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Training Woes

Posted on Fri Mar 10th, 2017 @ 1:02pm by Lieutenant Commander T'Pral Jordan & Captain Enalia Telvan

Mission: Cardassian Mayhem
Location: Security Offices
Timeline: Three weeks after the Cardassian station mission

Most Captains wouldn't deign to visit each individual deck like Enalia did, but then Enalia wasn't most Captains. She had a background as a pilot and an Intel officer. She was a joined Trill. she was the wife of a holographic lifeform. This is why she preferred visiting every office at least once a month and what brought her to the Security offices. She had been mingling with the crew in the outer offices, seeing how things were going and making a few mental notes when she excused herself and headed over to T'Pral's office. Rather than pressing the door chime, she knocked and waited.

T'Pral looked up from her terminal screen curiously at the door. Why would someone knock instead of using the door chime? Was it broken? "Enter," she called out as she stood up behind her desk.

As the doors opened, Enalia stepped inside. "Hey, how have you been? Everything going ok?"

T'Pral was curious as to why the captain would check in on her. She hadn't missed a shift on the bridge so far. "Everything is as good as can be expected, captain. I have my department focusing on melee and hand to hand tactics with their training. I was currently going through our melee weapons supply and noticed that it needs expanding, which I plan to do so with the replicator later today. Is there something I can do for you, captain?"

Pulling out a data chip, Enalia handed it to T'Pral with a deadly serious look on her face. "These are the replicator patterns for an array of plasma infused monofilament bladed weapons. Don't tell anyone outside the Hera I gave these to you, but replicate as many as you need. They'll take a while, so get started as soon as you can." Pausing a moment, she relaxed her posture. "I was more worried that there was something I could do to help you out. I know most ships, every senior officer is kept in the loop on every mission, and that's normally true on the Hera as well... But with so much super secret squirrel BS floating around, I've been ordered to keep a lot of things as low profile as I can and I apologize. I wish I could tell you that in the next couple weeks we're going to use a slingshot maneuver to take the ship back to the year 2160 to infiltrate an Orion research facility under a spaceport or that you'll need to train people for that sort of scenario, but I just can't. I'm sorry. If I could tell you that we need people that can pretend to be Orion citizens of the era and fight accordingly if needed, I would. What I can tell you is that hand to hand combat and tricobalt explosives will be crucial."

T'Pral took the chip and thought about what the captain was saying--she didn't like being kept out of the loop, yet wondered if the Captain was unofficially trying to tell her what to prepare for. "So you can't tell me what the mysterious Cardassian on that penal station was doing there and what three of my officers died for, captain?" There was almost an edge to her voice as she fought an internal struggle with her rising anger and frustration.

"It involves several similar stations doing similar research. We're trying to track down the one behind it all and shut him down. We suspect that he's a remnant of the Eugenics war on Earth." Enalia replied apologetically, hoping that at least gave T'Pral something to ease her mind a bit. "We've lost a lot of people to this already and I'm betting we'll lose more no matter how careful we are."

" many more times must innocents die because of the ignorance of humans?" Although half human herself, T'Pral had always despised Earth's past--the Eugenics War especially. It was humans attempting to play God and it ended up biting them in the ass in the end. Who knows what would have happened to the Human race had the Vulcans never made first contact and help unite Earth. T'Pral sighed, "I apologize, Captain. I know you are doing only what you are allowed to by those above you."

"And a lot of these answers will come at the staff meeting scheduled for tomorrow morning. As for the ignorance of humans... I'm aware of over a hundred known races that have had similar events to Earth's Eugenics Wars. It's just the most violent example I can think of." Enalia shook her head apologetically. "And as for the dissemination of information, there are only a dozen people on this ship with Sigma Nine clearance and normally there are only one or two. Starfleet Command is... Jittery... about that, more than anything else, I think. If any of them were captured, the secrets they could reveal... Congrats on your upgrade to Sigma Nine, by the way. You now have access to a secret armory that needs three security codes to open. I'll run you through that procedure later, if that's ok."

T'Pral nodded and smiled slightly. "Thank you, Captain. This assignment has been...different than any of my other assignments. I am not used to the Intelligence Department having so much control of a ship, but I will adapt. How are things with you, Captain?"

"Beyond stressful. The lives of potentially billions hinges on my decisions during this next mission." Enalia replied. "Do you drink much tea? I have an extensive teacup collection and I really just want to go play with them."

T'Pral raised an eyebrow. "I am mostly fond of green tea, and vulcan tea. Yet I am willing to try something new."

"We'll have to share a cup of tea some time then. I have some white tea from Trill that I think you might enjoy." Enalia smiled softly, wishing she could forget the rest of her day and go enjoy a cup.

"I would appreciate that, Captain," T'Pral replied. "You look like you could use some rest."

Enalia shook her head and grinned wearily. "No time to rest right now. I have to make sure everyone on the ship is ready to risk life and limb to preserve the ideals of the Federation. Maybe when we're done, though."

"My department and I are ready, Captain. You have my assurance," T'Pral said. "I should get to work on replicating the needed melee weapons."

"I'll leave you to it then. If you need anything, please let myself or Mal know." With a nod and a polite smile, Enalia excused herself so T'Pral could get back to work.


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