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Dox's Final Leap: Victory - Part 12 of 12

Posted on Sun Aug 23rd, 2020 @ 12:58pm by Commander Rita Paris & Lieutenant Commander Mnhei'sahe Dox
Edited on on Fri Aug 28th, 2020 @ 6:51am

Mission: The Bulikaya Particle
Location: The Multiverse, the Con 7
Timeline: 2397, 2286

EPILOGUE: Liviana McCray

For an improvisation, it had been a perfect plan.

Seeing the opportunity upon the old lady’s death, she’d handed off the Bulukiya particle data. While Dox was in no way, shape or form inclined to do Liviana McCray any favors, she would associate it with Gran, and like so many others, she’d live or die for Char’s approval. Even after she was dead.

ESPECIALLY after she was dead.

Then it was just a matter of letting slip during an intrusion by Declan Dox that there was another copy of the dimension-spanning particle out there, and he was on top of Dox faster than an eastern European composer on a redhead.

So she tuned the scanners and made a milkshake, and sure enough, the moron triggered the device, and the probability calculators went into overdrive on the Con 7 as he thought about it all. Dox and company were spun off into the multiverse, seemingly at random... unless of course you had an advanced understanding of the particle and could manipulate it to effect.

If you’d redirected a time-traveling vehicle already, with a rather conveniently placed stun charge built into the seat of a barstool in Bozeman, Montana in 2063. Redirecting the vehicle with which you’d already tampered and preset all the courses. All of which would be erased when the ship self-destructed, as instructed, after depositing Dox and Mudd in the prime timeline. At Starfleet Command, in 2285.

The canny Starfleet Intelligence admiral would know what to do, and the rest would follow the course Liviana was redirecting for history.

Sending the one that had actually met Gran, who gotten her story, and knew all of the relevant details of each tragedy ahead and could prevent them all was a masterstroke. Liviana had already decided to use it as penance for her condescension and judgment at the poor old woman’s miserable death. The bridge between two worlds, she who assembled the twelve tribes of Romulus. Who created a new Senate to represent the people. The Rihannsu whose name had been burned, so she chose another, to take the throne of the Star Empire as Empress Talla I. The heroine of the stars who had carried on the family legacy, who brought peace and prosperity to much of the galaxy, with a message of understanding, patience, and compassion.

Deltan philosophies, but no one really noticed, nor seemed to object.

The screwing around in time by the amateurs at the DTI and the particular thorn of Rita Paris and Sonak, and lest she forget, one Captain Enalia Telvan. They had changed the verdict of history, and rerouted time to an alternate track. One that had left the great lady a shuffling old woman in a cottage that smelled like pee.

“History is subjective once you change it, after all. What do you say, should we rationalize with some predestination paradox, or do you just wanna call this ‘Operation Screw You, I’m Fixing It’? I’m leaning toward the latter myself...”

The murmuring of Con 7 reverberated throughout the hull, as he tended to do when communicating. In that way he was not unlike a biotechnological space whale, which was something that pleased the redheaded menace to space and time considerably.

“No, sweety, you’re paradox shielded, so we’ll always be fine. But I’ve got a plan to put history back on course again. Because I’ve seen the Romulan Star Empire of the future, and it’s just... sad. Gran was right- they need that jolt to the system, to have that smug security yanked out from under them. The secret police and the spying on one another and the backstabbing... it all has to end. Our people need to be better than that... even if it takes a mudblood like me to save them.” Grinning at no one in particular, the buxom bombshell shrugged, a rather seismic action.

“Even if no one will ever know I had anything to do with it...” Pausing, a slight from on her flawless face, the bioengineered beauty reconsidered.

“Best if no one ever does, come to think of it.”


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