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Aenar Mentalism At It's Finest

Posted on Mon Jul 20th, 2020 @ 8:16pm by Emergency Medical Hologram (Adam Power) Mk X & Ensign Tathaa
Edited on on Mon Jul 20th, 2020 @ 8:17pm

Mission: Heart and Soul
Location: USS Hera Sickbay
Timeline: 2397

Doc Power had just finished up with a long series of sample container sterilizations and, having finished the categorization and logs of each type of container being stored, nodded satisfied and headed out of sickbay storage and into sickbay proper, still looking over the logs on his PaDD. "That should just about do it for that round. Next, I think I'll check on the surgery lab inventories."

He had already performed inventories on both the biobeds and surgery labs a few days prior, yet every time he checked it was common for them to randomly be missing a gauze pad or two. It wasn't an issue since those were commonly used items, but he almost wished that whomever used them would restock them at the end of the day rather than relying on him to restock everything twice per week.

Then again, though he felt a minor bit of annoyance, he also felt... Useful? He knew that he would always have a place on the USS Hera because of his skills, but it helped fill his day and take his mind off of what kind of troubles the ship and crew might be getting into and what kind of injuries might be coming through the door next.

Which was when the sickbay double doors opened and admitted the next patient. Ensign Tathaa and the quad's children. With his best smile, Adam turned and greeted them, waving them towards one of the new family centric biobed areas. "By the looks of it, this isn't a work or social call. What seems to be the trouble?"

The white nurse gave him a warm yet concerned smile. " Doctor I need your help. For the last ten minutes I've been feeling this stabbing pain between my eyes. The twins have been feeling it as well." She said a look of panic and concern on her delicate face.

"Then please, come in and have a seat and I'll see what I can do for you," the EMH replied as he grabbed a tricorder and started pulling up their medical records and all of his knowledge on Aenar biology both on a PaDD and in his mind before beginning his scans. "Between the eyes... I suppose it's too much to hope that it's a simple stress headache, what with it being all three of you. Are there any other symptoms? Pressure or anxiety?"

"It feels like something pressuring the inside of my skull trying to force it open." The white Aenar said as she indicated where she was feeling it as she held her two daughters tightly to her.

With a few more moments of scanning, Doc Power nodded and went to the racks of hypo ampules. "Your neurotransmitters are inflamed, particularly in the areas that regulate psychic sensitivity. My theory is that Commander sh'Zoarhi is in a bit of distress and you and the children are experiencing a bit of it."

As he loaded up an ampule and set it to a very mild dose, he continued. "Or I could be wrong. We won't know until the away team's return. Either way, I'll prescribe a very mild dose of a psychic inhibitor and pain blocker, if you'd like. It should at least ease the symptoms for now. Also, if you'd like to stay here, you're more than welcome."

Rather than administering the hypo immediately as usual, the holographic doctor waited until Tathaa gave the go ahead for herself and the children. He had been working on his bedside manner and this was far from an emergency, after all.

The blue girl picked up Tothye and held her close nodding to the doctor as she did so. Like most Andorian children the small girl didn't cry in pain, but the quivering of her antenna indicated she was in pain. " You may proceed doctor. " She replied as she began speaking an anear prayer hoping that Thex would be okay.

"You may feel a bit fatigued or fuzzy. The sensation will pass after a few minutes." With that warning, Adam administered a mild dose to the necks of Tathaa and the children in short order. "Would you prefer to stay here, just in case?"

The anear nurse nodded. "I don't want to be alone. I fear for her doctor as do all of our quad. "

Adam nodded knowingly - it was tough to worry about others and not be able to reach them. "Then please stay as long as you like. I need to go over the latest cultures and make sure everyone is healthy, but if you need anything, please don't hesitate to let me know, ok?" With a smile and a nod, the photonic doctor returned to his prior task of inspecting and logging bio-samples.

Tathaa nodded as she started held her two girls in her arms. She knew like her they were both worried about Thex as were the rest of the quad. Breathing in and out she beginning singing an anear prayer of healing and protection both for her girls and Thex. Ancestors watch over her and help her find peace.


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