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Setting the Scene

Posted on Tue Feb 14th, 2017 @ 12:16am by Staff Warrant Officer Nexi & Captain Enalia Telvan & Commander Mal Xustos & Lieutenant Commander T'Pral Jordan & Lieutenant Commander Eneas Clio & Lieutenant Commander Thex sh'Zoarhi & Warrant Officer Cato West & Petty Officer 2nd Class Ila Dedjoy & Maica III 47 & Aewia Larani
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Mission: Cardassian Mayhem
Location: Badlands

After a brief layover at station Deep Space Nine, the Hera left there under a complete communications blackout and her new hull plating polarized for stealth. It had taken them two weeks to get there and another day to get to the badlands, but they were now sitting at the edge of one of the most inhospitable areas of space known to the Federation. They were at the entry point closest to their destination, but even so, it would still be a tricky trip.

"Yellow alert," Enalia ordered, confirming the shields automatically went online with the order. "Helm, take us in at full impulse. Try to keep your distance from the vents. All sensors to full. Depolarize the hull plating."

"Aye, Captain. All ahead full. I should be able to get us to the coordinates in just a few hours. I just hope the area is about like I remember it." The Ensign at the helm piloted the large ship expertly into the badlands.

Several hours in, they were finally nearing the coordinates.

"If the reports are correct, there should be a large asteroid closeby. Full sensor sweep. And keep an eye open for...." Enalia was cut off by the sudden lance of a Cardassian phaser slicing through space and striking the underside of the Hera. "At least now we have an idea of why the other teams didn't make it."

"Target the source of that weapons fire. Away team, standby in the Selune for signal to launch." Enalia had allowed Clio, Cato, Nexi, and three security crewmen to go on this away team and with so many unknowns, she had demanded the team go in using the Hera's stealth runabout and to use EV suits.

[Runabout Selune]

As the Hera rocked from enemy fire, the ship's motion was transferred to the runabout, rattling its away team around as they finished suiting up and getting into their positions. The message came through to standby for launch, and Clio glanced at it momentarily. From inside the Selune she couldn't tell who was attacking and delaying their mission, but given this was the Badlands, she had a good idea. And she was hoping Nexi could outfly them.

Cato quickly locked his EV helmet in place; Right hand moved to holster his Type II Phase Pistol and locked it into place on his right thigh. His old TR-116 rifle with a faded urban camo paint job on it. Eyeing the three members from the security finishing getting ready "You boys ready?" Cato said while doing a quick weapons check on his TR-116 rifle rather quick with proficiently.

Nexi moved past the cannon fodder- er, Security Officers, and took her place at the helm, suited up and ready to go.

"Hey there, baby, you ready to show these boys how it's done?" Nexi said to the Selune as she did the final checks for departure. "Bridge, this is the Selune, we're ready to depart on your mark," Nexi said once she all systems read as ready. Then she looked back Cato and the Security Officers. One of the Officers who had flown with Nexi before was already double checking his seat restraints when he saw her wicked grin.

"You guys better strap in tight, this is gonna get pretty interesting," Nexi said, then returned her attention to the console just in time to see the shuttle bay doors starting to open.

"Define 'interesting'," one of the Officers replied, quickly figuring out that he should double check his restraints as well.

Nexi said something in Ferengi which the translator output as "Oh god oh god, we're all gonna die."

Cato laughed and hadn't yet strapped in. Standing up and walking forward, he rested his hand atop the bulkhead and leaned down so the rest of the team couldn't hear him "if you make one of them puke, drinks are on me." he winked. He took right seat and strapped in.

Nexi had initially been wary of this guy; getting comfy with Fleeters had been one thing, but cozying up to a jarhead?! But after the offer, she decided she liked him. "You got it, one vomit comet express coming right up!"

Crewman Rick O'Shea, a security officer, closed his eyes. This was his first assignment and already he was being thrusted into a hairy combat situation. "This sucks," he commented.

The bolian female next to O'Shea was Petty Office Ritea De'Ath, who shrugged. "It's not so bad, O'Shea. It will be ok."

Sitting in the rear was Crewman Ben Dova, who swallowed the lump in his throat. Like O'Shea, it was his first mission and assignment out of Security School. He gripped his phaser rifle more tightly as the shuttle shook again.

"Didn't your mother ever teach you it's not nice to lie to people," Nexi said to Ritea, who she had worked with before; Ritea knew first hand just how Nexi's piloting skills could churn the stomach!

The doors were open and they had the all clear, so before she could get a reply Ritea or any of the other Security grunts, Nexi punched the throttle and they were shooting out of the Hera's shuttle bay like a torpedo. Banking at speeds that would test the limits of even the best inertial dampeners, Nexi quickly came about to settle in Hera's shadow to keep them safe from the weapon fire. Now the real fun could begin!

[Bridge; USS Hera]

T'Pral stood at the Tactical station behind the Captain's chair as she triangulated the incoming fire and began to return fire as phasers lashed out from the Hera. T'Pral then saw their attackers on the tactical sensors. "Sensors are registering multiple heavy cardassian orbital defense platforms. However, I am having trouble tracking and maintaining lock on them," she reported.

"You're going to have to manually target each platform and engage them individually," Mal said. "Helm, coordinate your maneuvers to give Lieutenant Jordan the best opportunity to score a hit."

The helm officer acknowledged Mal's command. He synced his console to the tactical station so that he could get a better idea of what T'Pral was trying to accomplish.

T'Pral took the automated tracking system off and began to track each target individually. It took slightly longer to lock onto a weapons platform than with the computer but the locks were more consistent as she scored several direct hits, destroying three of the platforms.

"Excellent. See if we can..." Enalia's words trailed off as almost a hundred torpedoes popped up onto her own sensors. "Activate point defense system! Redouble the shields!" The first few hit the ship's shields, sparks flying from one of the bridge consoles. This would be more dangerous than even she expected.


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