of our readings.''

"Excellent." Dox said, noticing that Sonak seemed to be the Vulcan equivalent of 'excited' as well, which the emotional Romulan could best describe as a seemingly higher level of overall engagement that seemed to come with the opportunity for learning or discovery. Of course, it was just as likely Dox was just projecting her own emotions as she thought on it, which non-Vulcans had a tendency to do around the logic-driven people.

"I'm going to begin the final systems check and give her an external visual review before lift off while we're waiting for the rest of the team to arrive." Dox added as she went back to work examining the runabout.

The turbolift doors opened as the reason this whole operation was going ahead stepped into the shuttlebay. The sapphire chief of engineering had a knot in her stomach as she gave a weak smile as she stepped towards Dox and Sonak. " Hello, you two. Ready to get going?" She asked trying to hide the nervousness in her voice.

Sonak nodded in greeting.

''This is my first visit to your homeworld, Lieutenant Commander. Considering the shared history of our two peoples, I am understandably curious and expect much learning from this venture.''

"I wish it was under better conditions, commander. Not only is there my mess of a past to deal with, but my people's nutters are up in arms again," Thex said calmly. Trust the imperial guard to be on high alert. If this went wrong they'd have many questions to answer.

Listening, the Hera's resident mistress of high-anxiety and no stranger to family drama on a galactic scale stopped what she was doing and stepped over to her friend. Dox could read all the cues of Thex's stress a light year away.

"One way or another, we will work out these mysteries, Lieutenant Commander. We'll help you find your answers. As for the political ramifications, the Captain will be running interference and untangling those knots while we do our jobs." Dox said, doing her level best to show determination and bolster the confidence of her friend and superior. "None of us are ever alone here. You'll have us with you every step of the way."

"I'm glad your here Dox. Think the girl will hold up against the Andorian weather?" Thex asked, tapping the runabout bulkhead.

"I believe so, yes." Dox said with a bit of a smile, proud of the work the R&D Department had done. "We worked with the R&D Department to ensure that she's as ready for every possible contingency they could imagine. Multiple system redundancies, added layers of cold weather insulation in case of shield failure rated for temperature extremes as low as negative 250. Compensators for extreme windshear. Surface sub scattering panels for maximum frost resistance. Three layers of shielding that will redirect the cold and kinetic absorption to make the winds work for us by helping charge redundant systems. Multiple function landing skiffs for different surface tension levels and snow. And that's just the start of the system enhancements."

"They ran as many tests on the Selune as they did on our redesigned EVA suits." The Romulan Flight Chief said as she looked at the sturdy Runabout with a nod, patting her own armored shoulder.

''To do any less in our present context would be illogical,'' the chief science officer of the Hera simply said.

"Well let's hope they'll be as good as the tests say they are," Thex said flexing the shoulder of her suit. "Even by Andorian standards, the north polar is freezing."

"As a fellow sciencey type, I'm sure looking forward to this little adventure!," came the excited call from the runabout door as Baroness Sarika made her way in wearing a white and blue civilian colored version of the modified EVA suit, her curved sword strapped to her back. "My cybernetics aren't exactly adapting well to these suit designs, but to adapt and overcome is my fleet's way. If I can't get used to a 'fleeter suit, what right do I have to lead?"

Sonak lifted his right eyebrow very slightly.

''Leadership is earned through the ranks, built on years of service and actual experience. But it is your expertise and specific viewpoint that is welcomed here.''

"You are correct, good sir! And I have proven that time and time again in the Artan way. One of the things I've been trying to learn is how it's done in Starfleet, to try to improve ours since there are no reports or..." Sarika caught herself in the middle of meandering off topic as she was checking her own gear once more, her fingers flexing awkwardly around her brass colored scanner. "But that's a conversation for another day. Today we're going to investigate the northern reaches of Andoria, face certain danger, and return with a bounty of data to analyze! I call dibs on any geothermal vents!"

"Dibs noted and logged," came the voice of the cheerful commander, the feisty first officer, Rita Paris. Clad in her white and navy blue EVA armor, complete with the cold weather adaptations, Paris was fidgeting with the larger, bulkier gloves when she looked up, to notice the colorful suits arrayed around her. "Ah... I thought this was going to be an unsanctioned stealth mission, so I camouflaged for Andoria. Guess I was a little off on this one?"

''Andorians have a larger sensory spectrum than most humanoid species and they can perceive bioelectric fields, '' Sonak retorted in his usual monotone. ''Even shrouded Jem'Hadars can't escape detection from their antennae... unless you come from behind. A good pair of thick-soled boots for stealth would, therefore, be more effective.''

"It's the thought that counts and as a fellow human, I understand completely," Sarika replied with a wide grin and a slap to Rita's back. Indeed, though the pattern was the civilian one and the delta had been replaced with a subdued Artan logo, the coloration was the same on her suit. "After all, we'll be avoiding predators as well and there have to be some that can't see into the EM bands, right?"

Coming back down the ramp from having checked the cargo holds one last time, Dox smiled at Rita. "Commander. While I hadn't considered what Commander Sonak mentioned regarding Andorian physiology, the R&D team did institute another mission-specific upgrade into the suits."

As her helmet was retracted, Dox began typing on the controls on her right wrist, and as she did the crimson red parts of her suit made a light tingling sound for a moment, and with a ripple across the surface, the crimson went white and the Starfleet Delta vanished. "A nano-polymer coating that can be programmed with different color options."

"I read through the manual that covers everything, but there should also be some kind of... what did the call it... an infographic set of menus on the HUDs if we need information on all the upgrades during the mission." Dox said, slightly embarrassed she didn't think to pre-set her armor to a mission appropriate color in advance.

Doctor Mah entered finally in her white medical EVA suit with a blue Starfleet insignia on her chest where her comm badge would normally be and a red cross on each arm. It was similar to her predecessor's but a bit more toned down. She was checking her pockets to ensure they were secure, "I packed half of sickbay in every possible pocket for every scenario I could think of," she nodded to the team, "ready."

"Good to see you Dox." Thex said coming out from under the runabout as she was giving her one final check."If anyone gets into trouble you should turn the color of your suit to bright orange. It's will stand out best against the environment. " The blue girl said turning her own to said color before back to the yellow and white of her engineering colors.

Looking around, seeing the landing party was ready to go, Paris summed it up. "Alright. First off, this is not an officially sanctioned Starfleet mission. The Andorian government has, thus far, bureaucratically stalled all efforts we have made to gain access to this locale Thex is driving us toward. So our current plan is to come down on the side of the mountain range that we are allowed to access, then climb over the ridge and onto the glacier to see what's there. With that said, we are directly violating Andoria's sovereignty here, and committing a crime that can get us thrown out of Starfleet and into prison, for quite a long time, as it turns out."

"So I am stressing, here and now, that this is remarkably high risk- career-ending," Paris stressed once again. "This is an unofficial mission, so I cannot nor will I attempt to order anyone to come with the landing party. You are engendering an enormous personal risk here, and all because Thex has a tip that there's family trouble. I am acting on the standing Starfleet tradition that if it is the senior staff and they all did it, the punishment tends to be blunted. But that in no way protects any of you from the consequences of our actions. So, anyone who does not wish to volunteer and possibly end their careers, bow out now. There is no shame nor will there be any recriminations whatsoever. So, anyone?"

The expression on Dox's face hadn't wavered at all in the moment as she listened to Rita's statement to the assembled crew. Thex's discovery that she was a clone and that there was a conspiracy to hide that information related to where they were going was extremely troubling, and the redheaded Romulan knew that her friend, who risked as much and more to rescue her from Romulus, needed help. Throughout it all, she had a look of resolve on her face and looked over at Thex and smiled slightly before turning back to Rita and replying. "The Selune is prepped and ready, all emergency equipment is stowed, and our flight plan has been prepared, Commander."

"Adventure awaits us and none of us are getting any younger," added Sarika with a wide grin, slipping into one of the auxiliary seats. "Asides, as a member of Enalia's first crew, I feel it's my duty to see how things are done in the Federation so I can improve my own away teams. One thing I don't get though - Rita, you're her second... Sorry, First officer... Our captains and commanders lead our away teams and the Second commands the ship. Is this normal for 'fleet ships?"

"Opposite with Starfleet. The Captain, as the most experienced and high-ranking officer onboard, is to remain onboard, in command of the ship, while the First Officer- or Second, in your parlance- leads the away missions and takes the field risks, reporting back in so the ship's commander can make the calls without hazard in the field." Rita patiently explained to the non-fleeter how it worked in Starfleet, then paused, holding up a hand. "Which yes, she chafes at quite a bit, but Captain Telvan has to trust me to make the right calls and decisions when we are out of contact. It's been an adaptation for her as well, as a hands-on commander. But she has adapted, and this is how we do it in Starfleet, Miss Sarika."

''It is simply logical, '' Sonak added. ''A starship captain not only represents invaluable years of experience and investment, but is charged with the highest responsibility of overseeing everything a ship and crew does. Risking all this in specific narrow tasks any less experienced officer can do is an unwise waste of resources. Moreover, a starship captain is the custodian of many classified codes and data even beyond his ship and crew that would be compromised if lost to any hazard, from a mere accident to enemy capture.''

He turned towards Rita as he added to his explanation.

''Assigning field responsibility to the first officer also provides actual command and hands-on experience to groom a future starship commander, while protecting the investment Starfleet puts in the captain. Usually younger, the first officer thus matures as a command officer while the accumulated years of experience of the more mature commanding officer is not lost even when age would limit field efficiency. This formula gives us exceptional command performance, as seen when Commander William T. Riker and Captain Jean-Luc Picard served on the flagship Enterprise itself.''

"Thank you so much for that clarification of my explanation, Mr. Sonak," Paris remarked with a rather fixed smile on her face that didn't last the statement. "However, as detailed as it was, I did actually pose a question for all of you. Illegal, potentially diplomatic incident creating, likely career-ending illegal mission forming here. Which I requested for those who are now in theory fully aware of the risks to volunteer, as this is a highly illegal action on a founding world of the Federation. This is an action that, as your superior officer, I cannot order you to do, as it would be in direct conflict with your Starfleet oath." At that, Paris herself took a moment to consider. All of this was taking a LOT on faith, and skimpy information at best. In that moment she realized this might actually be a horrible mistake, and that she might be leading these people to court-martial and prison sentences.

Was this just a trap by Andorian factions, to lure them in and expose Starfleet's hypocrisy? While Rita was mostly ignorant of the culture and government, Thex had pointed out there were protests and unrest, so this could all have been calculated for a political ploy, which they might just be playing into the hands of unknown parties here. Internally she wished they had a bit more to go on than an e-mail and a psychic flash. perhaps in stressing the severity of the situation, more might come to light... or at least she hoped so, because she was starting to get a very bad feeling about this.

Thex couldn't help but smile at her family willing to help her. Strapping herself into her seat she began breathing trying not to think about the flash of nightmares she's seen on the bridge. Something was going on here and they were hopefully about to find out the truth.

Sonak then looked at the first officer straight in the eyes.

''Then there is a simple question to be asked: if this is illegal, worse, if this goes against everything we stand for, why are we even considering this action?''

As the young andorian woman head touched the back of her seat she didn't feel the familiar backing, but that off ice-cold steel. Opening her eyes Thex screamed as the sight of the warehouse appeared before her. Images of the tube room and what appeared to be some nightmares operating theater flashed before her eyes as she felt something slice into her skin. More images flashed many of people she had never seen, others of whom she knew and some of races she couldn't even begin to describe.

And at its heart, something indescribable, darker than night itself pulsed and swarmed as it pushed against the ice as a figure in a mask of black starry nights watched on before turning and look straight into her eyes.

And all Thex could do is scream.

Turning sharply at the sound of the scream, Dox was the closest and started to run to the Andorian's side with concern plainly visible on her face. "Thex!? What happened? Was it another message?" The Andorian Engineer had been receiving strong, psychic messages from the planet since the Hera had arrived in the system. Unusual calls for help that had been indicating the presence of a larger concern.

Thex's blue eyes darted from side to side as she slowly came back to reality. Breathing deeply she nodded to dox as she ran her hands across her face. Finally getting some air back in her lungs she finally replied. "Yes, more of the facility and Dox there's something under the planet. Something that can't get out." she managed to blurt out.

Dr. Mah was still getting in her seat as she heard the scream, she bolted to Thex seeing her distress and began recording all diagnostics immediately. Elevated respiration and blood pressure, output of adrenaline and cortisol, all of the standard stress responses. Something was activating her amygdala to detect danger despite the lack of obvious signs of such. As with most Andorains, their bodies could only take so much stress in higher temperatures before being worn down. The last thing they needed was to arrive with Thex compromised and exhausted.

Mah shook her head, "Sorry Thex but, you get a babysitter until this is over." She applied a cortical monitor behind her ear to track what was going on so any possible future episodes could at least be assisted with prefrontal cortex stimulation to help calm the perception of danger. She looked at the crew, "This should help, we may not be able to stop what is going on but I can make it seem less scary and help keep her calm during the mission." Mah connected the neural stimulator to her temple on the other side so the two devices would not interfere with each other and set the threshold for stimulation to automatically run should Thex be out of Mah's range when an episode occurred.

''I saw it as well.''

Sonak's voice was soft as a whisper. Then he blinked and looked again at Rita.

''This solves the legality problem of our actions. Starfleet General Order 6; the request for emergency assistance from Federation citizenry demands unconditional priority from Starfleet personnel. Such personnel shall immediately respond to said request, postponing all other activities. And as General order 13 specifies, territorial integrity may be violated when orders demand it. General Order 24 and 33 would also justify action as there is definitely a potential threat to Federation citizenry where we intend to go. Therefore, we are not here breaking our oath; we are fulfilling it.''

While one might argue that it was irresponsible for the first officer to simply take the word of the regulation-spouting scientist, if there was one thing in this universe Rita Paris believed in, it was Sonak. She nodded, silently accepting his logic.

"You saw him? You saw the man with the mask of stars?" Thex managed to blurt out.

''It could be described as such; I suspect this is but a way for our finite minds to grasp the actual reality of this... entity with which we were briefly in contact.''

His steely grey eyes went to each of them in turn.

''Of late, my former innate telepathic abilities seem to be working toward reestablishing themselves in this universe. This was recently exacerbated with our encounter with the living crystals, and seems to have been stimulated by our brief passage in this other reality we experienced. I am still attempting to understand it fully, but one thing is undeniable; I felt the same touch in my mind as you did, Lieutenant Commander. It is evidence that our planned mission is of definite importance.''

"Well. When the court martial comes a-calling, we'll have a great excuse. The Captain is wrestling the bureaucrats... in the meanwhile, as you can see with Lieutenant Commander Thex, time is of the essence. Load up, people, I've a last minute addition." Tapping the command delta of 130 years ago on her left breast, the mission commander called out to the overhead.

"Ensign Sado, suit up and report to the flight deck. Andorian upgrades, and on the bounce, Mr. Sado, the away team is waiting."


The Selune slid into the upper atmosphere of Andoria like a knife at the deft hands of Dox, who kept at least one eye on the console as the harsh atmospheric conditions of the frozen moon began to slam against the runabouts environmental shields. 

"Minor turbulence ahead, but the modifications are working perfectly. Landing coordinates set for base camp and eta is 8 minutes, Commander." the red-headed Romulan said from the helm as the Selune pushed through the lower cloud boundary and they could all see the icy crags and mountains of the harsh terrain as they approached the northern regions.

"Outstanding. Alright people, the situation is this," Rita held a portable hologenerator, to illustrate the mission parameters as the shuttlecraft winged it's way to the landing zone. A mountain range sprung up from her hand, and as her finger indicated points on the display, climbing routes and expected climb times made themselves apparent. It was clear the Commander had been working on this plan for more than her usual 10 seconds. "We've no official sanction from Andoria, and we don't want them knowing we're here if this is a cover-up. So we're still coming in on the eastern slope of the Ch'vhaaleth mountain range, where we'll scale the Esebeb trail over the mountain to the western slope. There we'll descend, until we come to this location, on the edge of the great Sh'ovyhrirh Glacier, which is the edge of the predominant glacial mass of the northern pole of Andoria."

"I suspect we will not find Santa and his elves, but in the galaxy, one never knows," Rita cracked the joke, but no one laughed. Everyone seemed tense, for different reasons, save Sonak, of course. Instead he was anticipatory of the mystery ahead. After all, exploring the mysteries of the universe was what had led him to leave Vulcan and serve in Starfleet, and this particular enigma was layered and complex.

"I expect the ascent to take around 2 1/2 hours, given our gear and advantages, and our descent should be managed in a couple of minutes if we use the crystal caverns trail here, which can be ski'd. We'll take our initial readings from there and proceed by foot to whatever is here, which, from Thex's descriptions, will likely be a medical facility of some sort. That we'll all have to play by ear since we don't have any facts yet. Questions, people?" Paris left the holographic representation of the mountain range, glacier and their destination rotating there between them all, a visual representation of the mission ahead.

''Two point forty-seven hours calculating the specific gravitational pull of Andoria during this... skid,'' Sonak specified, confirming the rough estimate of their mission commander. ''Commander Paris, it might be useful if we could narrow down our scans to specific data we should be looking for.''

Although it was not formulated as a question, Rita was so familiar with the Vulcan's speech pattern to understand that this was one; and one aiming at maximum efficiency in a time of crisis. Normally, he would have left himself and others open to all avenues of research and inquiries, collecting every bit of data and studying them more parsimoniously later. But this was not a standard survey mission. She could feel even without their mating bond how focused he was as only a matter of life and death could bring him to be.

Sarika had been taking notes in her head the whole time, learning from the experience and working out what she could take back to her own command later. She lived for adventure, but she also wanted to improve the safety and efficiency of those adventures for her and those under her, bettering the livelihoods of everyone under her command and these 'fleeters had the right ideas in a lot of ways that the Artans were just so close on. She just needed to convince them on it and train people.

"It would, Mr. Sonak. Ideally there will be a facility, which I would suspect to be shielded. So how to look for that is a bit beyond my, but we'll work from visual sightings and Thex's instincts," Paris planned on the fly, realizing again just how little this mission was being sent out on and how genuinely dangerous this expedition would be, both physically and politically. "As for anything further than that... I'm afraid to give more data I need more data Mr. Sonak. Perhaps you could try to isolate the frequency that seems to be broadcasting mental messages of distress to you and Lieutenant Commander sh'Zoarhi? That seems to be our only actual lead at this point, other than the Andorian government decidedly not wanting for us to investigate."

''That would be logical, '' the Vulcan simply said, nodding. ''As for any shielding this expected facility might had, it would be either physical or energy-based. If physical, detection of anomalous material will pinpoint the location. If energy-based, the same would work with energy signature, except in the case of a cloaking system which would of course encompass the energy source itself. However, any energy leaves an effect on surrounding matter and energies. That is what we should be looking for; discrepancies in radiometric decay, gravity or the EM spectrum for example.''

Pondering what was on the table already, Dox considered an additional question as Rita had asked for them, and turned slightly from the helm. "Lieutenant Commander, sh'Zoarhi. Intel data is extremely sparse regarding this region and there are no records of settlements close to our touchdown location, but if that data is incomplete or inaccurate, do you know if there are locals or settlements anywhere near where we will be touching down? Anyone that we may need to avoid or be concerned with, as you've mentioned religious extremists before?" Dox added as she brought the Runabout lower still, deftly maneuvering through the vicious wind currents as if they weren't there.

" The nearest settlement is the fishe...." Thex began before realizing what she was saying. Why had she said it was that t hadn't been that for decades. Not since the party had vanished/been murdered " Sorry, the nearest settlement is the Andorian oceanic research facility two hundred miles south of us. Some of the religious extremists do send people up here for training, but they're most likely all in the capital slugging it out with the imperial guard." She explained.

"There's also the Ushaan ritual zone, in the northern wastes mountain park, which is where I had planned in infiltrating the planet, but that's another hundred miles further south," Sarika added as she checked her own maps. "Outsiders are allowed there with the sole purpose of fulfilling the Ushaan ritual with a native born Andorian or in support of them and as a researcher... Well, it's something I've always wanted to see beyond just the ritual combat."

"Relax, everyone," Rita turned to address the landing party in the cabin of the shuttlecraft. "There's a resort on the eastern side of the range that offers geological tours and photography expeditions, as well as skiing and other snow sports entertainment. We're putting down there then setting off for 'parts unknown' from there. It'll be fine... I may not have an actual plan, but we'll manage this." Patting the knee of the nervous Andorian, Paris offered her most reassuring smile. "We'll get you there and figure all this out, okay Thex?"

Thex nodded as she gripped her friends hand. " I know we will Rita. " She said steadying her voice as part of her body screamed at her to run away and never come back. She knew she had to do this. For all there sakes.

OOC: Suit mods for Andoria, including existing capabilities:

•Variable heaters throughout suit to compensate for personal needs
•Maybe gauntlet-mounted mini phasers for cutting?
•Built in transport enhancers to make rescues easier.
•Limited emergency force fields for avalanches.
•External 'boots and gloves' that are independently powered to insure extremities remain warm.
•Dorsal mounted piton launcher with IFF and piton launcher, 600 M of monofilament line capable of carrying 600 kilos
•Ski/toboggan/boogie board that clips to his mounts when not in use
•Wrist mounted piton launcher with line, as above
• 7 meter web attachment that uses carbon nanotubes to AHEAR to the surface of our armor via molecular adhesion. That adhesion can be set to repel by a minor charge through the armor's polarity that is pre programmed into our systems.

Integrated tactical tricorder package
Integrated targeting scanners
Semi-holographic HUD
EV/life support package (7 days)
Self sealing 9mm armor
Weapons carry hard points on back and thighs
Gravity magnet boots
Enhanced comm package
MACO strength enhancement package (1.3x-3x variable)
Self sealing 13-17mm armor
Medical scanners and built in medical suite
Thermoptic cloak *specialized stealth hull of the Hera package, activatable*
Thigh cases for mission specific equipment
Fire suppressant system


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