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Bulikaya Particle planning document

Posted on Thu Aug 27th, 2020 @ 5:01pm by Captain Enalia Telvan & Commander Rita Paris & Lieutenant Commander Mnhei'sahe Dox & Lieutenant Commander Thex sh'Zoarhi & Lieutenant Commander Sonak & Lieutenant Samuel Clemens XV & Lieutenant JG Tovanna Mah & Ensign Tanaak Sado
Edited on on Thu Aug 27th, 2020 @ 5:01pm

Mission: OOC Documents

Jump 1: .30 seconds
Jump 2: 1 minute
Jump 3: 2 minutes
Jump 4: 4 minutes
Jump 5: 8 minutes
Jump 6: 16 minutes
Jump 7: 32 minutes
Jump 8: 64 minutes
Jump 9: 128 minutes (2 hrs 8 m)
Jump 10: 256 minutes (4 hrs 16 min)
Jump 11: 512 minutes (8 hrs 32 min)
Jump 12: 1024 minutes (17 hrs 4 min)

Let's see... you can write up to 12 Bulikaya particle stories. The closer the character is to the explosion of particles, the longer they will travel through the multiverse. The particles have a radioactive half-life that decays quickly, and as the particles decay, the traveler becomes unstuck in that dimension and ‘quantum leaps’ again.

The time spent in other dimensions space themselves out by doubling your time in each alternate dimension- the first one is 30 seconds, then a minute, 2 minutes, 4 minutes, etc. Thus if you just want to write a couple of quick short stories, the character could have been in the back of the room and only ‘leaped’ twice, for 30 seconds then a minute, then back to the home dimension.

You will always appear next to, or near, your local counterpart- that might be at a graveside, but you always appear in proximity to your other ‘local’ analogy.

You will appear at the exact chronological position as your counterpart- for example, a Rita that was never rescued from being a warp ghost on the USS Constitution would have lived 10 years since that point, as chronologically, for Rita, that is 10 years in her past. So if she appeared next to that local analogy, she would be in the year 2270. Otherwise, if the local character has not been shunted to another time period, you won't appear in one. The character will appear next to a local equivalent of exactly the same age.

You can die- people have returned from Bulikaye expeditions dead. So be careful.

So if Thex does one where she'd never went to Earth and joined Starfleet she'd appear next to herself in that timeline?

Correct. The Bulikaya affected character is sent to basically visit with alternate reality versions of herself

Dox: Or really close, but still separated by a door or something, for dramatic purposes. I have a few where Dox appears NEAR her counterpart, but in the next room. Or in that version's office just before they step in. Stuff like that. :)


So write some interesting takes on your character with this. The exercise is designed to give you the chance to tell some solo stories, and examine the character’s life and choices. What if they had never joined Starfleet, never traveled in time, never quit a different starship positing? This is an opportunity for the existing character to examine a series of ‘what if?’ scenarios, and for you to take a deep dive into the character’s background and choices.

This particular story arc will kick off in Dox's quarters, where Mona has thrown Dox a birthday party. The party's over and only the hangers-on are still there (thus anyone who wants in on the story arc). An intruder will attempt to steal the data crystal, and in the confusion the particles will be released, with the above results. So as that story isn't written yet, just allude to it to leave it open ended for us, and we'll write that when the time comes.

Have fun!


OOC: In most of my stories, I did write a few seconds of disorientation immediately after appearing in a new reality. Also, it's not uncommon for the character to FEEL the particles beginning to take your character from one reality to the next.

Good point. I like to use the Quantum Leap effect of the incandescent light fading to whatever the character sees, and whatever setting. Although I have written at least one that is told from the perspective of someone else who was a part of the visitation.


OOC: Given the El-Alurian relationship to the space-time continuum and their awareness, if not at times immunity to the effects of the time shifts themselves, how should Dr. Mah proceed with this anomily?

Dox- Tova's perception would likely benefit her the most in that she would probably not have to spent near as much time EXPLAINING what she is to alternate versions of her.

Otherwise, participation in this is totally up to each writer. It's not a full-on HERA mission. If you have ideas for alternate timeline versions of Tova you'd like to write about, she can totally be one of the folks lingering at the party when the particle burst happens. If you're not feeling it, she can just be somewhere else in the ship as the burst will be well contained to one room and those in it.

However, once the burst happens, we will all be separated and on our own for our leaps.

--- Oh noooo.... Tova is TOTALLY doing this one, it will be a really cool take for her to be able to approach. I'm on it!!!!!


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