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Dress Match

Posted on Tue Mar 7th, 2017 @ 4:41pm by Staff Warrant Officer Nexi & Warrant Officer Cato West

Mission: Cardassian Mayhem
Location: Cato's Quarters / Holodeck

Cato after seeing his injury was going to take him out of the 'game' for too long, he submitted to regular treatment. However, he did so with the promise of 'sloppy work' to leave some resemblance of scaring on his leg for his reminder. Using his confinement to get strong, he focused on making his weak points strong. To the point of pissing off the Doctor on more than one occasion. Having been a ghost the past few weeks, not only around the ship but on E-Deck in the Intel pod as well. Cato had been busy pushing himself hard, harder than he ever had before.

He had replicated a heavy bag and hung it in his quarters since he was confined to them when he wasn't on duty or in sickbay. This thing had been beaten to shit, duct tape was everywhere. Cato had worked that bag with with his bare knuckles until they bled some nights. He ate alone in his quarters, kept his head down and had been avoiding everyone since his release from sickbay. During the past three weeks, he had trimmed the fat and bulked up considerably in a short amount of time; and was starting to resemble those 'cardassian strippers'. This was his process of healing.

The sound of that bag being pounded to shit and low, thumping bass from Survival by Eminem blasting spilled out into the corridor outside Cato's quarters. Who would've taken Cato as an 'oldies' man.

Nexi stood in the doorway, leaning against the doorframe with her arms crossed as she watched him going to town on the bag. How she had even gotten into his quarters, she wasn't about to tell, but there she was anyway, just watching him.

Cato style was a blend of boxing, tang soo do, krav maga, jiu jitsu, hapkido and Taekwondo. Elegant? Sure. Sexy? Absolutely. Dog tags bounced against his chest, hanging from a chain around his neck. Body glistening from sweat in the light of his quarters, delivering an absolutely brutal front leg round kick to the bag, it split open and began to make a mess in his quarters. "Computer, pause music." Cato barked, eyes shifting to Nexi standing in the door as smile crept across his lips "How long have you been standing there?"

"Long enough to know that you favor your left side because you're right handed," Nexi replied with her trademark smirk. "And that you we should have had our match already."

He grabbed his gallon jug of water off the table, popped the lid off and slammed a few big gulps. Wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, he smirked "Yeah? I'm still confined to quarters for going bang-bang crazy. But you know what, fuck it. Let's go." Cato was feeling pretty, um, pumped up. "I'm probably going to get brig time for this, but seeing that ass in a dress will make it sooo worth it." Sarcasm was flowing out of his bones like booze from a drunk on a five day binge.

Nexi grinned. "Star, make us disappear," she said, and they were whisked away in a wash of blue light, the transporter matter stream depositing them in the familiar grid of the holodeck. "Computer, give us some mats for sparring," she said, and the computer made it so. Nexi removed her jacket, and her pike, and her daggers, and more daggers, and holy hell where was she even hiding all these blades?! Once all her weaponry had been tossed to the side and her boots removed, she stepped onto the mat. "Let's dance," she said to Cato, grinning mischievously.

"A mat, really?" He narrowed his eyes at her as she disarmed. Cato barked "Computer, initialize program Cato 14 Bravo-Echo-Alpha-Charlie-Hotel." suddenly they were standing on a small atoll about 20 meters by 25 meters. White sand, palm trees and crystal clear blue water for mile and miles. 80-degree weather and 80% humidity. "Terrain is your enemy." he snarled. Suddenly, Nexi was the enemy and one could visibly see a switch had flipped inside Cato. He always trained in his 6" tan UDT shorts, hand moving up to grab his dangling dog tags; Snapping them off his neck and tossing them into the sand. Moving quickly, the verbal jabs would flow "I'm gonna beat those cheeks until you call me Daddy" Cato made a kissy face at Nexi, charging, faking as if he was going to go high, but instead he dropped and used the sand to his advantage. Allowing his bulky body to slide, he moved to wrap his legs around her and get her down to the ground.

"Not happening!" Nexi went down as he intended, but what he probably didn't intend was for her to get her legs around him and twist him so he was laying face down in the hot sand with her sitting on his backside. Under those baggy pants, she was pure, lean muscle! "You know, forget the lace, I'm thinking leather corset, that would really accentuate and lift those pecs of yours," she taunted as she gave him a slap to the thigh.

Talk about a tease with the slap to the thigh. He laughed about the leather corset, turning underneath her so she was now sitting on top of him cowgirl style. "Yeah? If that happens, you gonna break out the black strap-on named Rocco?" he remarked sarcastically before throwing a brutal forearm in the direction of her stomach (not ribs).

The blow was enough to knock the air from her, but she was able to diminish some of the force of the blow by rolling back with it, tumbling off to the side and onto her feet. "So you like chicks with strap-ons? Interesting..." she said with amusement, hopping lightly on the balls of her feet in the white sands, excitement exuding from her very being. The energy and intent she was picking up from him was intense and infectious and it made her all the more determined to win. "I'll be sure to tell a certain Chief of Security that," she taunted with a 'come hither' crook of her finger as a dare to give his brute force tactics another go.

Cato grinned wickedly "You mean my lil vulcan freak? Oh, she's much more flexible than you." he retorted. Brute force? No, he moved in and began his tasmanian devil (Capoeira) shit. All of a sudden, his big, bulky frame was hurling through the air, moving to gracefully throw a front side round kick to her face. Very few people knew that Cato practiced capoeira, he originally took it up because he fucking hated yoga.

Nexi didn't know what the hell Capoeira was, but she could see the kick, the unusual coordination of the body to produce such a move, and she was only narrowly able to avoid the hit, only to find his other foot making contact with her chest as his body finished the rotation. What the fuck was that?! She wanted to learn that!!! And so she did, bobbing and weaving as he attempted to strike her again and again, only for her to start picking up the nature of his movements and mirroring them, making up her own moves to complement his, like some sort of crazy fast-paced dance.

She was a quick learner, Cato would give her that. But it took more than a split second to get it down. She pulled it off and made up her own moves, which was insanely impressive. Cato waited until she was mid air before he moved to leap and grab her ankle with his left hand. Attempting to pull her left leg into a knee lock (between his legs) and take Nexi down to the ground.

OOF! She went down with a slam, and the force of him coming down on her and getting her into a lock knocked the air from her. He had her, she wasn't afraid to admit it, but if she was going down, she was taking him with her! She reached out and grabbed him by the junk, and suddenly sparks started dancing across her sweat slicked skin as she grinned at him, the threat clear in her eyes; he had better let go or his twig and berries were gonna get a jolt he wasn't going to forget anytime soon!

Having wrangled her to the sand, "TAP THE FUCK OUT" Cato yelled, applying pressure to her left knee even though she and him by the balls, literally this time. His field of vision was blocked and he couldn't see the sparks coming from her skin. His legs were wrapped around her left thigh and her left hand had ahold of the admiral. "Come on, Nexi!" he said, apply a little more pressure to her knee, not enough to injure her; Just provide an unpleasant amount of pain / pressure.

Nexi grunted as he applied more pressure, but didn't wince or show any signs that what he was doing was paining her, though it was. No, she was not letting go until he did, so she tightened her grip and let the current flow through her and into her hand, nothing too powerful, but just enough that he could feel it tickling over his skin.

Sure, tickling but that was it. Cato was sadistic and masochistic. We're talking about a guy who takes pride in learning from painful wounds healing slow. She was going to have to jolt the living fuck out of him to get him to release his grip. "OK, HAVE IT YOUR WAY!" he snarled while he grit his teeth. Applying twice the amount of pressure than before, going for a nerve cluster at the back of her knee. He wasn't going to let up until she tapped out or called him daddy.

That finally got a reaction out of Nexi! "Fuck!" she cried in pain, then decided to go for broke and released a jolt into his nads.

And that's when Cato decided to release her and roll back screaming "MOTHERFUCKER!" he danced around holding onto the the admiral and his fleet "SON OF A MOTHERFUCKIN' BITCH!" Cato continued "That shit is NOT even REMOTELY fair." he rolled back into the warm salt water, as if that was going to give him some relief from the shock he just took to his nuts. Slicking his long wet hair back, he continued to just sit there about three feet deep in water. "I had you..." He grinned.

It started slowly, a slight snicker that grew to a chuckle until finally Nexi was caught in a full belly laugh as she lay limp in the sand. "I told you, I fight dirty," she said with a wide grin once her laughter had calmed enough for her to speak.

"That's not dirty, biting is dirty... That's just mean spirited!" he laughed "Fucker..." He couldn't be mad for too long at her. "So go get changed, motherfucker! Remember, side boob, black eye makeup." he grinned.

"Hey, the type of dress was never stipulated in the bet! Don't worry, you'll get a dress..." Nexi grumbled. "And I am not wearing that shit on my face! Nuh uh, no way!" she said, rolling to her feet. "Anyway, can't do it right now, I don't have a dress, and you need to go get one too! Dinner after your confinement's up, it ain't too long and it'll give us time to find something to wear."

"Oh hell no." Cato said, standing up out of the water, dripping wet. "You're calling THIS a fuckin' draw?!" he exclaimed, grunting and taking a deep breath... "Fuck..." he muttered. "Where and when, I have four days left..." the enthusiasm had been stripped from his voice, completely monotone. Kind of like a kid who just had his favorite toy taken away.

"Hey I'll admit it, you had me, but I never tapped out," Nexi said with a grin, shaking sand out of her hair and dusting off her clothes and body. "And we can haggle over the time and place later, right now I want to get all this sand off me. You mind if I just get us back to your quarters or do you need to simmer a little longer over there?" she asked as she gathered her weapons up inside her jacket and tucked it all under her arm.

"Let's do it." he said, walking out of the water and back towards where she was. Some of the things she could pull without setting bells and whistles off impressed him to no end. "On you."

"Computer, end program. Star, take us back," Nexi called out as she picked up her boots. The water and white sands disappeared just as they were transported away, back to his quarters where this all began. "Alright, I'm going back to my ship for now. Holler if you need anything," she said casually as she walked barefooted and still quite sandy towards the door.

Cato looked at the mess the punching bag had made and then back to Nexi "I'm straight." he said as he started to clean up. He too was still covered in sand. "Goodnight." he said plainly, he was a little bitter about things as they were. He was going to wear a fuckin' dress... On a technicality... Son of a bitch...

"Later" Nexi said with a wave and sauntered out of his quarters. Was she as bent out of shape about losing as him? Hell no! She liked to win, liked it a lot! But she knew that a person couldn't win all the time, and she at least got the satisfaction of shocking his nuts, so that had been fun. It sucked that she had to wear a dress, but at least she wasn't the only one!


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