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Posted on Fri Feb 24th, 2017 @ 11:08pm by Lieutenant Commander T'Pral Jordan

Mission: Cardassian Mayhem
Location: Holodeck 1
Timeline: 2200

Dressed in black shorts and a grey tank top, T'Pral sat on a mat, attempting to meditate. Surrounding her was a beach on Vulcan that she remembered enjoying as a child. The three deaths in her department bothered her. She had sent three trained officers and none made it back, though she was proud of O'Shea's final action that allowed the team to escape, there was a raw, burning anger boiling under her surface as she attempted to suppress it. She felt personally responsible for their deaths--they should have been better trained. A 100% casualty rate was unacceptable on any terms and she knew the captain was not happy about the casualties.

She hopped to her feet, not feeling any different as she felt her anger rise. "Computer, activate three Jem H'dar warriors, level ten, melee weapons only."

The computer chirped it's acknowledgement as three Jem'H'dar soldiers materialized with bladed weaponry in their hands and began to advance towards T'Pral. T'Pral got into a stance and waited as her muscles tensed with frustration and anger. "Come on!" she roared.

All three rushed her at once as the first to reach her swung a long bladed sword at her. She stepped to the side as the sword came to within mere centimeters of her. She grabbed the forearm of the Jem H'dar, pulling him off balance as her right foot slammed into the side of the Jem H'dar's knee, who let out a scream in response. T'Pral twisted and shoved the injured Jem H'Dar into the second as the two fell to the ground. T'Pral didn't miss a beat as she continued her attack, slamming her heel into the wrist of the Jem H'Dar with the sword, grabbing it out of his hand as she rolled under the attack from the third Jem H'Dar. Coming up to a kneel, she spun on her heel and swung her sword as it dug into the third Jem H'dar's leg, severing it just below the knee. Coming up to her feet, T'Pral thrusted her sword into the back of the Jem H'dar. The other two were now getting up with the first Jem H'dar, standing despite his injured leg. She swung her sword again before the first Jem H'dar could defend against it as it decapitated the the Jem H'dar. Bringing the sword around, she thrusted it into the chest of the second Jem H'dar just as he raised his weapon. She twisted the blade and withdrew it as the second Jem H'dar collapsed to the ground.

T'Pral's chest heaved as she attempted to calm her breathing. Closing her eyes, she felt better--calmer than before but felt more alive. Her father would have disapproved of her choice to deal with her anger but using violence to calm herself rather than meditation was her way to calm down--in fact, Vulcans before the teachings of Surak embraced violence. T'Pral was not like many vulcans, she embraced her emotions--yet also knew of how dangerous she could become if those emotions were left unchecked. Her hand gripped the grip of the sword in her hand tighter. "Computer. Recreate three Klingons, Level 10 with melee weapons."

The computer once again chirped its response as three Klingon warriors materialized.

T'Pral's lips formed a grin as she took a stance with her sword as the three klingons rushed her.


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