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Doctors Bonding Part 2

Posted on Fri Jul 31st, 2020 @ 12:34pm by Emergency Medical Hologram (Adam Power) Mk X & Kodria Mizu & Lieutenant JG Tovanna Mah & Ensign Tanaak Sado & Lieutenant Tyra Ironhooves
Edited on on Fri Jul 31st, 2020 @ 12:34pm

Mission: Heart and Soul
Location: Training Holodeck Three
Timeline: 2397

Tova smirked at Ironhooves and Power, "Well just for the record this unit is programmed to run on caffeine," she added pointing to herself as she popped a candy in her mouth. "Thirty years of medical rounds, surgical suites and being on duty hopping time zones has created a horrible habit between me and my caffeine much to my doctor's chagrin. Maybe now I'm on a ship I can slow down. If I just remember to go to sleep between books." She looked at Ironhooves, "Speaking of downtime, I know Power likes to carve fruit, what about you? Any interesting hobbies?"

"I sing," Ironhooves admitted with some recalcitrance. "I take runs on the Holodeck, I carve chess sets out of marble, I write my memoirs, and collect exotic spores, molds and fungus. I spend a lot of time reading medical journals, as I don't have a perfect memory," she nodded to Power, "and I don't have thirty years experience as a doctor," she nodded to Tova, "so I have to work a little harder. at being a decent doctor. That occupies most of my time beyond my actual duties and rounds. What do you do with your private time, Dr. Mah?"

She smiled at Ironhooves finding herself liking three humble woman, "I love listening to music but can't sing to save my life, humming is about all I can manage. I love dancing and embarrassingly enough knife fighting and throwing. I actually love playing chess and the only carving I do is in a surgical setting or cooking, I love to cook. My family had a garden and I grew up with fresh grown fruits, vegetables and herbs. I read a great deal from medical journals to historical literature. I have a great memory which isn't all it's cracked up to be, you get the good with the bad." She looked more serous at that thought, as if a shadow held on to that idea but then shoved it away trying to cover the pain it caused, "I also like watching others flourish." She smiled sweetly at Ironhooves, "if you are open to it I would love the opportunity to see you run one day, I believe it would be a glorious sight. Perhaps I could draw you? I'm not as good as my mother but, I'm not horrible."

The flowers finished steeping while the crew spoke and Tanaak kept the tiny patient warm. Mah looked at the brew and nodded as she smelled it. "Looks like it's time to test our concoction out on our patient." She looked at Tanaak, "Please hold her in a reclined position as I put a few drops in her mouth to start with." She had done aim sorts of procedures before but what she wouldn't give for proper tools for the tiny creature. She placed drops in the fairy's mouth slowly watching for the autonomic swallowing reaction to kick in. She stopped after just a few drips were in, how the neck did you dose a tiny woman?

She sat back and looked at everyone, "Ummm, I guess we wait?" There was a bright pop of light in Tanaak's hands and then suddenly the fairy was gone. Mah's eyes got huge "Oh please tell me I didn't blow her up?!" she looked horrified.

Ironhooves had something tangled in her hair just a second later, that she swatted at none too carefully. "Off! Fugoff, you dirty denizen of the fae realms!"

A glowing ball was evading Ironhooves swats with alacrity as a high pitched beautiful voice could be heard at the same time full of worry, "No, no, no beautiful centaur not you too! You humans have encased her in iron as a slave!"
Suddenly Powers and Mah found themselves being peppered with stinging little jabs from something sharp by an impossibly fast ball of light. " And you you brought a demon to these woods!!! Run centaur, gather the Glade Guardians, I will distract them!!!!"

It seemed their patient not only woke up but was disoriented and hostile to boot. Now to calm her down as she assaulted Mah and Powers in defense of the perceived victimization of Ironhooves and threat from Tanaak.

Mah tried wrapping herself in her cloak to ward of the tiny stabs from their angry patient. "Ow dang it! We were trying to save you."

"Lies! You'll not fool me, I have two eyes I see what you've done to one from our forest and who you keep for company you foul wench! There is no hiding from my mighty wrath!" Her assault did not slow on either Mah or Powers and whatever her weapon, it had sting.

Shifting her weapon to her shield hand, the wily centaur's eye narrowed as she watched the faeries for three seconds, then charged forward, cantering to a stop as her leather-clad hand wrapped around the pixie, gripping her surely but not cruelly. "Gotcha! Now..."

Bringing the small creature around in front of her, where her iron noseguard separated her teal eyes, Ironhooves squinted at the small life form. "I am a shaman. They are healers. We are visitors to your land who mean you no harm. Be at peace with us and we will be at peace with you. We are different, because we are strangers. If we become friends is up to you."

"I am going to let you go now. Your have listened to me because I made you. Sometimes, that is the way. I return your freedom- your choices from now are your own." With that, Ironhooves opened her hand, palm up, to support the petite pixie as she returned her freedom to her as a sign of trust and friendship.

The fairy tiptoed to Ironhooves nose and whispered to her conspiringly taking her face gently, "Are you sure you're okay? We can get away from them and run if we need." She looked back at Mah, Tanaak and Powers unsure and motioned her head towards Tanaak, "That one looks like a demon," she looked deeply into Ironhooves eyes, "he's not entranced you has he? You're not under their spell? They look sneaky Shaman..." She pulled out her small dagger and looked at the others over her shoulder "are you sure we can trust them?"

The horned doctor's eyes flitted up to the corner of his vision. He could barely make the slivers of horns that framed his world. He was sporting a pout of deep concentration when he looked to Ironhooves to see how she would answer.

Nodding sagely, the cranky centaur made a fist to her heart. "They are healers, and have sworn an oath to heal. Judge not by appearance, for we are strangers here, yes? Now, you were beset by a malady when we came upon you. What laid you so low?"

The little fairy looked quite seriously at Ironhooves and sheathed her dagger, then returned her salute. "I trust you great Shaman," she bowed in respect to the healer which would be quite impressive if the woman weren't a mere 6 inches tall with glassy fairy wings and a little leafy dress, "I'm Dandelion of the Wind, fastest of my folk and escaped the plague in the North woods near the Nightingale Court. I was on my way to..." She looked around, then at her hands and feet and turned round and round checking her wings. "I'm better! You are indeed powerful, my color has returned. Thank you..." Dandelion flitted to Ironhooves face and hugged her neck as best she could. "You are such a wonderful Shaman indeed." She flew back and floated in front of her, "Please ...Can you save my people?" Her eyes were pleading as she looked at the woman before her.

Mah leaned over to Adam quietly, "Okay, you have the advantage here, any chance you can hear what the heck is going on? One minute we're fairy pin cushions being yelled at, the next she is hugging Ironhooves. Any ideas?"

"My ears aren't nearly that good, I'm afraid," Doc Power muttered back as he rubbed a few spots that got stung.

"She told us, north woods, Nightingale court," Ironhooves refrained, then eyed the diminutive damsel. "The healers were the ones who restored your health, not me. It is they to whom you owe thanks, and they who can save your people. I am only the guide here. So... can you take us to your people so that we may see what can be done to save them?"

While she loathed faeries in general and had spent her youth battling them, this was not her home, this was not her enemy, and clearly the chief medical officer was working to create a scenario that was inclusive. While she wouldn't admit it, Ironhooves was in fact a bit grateful that the scenario was one in which she was not the least of them. As a doctor, she lagged far behind Power and Mah, with their years of experience. In truth, Tyra had more in common with Sado as a combat medic. But the gruff and cantankerous centaur would say none of this- instead, she engaged the scenario and did what she would have done on any alien planet they ended up on where this scenario might just come to pass. She sought answers so she could help the Starfleet way.

Dandelion looked at Ironhooves with great respect, "I trust you Shaman, healer, you are one of them so I will trust you all." She leaned in a bit, like a partner in crime "That demon looking fellow is still a leap of faith mind you but you are noble so I know you will see my people saved." She turned to Drs. Power and Mah And Medic Sado, "The great Shaman is kindly crediting you with healing me humans and.... sir.... I shall trust you for her sake. Now if you really care about helping others let us go save those suffering this plague."

Mah covered her mouth almost laughing at such bravado from a tiny, little fairy and regained her composure. "It seems we are all heading to the same destination, please lead the way." She smiled at Ironhooves, "Come on Great Shaman, seems you are are our new ambassador."

Dandelion buzzed in front of Ironhooves leading the way, not slowing for the others and allowing her a liberal trot as she briefed the woman she now declared the Great Shaman. "It began a fortnight ago, with the castle...the sickness spread there with a great heat. A few have fallen gravely ill and their healer came to us desperate for help. We tried to help yet our magus was unable to undo the illness. Suddenly our people fell ill but it swept through our grove overnight. I was on watch and saw the light of our people change and went for help to the South. I know not how you found me our healed me but I'm thankful to the Great Mother you came. The royalty there believe it is a curse. I fear your friend may not have the warmest welcome. Be careful with his safety, only a Cleric may pass with him if they were to declare him bound to them. We've never seen a healer like him in this part of the world." She was trying to be kind in her message but concise in it's meaning.

Mah was running at a good clip to keep up and was glad she kept up her cardio. She was happy to let Ironhooves take notes while she worked to keep pace.

The village that surrounded the castle came into view as they broke through the wood's edge. Dandelion started to skirt the town and go around heading to the other side avoiding the occupied space full of humans and others. Her speed increased as her excitement grew for a return to her own people, "Come Shaman, this way, we can avoid the sickness from the cursed and heal the glade if we stay clear." She was almost a blur and would require a full gallop if Ironhooves wanted to keep pace. She was also taking them around the castle, not to it. A few more moment's and she would be out of sight, as it was Tovanna Mah was looking tired. Of all of them she was the shortest of their crew and not of a species built for long runs, nor was she a holograph. To keep pace as long as she had was impressive but the strain was showing, though she didn't complain despite obviously struggling. Sometimes a good leader knew when to delegate, it looked like Mah understood that just keeping up was all she could manage at the moment.

Seeing the chief medical officer's distress, Ironhooves doubled back, swept the woman expertly onto her hindquarters and finished the circle to make up some time galloping after the small life form. As she did so, she muttered over her shoulder, "Don't get used to this..."

Much to the utter shame of Dr. Mah she squealed like a little girl as she was thrown over the back of Dr. Ironhooves. Her eyes were as round as saucers and it was obvious she had never ridden a horse in her life. Unfortunately for her both Sado and Adam were able to fully see the look of complete shock and terror on the poor woman's face as she gripped onto Ironhooves armor where she could and held on with her legs for all she was worth. There were no expletives, no bravado, none of her congenial smiles just a windblown woman who looked as though she might need a change of underwear when all was said and done. Ironhooves would never need to worry about her CMO getting used to the experience if her expression was any indication.

Adam power chuckled softly as he kept pace easily enough. He was holographic and for whatever reason, his programmers had included the ability to move nearly as fast as a gazelle, but were disinclined to include weariness so he could work 24-7. While the tree branches hitting him in the face were annoying, seeing his boss acting like a little girl on the back of one of his coworkers was worth it. He'd have kept that grin on his face if he didn't already swallow a hand full of leaves when he was chuckling.

Dandelion kept her pace checking behind to ensure the party kept up as they approached the glade on the other side of the village, taking little note of the woman bobbing around on the back of the Shaman like a bouncy ball. As they came to the clearing behind the castle gardens she slowed to what would only require a trot and looked at the centaur she respected so much. "How should I explain the Horned One, Great Shaman? I don't want your healer to be met with hostility? Do you think it is safe for me to even enter?" It was obvious the fae was nervous now they were near her home.

"They are healers. We are visitors to your land who mean you no harm. Be at peace with us and we will be at peace with you. We are different, because we are strangers. If we become friends is up to you," Ironhoovces repeated. It was a basic formula that tended to work on strangers who spoke the same language. Which, thanks to their comm badges, they all did. "I keep teaching you this lesson, yet you do not learn it. So I will keep teaching it."

Dandelion came to a stop and looked at Ironhooves nodding, "You are indeed wise Shaman, I should not doubt you."

While she had a moment Mah slid off Ironhooves like a sack of flour and hit the ground with a thud. She sat up, not bothering to get up off the ground, "I will never get used to that and my butt hurts!" She looked at Ironhooves, "Thank you for the help, much appreciated."

She looked at the crew, "What happens on the holodeck stays on the holodeck. I may have brains, but riding is not my forte. Now can I get some help up? My legs are jelly." She smiled at them with a healthy dose of humility.

While the team was focused on Mah, Sado could hear small whispers behind him, "A demon, maybe he will help us. He seems to enslaved by these strangers, are we sure we should trust him? Of course, just look at him, I'm sure he will want to see the glade and those within it fall. They have enslaved so many of his kind and ours, why wouldn't he help us with the downfall of the glen fae and their supporters?" The whispers were fading away but no footsteps could be heard.

While Doc Power gave Doc Mah a hand getting to her feet, he surveyed the area they now found themselves in. "Nice little settlement they've got - by our standards even. I wonder what kind of help they'll need."

"Hard to say. Only one way to find out," the straightforward centaur observed.

Dandelion visibly shivered and looked at the group, "Something has changed, it is not right. Please healers take care as you enter the Glade of Gaia, all may not be as it appears." She flew slowly into the glade letting them follow, her healthy golden glow leading the way as the trees shadowed their path. Soon to their left and right they could see blue lights flitting through the branches as well as orange and red flickers of light. Dandelion looked more and more nervous, not like someone happy to return home. As soon as they stepped into the circle of the glade Mah, Powers and Ironhooves were peppered by stinging tiny needles all over their bodies while Sado was instantly knocked out and put to sleep in a shower of glittering dust. Dandelion realized the glade was compromised, "RUN, they think you are here to attack" she flew into the fray screaming at her fellow fay to stop. "Please listen, they are here to help, I brought them to heal us, please stop!" She was searching for the clan leaders who could make the others cease the attack. She found the clan Elder guarded and still sick, "Please Thistle, look at me, I am better, let them save him like they did me, they can save the clan. I brought a Shaman!" She was desperate to rescue her family and friends.

Mah saw Sado fall and was not going to allow him to stay here without her. She cover herself and him in her cloak as best she could and dealt with the pricks of the tiny needle-like arrows. "I'm getting why Tyra hates fairies," she grumbled as she took a needle in the arm and hoped the assault would end soon. "Mah to Power and Ironhooves, I will cover Tannak you two try to handle the natives as peacefully as possible."

That was when the holodeck program paused and over the comms came the voice of Ensign John Jones from the bridge. "Bridge to training holodeck three. Doctors Ma, Power, Sado, and Ironhooves, we have several babies deciding to be born and your presence is requested in Sickbay."

Doc Power tapped his comm badge and did his best to stifle a sigh as he replied. "Acknowledged bridge. We're on our way." He then offered a hand to Tova and Sado who had been doing an excellent job roleplaying. "I'll have to add 'masterful acting' to both of your records. Now how about we go welcome new lives to the crew?"


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