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Posted on Tue Mar 7th, 2017 @ 4:43pm by Staff Warrant Officer Nexi & Captain Enalia Telvan & Petty Officer 2nd Class Ila Dedjoy

Mission: Cardassian Mayhem
Location: various
Timeline: immediately after "You don't own me"

Nexi found herself wandering the halls after the most infuriating shouting match she'd ever had, compliments of certain jarhead that she was now regretting saving. She couldn't believe some of the things that had come out of his mouth and now she didn't know what to do with this new information she had. Her only option was to talk about it, but to who?

"Nexi to Telvan," Nexi said with a tap to her commbadge. "Enalia, I need to talk to someone, you got a few minutes?" she asked.

"Yeah, I was about to take a break. Anywhere you want to meet? Observation Lounge 3 perhaps?" Enalia replied.

"Can we meet in the hidden armory? I need to get my new gear, if it's done," Nexi replied.

Enalia leaned back in her chair, eliciting a squeak from the hydraulics. "Nothing in there has been made recently. I've been waiting on your clearance paperwork. I've gotten you temporary clearance at least, so it should be enough. Meet me on E deck of the pod and I'll explain further."

"Then where the fuck is my new stuff?" Nexi snapped, then winced. "Sorry, just having a day... just tell me where I need to go to get the new weapons that were being developed for me," she continued in a defeated tone.

"Stand by for a site to site transport." Enalia replied before firing off a message to Ila Dedjoy and programming in a three way site to site transport. Soon they were all standing in front of an ominous door with a security terminal next to it. "Everything you could possibly imagine... and more... are in here. Ila, if you could start the entry process?"

Ila didn't hesitate to place her hand on the biometrics pad and declaring her intentions to the computer. "Computer, begin unlock sequence. Crewman Ila Dedjoy Command code shadow three one one niner seven." The first of three locks turned from red to green.

Enalia stepped up and placed her hand on the scanner. "Captain Enalia Telvan. Command code Telvan delta seven seven one." After the second lock turned green, she motioned for Nexi to do the same.

"Uhh, Recruit Nexi, command code Far Distance four two nine eight," Nexi followed suit, her command code being uttered in Ferengi; 'far distance' was an obscure Ferengi term, roughly equating to the human phrase 'going the extra mile', which explained why it fell into obscurity with a culture that revolved around greed, but it was the one thing that Nexi believed in above all else was if one is going to do a job you do it right, and sometimes that meant going the extra mile to make a client happy. As the doors finally opened with the acceptance of their security codes, Nexi looked over to Ila; she had been hoping to talk to Enalia alone for a minute, but she guess that would have to wait a moment...

As the three filed into the now open room, Ila took up a position at the door and resealed it from the inside. Enalia activated the console in the middle, then the lights throughout the warehouse-like armory, weapons mounted in racks on the wall and stacked up in cases almost to the ceiling. "Now then. What is it you'd like to talk about?"

"Uh, it can wait a bit," Nexi said, casting an uneasy glance to Ila. "Did, uh, my new pike get made?" she asked instead, looking around at the impressive array of weapons. She gave a low whistle as she admired the selection, being drawn like a magnet to handgun looking weapon. The pike in question was more or less a replica of the pike she already wielded, which normally Nexi could have fabricated herself, only she didn't have the technical expertise to manage the plasma mono-filament thingamabobbers. "And hows the new suit coming along? Is it ready to be used on this, uh, 'recon' mission or have I got to use my old suit?"

"Your new suit is ready to be fitted and is in Engineering lab three on deck twenty three. As for a pike..." Enalia pulled up the registry of bladed weapons and found the location and case number. She then headed into the back and pulled a long case out of the pile. "Let's see if this fits you." Setting the case on a workbench, she popped it open and motioned to Nexi.

Leaving the gun on the rack, Nexi joined Enalia where she had pulled out a case and opened it. Nexi looked inside and there it was. "What a thing of beauty," Nexi said with a grin, taking the pike out of the case and activated it. While the style was almost identical to her old pike, the blade was remarkable different and understandably so given the pale golden glow of the plasma illuminated mono-filament edge. "It's a little bit lighter than I expected," Nexi remarked, giving the staff an experimental twirl. "Perfect," she added with an approving nod, deactivating the blade edge and collapsing the staff. She found a new sheath in the case as well, and removed the sheathed pike she was wearing so she could fasten the new sheath to the old, layering the two so she could wear them both. "Hey, what's up with that weapon over there, looks like one of them ancient hu-mon designs," she asked, nodding her head towards the pistol style weapon she had been admiring earlier.

"That... I need to look up." Punching it up on the main console, Enalia unlocked it from its rack so Nexi could get a better look. "It's a piece of twenty fifth century tech made for time travel to early Earth. It mimics the form and function of a pistol known as a desert eagle but with far more than six shots."

"Can I give it a go?" Nexi asked. Normally, she detested anything not bladed, and since her Ferengi whip had been lost on the Borg cube they encountered and she couldn't stand the Starfleet phaser rifles, she was looking for something different, and this certainly fit the bill; there was something about this weapon that really appealed to Nexi.

"Go for it. Just don't go shooting up anything in the armory." Enalia requested.

"Right," Nexi said with a nod and strode over to a small firing range to give it a test. She had never fired an ancient hu-mon handgun before and wasn't prepared for the kick it had. Pulling the trigger, it nearly took her hand off when it replicated a round and sent it hurtling down the barrel using elecromagnetic force, but then again she was kind of holding it like one would hold a disruptor pistol which had no kick to it at all! It wasn't as bad a kick as a real desert eagle, of course she had no way of knowing that, and it was loud, having a sound generator to emulate the real thing, all of which caught Nexi completely by surprise, and yet it also had her grinning.

"I like it!" she said with a huge grin as she took a more reinforced stance now that she knew. Her first grouping of shots were a little wild, but it didn't take her long to figure out the intricacies of this rather unique weapon and soon the paper targets at the end of the firing lane were littered with well-placed lethal groupings, except for the last one which had a cluster of holes at the crotch and a frowny face. "Can I get one of these?" she asked, looking back at Enalia.

Enalia was grinning ear to ear, expecting just that reaction. She'd already downloaded the replicator pattern for the cartridges and the manual on operation and reloading the replicator matter magazines and offered it to Nexi. "I've already registered that one to you. The holster and spare magazines, you'll have to replicate yourself but the main armory can refill the magazines with replicator matter as needed. Just talk to T'Pral."

Nexi accepted with a nod the data rod with the manual and replicator patterns. "I'll go there next; I need to pick up my new armor," she said. "Anything else you got for me?"

Enalia stared off at a far wall nervously for several long moments before replying. "I have something Section 31 came up with that fits your particular idiom." Turning back to the console, she unlocked the tiny chrome weapon and brought it over to Nexi.

Nexi cast the tiny weapon a dubious gaze. "What am I supposed to do with this thing?" Nexi said, giving the weapon an experimental prod. "I feel like I'm gonna break it just by looking at it..."

"It's a more durable weapon than you'd imagine. Inspired by the Borg, it fires a half inch nanotubule needle filled with the deadliest neurotoxin known to the Federation. It only has fifty shots though, so I'd use them wisely." Enalia headed back to the terminal and looked through the registry for anything else that might be useful.

"Ooh, nice..." Nexi said as she took the weapon. "You mind if I restock my explosives while I'm here? Just need a few small charges, nothing crazy."

"Unless you need micro-quantum torpedoes fired from a shoulder launcher, I recommend you get those from the main armory." Enalia replied, shutting everything down and heading to the door. "Keep in mind that this armory is filled with what Section 31 considered to be either too dangerous or too useful. There's a TR-116 replica here that can take down a runabout. There's a probability device that has a ninety nine percent chance of twisting fate so that a target dies of an accident in the next three minutes. If they don't, it kills the user. You've got three of the least scary things in this room."

"I'm in the wrong line of work..." Nexi replied, taking one last look around the room. "But I'm happy with what I got, so I guess I'm done. Once, uh, once we're 'alone' alone, I still need that talk."

"I'll do your EV suit fitting then. Shall we?" Enalia asked as she headed out of the armory and waited for Nexi to follow her out. Ila stood there and stared with a blank smile, waiting to resecure the vault like room.

Nexi followed behind Enalia, waiting until they had put some distance between them and the vault and Ila before she started talking. "I got a problem," Nexi said uneasily as they walked, but failed to elaborate; even though Enalia was the one person that had seen how upset Nexi had been when she and Daln had broken up and Daln transferred off afterwards, it was still hard for Nexi to open up and talk about certain things.

Coming up to a turbolift and glancing back at Ila as she resealed the vault, Enalia hit the call button for the maintenance turbolift. The doors instantly opened and she entered with Nexi. "Deck twenty three. Does it involve a certain jarhead and commitment?"

"What- How-" Nexi stammered, then scowled. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were a telepath," she grumbled. She tried crossing her arms to look tough and guarded, but it didn't go so well with the handful of weapons she held. "I thought he was just a player, but it seems he's interested in more than a one night stand. And after Daln..." Nexi sighed. "I don't know what to do, Enalia. I ain't trying to lead him on, but it seems that anything I do just makes him more determined!"

"He's confined to quarters. Anything he does outside of there and work is logged. It doesn't take much to put things together." Enalia leaned against the turbolift wall and thought it over a bit. "He's an interesting person, isn't he? Since he won't seem to take no for an answer, go on this rescue mission with him and see how that goes. Maybe go on a date with him. Show him the real you. You'll either end up an unattainable fruit or shatter his ideas about you."

"We... kinda already have a dinner lined up?" Nexi said with a wince. "I thought it was just as friends; he challenged me to a fight, loser had to wear a dress. I lost, ain't afraid to admit it, but I got even, got to shock his nuts, and we called it a draw so now he has to wear a dress too. I was gonna come to you to ask for help with what to wear, but we ain't set a date for the dinner yet, and now that he's interested, I don't know what to do... I honestly ain't given any thought to whether I'm interested or not; I'm just not sure I'm ready to give this a try after the way things ended with Daln."

"Not every relationship is the same... wait... both of you will be in dresses? mind having your date with Maica and myself?" Enalia was grinning at the realization. "Anyway, not all men are the same. Most are, but some are different. You'll never know how different without a little emotional risk. Besides, the rewards can be more than worth it."

"I would rather serve a Bridge shift naked than to take an emotional risk or have spectators at this dinner," Nexi said bluntly.

"Mal is going to administer your bridge stress response test soon, isn't he? I'll request he do it with both of you naked." Enalia declared.

"You would do something like that, wouldn't you..." Nexi grumbled. "Fine, we'll have this stupid dinner at your place...." she relented begrudgingly. "You'll still help me pick something to wear, right? 'Cause I don't wanna look stupid, or like I'm selling myself."

Enalia nodded. "I have a Tholian silk dress that should fit you perfectly. Unfortunately i don't exactly fit into it. It was supposed to be a gift for a girlfriend back in my academy days, but that never happened. We had some good times but in the end, she preferred men. And anal."

Nexi shuddered. "Some people are just weird..." she muttered as she considered the offer. "I'll give the dress a try, though, thanks," she said, so sheepish about showing gratitude over something like this. "And, uh, I'll let you know when we set a date."

"Whatever you decide, good luck," Enalia offered a smile as the turbolift doors finally opened. "Shall we then?"

"Yeah, let's get this over with," Nexi said, stepping out of the lift and advancing down the corridor towards the armory.

"As with all super secret intel agents, you're being issued a special suit. It'll look really strange, but after the fitting you'll see what I mean." Enalia led them down the hall to Engineering lab three and headed straight in. It was already set up and waiting at her request and she nodded to the crewman on duty, dismissing them. Once Enalia and Nexi were alone, she opened a case and pulled out a simple grey undergarment. "This is your new pajamas you'll have to wear under the suit. It has sensors placed in it to monitor your vitals and can keep you from bleeding out if you suffer a major injury."

"Yeah, I know how this goes; I had a suit I wore with my old EV suit, but it didn't monitor vitals," Nexi said.

Handing that to Nexi, she moved over to the main suit hanging in a rack sort of assembly. Rather than the sleek armor panels that Clio's suit had, it was a dull grey leathery material covered in large ceramic blocks where the armor plates would normally be. "As soon as you get changed, we can begin."

"Uh.... I don't mean to question your design choices but... yeah, I'm totally questioning this: what the hell! I do sneaky sneaky stuff, what's with all this blocky shit!" Nexi asked as she started taking her clothes off, not even bothering to worry about modesty in front of the Captain.

As Nexi changed, Enalia went on to explain the capabilities of the suit. "During fitting, the computer will remold and compress the armor plating from these ceramic blocks into actual armor. A computerized assistant will monitor your vitals and recording devices are located on each shoulder and each hip. If you need to transfer data from a computer, the primary contact point for that is between the thumb and index finger of each glove. The system is designed to work faster than other available systems and is able to hold several databases in distributed storage systems inside the armor plates themselves. The plates also provide a certain level of sensor scattering. Also, we've engineered a socket for add ons, including an interface and array for your personal cloak." Setting up the fitting chamber, the suit was pulled open so Nexi could step into it from behind easily. "Also, during the fitting, you might feel a mild burning sensation as the ceramics are compressed and molded to your body. We'll go over the helmet after the suit is complete. When you're ready, we'll begin."

Nexi finished snugging the undersuit into place, then stepped up into the bulky armor. "Alright, let me know when you're-" her words were cut off at there was a loud noise and suddenly it started getting quite warm. "Oh, okay, here we go," Nexi said, and closed her eyes as she relaxed her stance, focusing on patiently enduring the building heat as the chamber compressed the ceramic to mold against her body perfectly. Fuck, Enalia wasn't kidding about the burning, but she could do this...

Enalia grinned as she monitored the system as it did its thing. "The full cycle takes about ninety seconds. Also, if you gain or lose more than about twenty pounds, we'll have to redo the suit for you."

"What do you think I'm gonna do that's gonna make me lose or gain that much weight?" Nexi retorted with a grin.

"You never know..." Enalia chuckled softly. "Almost done."

Nexi waited until finally the chamber released her and she was free to move. She stepped out of the chamber and began to move around, testing her range of motion. "This feels good, very light, not at all cumbersome" Nexi admitted as she moved and stretched. Then she reached for her weapons and began affixing them to her suit, pleased to find that there was enough room along some of the armor plates on her legs for a couple of daggers. "Oh yeah, this is great," she affirmed once she felt the familiar weight of her pikes (now plural as she had two, that would take some getting used to) at the small of her back, practically giddy to discover that her arm movement was no longer restricted, allowing her to draw and wield one of the pikes with ease. Now she just needed to replicate the holster and mag holster for her new gun! "How do I look?"

"Deadly," Enalia replied, resetting the equipment and pointing over towards a rack of helmets. "The helmet is over there. Give it a try and make sure it seals right."

"Were you able to get the HUD to display a Ferengi translation overlay?" Nexi asked as she snugged the new holsters into place, then quickly braided her hair so it wouldn't get in the way of the helmet. "I know I'm supposed to be perfecting my English, and I'm working on it, but I still have trouble with some stuff.... In fact, I think I misunderstood something Cato said earlier and we ended up yelling at each other," she admitted as she picked up the helmet and tried it on; it fit like a glove!

"The computer does its best, but don't count on perfect Ferengi. It might display things in both common and Ferengi." Enalia finished what she was doing and headed over to take a good long look at Nexi. "You know, you almost look like an actual member of Starfleet with that."

"Fuck, I do..." Nexi said with false dread as she looked down at herself. Then she snickered. "Well, I couldn't stay a bum forever," she said, then replicated a few extra clips for her new gun and tucked everything away. "Anything else?" she asked.

"I think in a few hours you, Cato, and myself will look our best storming a research facility." Enalia replied with a grin. "Now we just have to find a way off the ship without Mal or Clio catching on."

"Oh, so we are being sneaky sneaky!" Nexi said, excited to finally be doing a mission with Enalia! "Well I go out all the time, I could just say I'm going out on one of my jobs," she suggested, then removed the helmet. It almost seemed a shame to take the armor off now that she was all cozy in it, but she didn't really want to wear this for a few hours waiting to arrive at their destination.

Enalia nodded and headed towards the door of the lab. "I'll meet you at your ship in my own armor and gear when we get there. The crew is assigned to go full stealth and scan some ship wreckage near a spacial anomaly so they shouldn't be in the way or noticeable, but will be nearby if things go south."

"Alright, I'll have Star warmed up and ready to go. If Mal or Clio ask, I'm off chasing a bounty," Nexi said as she pulled the armor off. She opted to keep the undersuit on just for simplicity and pulled her pants on over it.

"And I'm just going for a walk," Enalia replied with a wink back at Nexi as she walked out the door.

Nexi grinned and followed soon after she had collected all her stuff, then headed for her docking bay. Now, what to say to Cato about their dinner becoming a public spectacle...


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