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Intelligence Lightform

Posted on Tue Mar 7th, 2017 @ 9:02pm by Commander Mal Xustos & Akira Zhuri

Mission: Cardassian Mayhem
Location: Akira's Quarters
Timeline: Current

Akira Zhuri was only a matter of weeks old, and she'd recently undergone a traumatic experience that culminated in the loss of her 'father', at which time she'd absorbed his memories and experiences. One of her 'mothers' was aboard and presumably was, with the help of Captain Telvan, looking after her. That said, Mal wanted to look in on her himself. He was pleased to see that the young holographic lifeform had taken quarters. While she could reside in a data bank and create a palatial estate to live in, choosing to live in quarters made her more accessible and would help her learn to interact with the crew socially. Mal arrived at Akira's quarters and hesitated. If she wasn't materialized, how would she know the chime went off? He tried the chime anyway.

Akira was in her quarters, and she wasn't alone; Andy Carter was there doing some maintenance on Akira to make sure that the absorption of Ari's data wouldn't cause any negative long term effects for Akira.

"Come in!" the ginger ex-Borg barked out as she worked on some code at Akira's desk terminal while Akira herself appeared to be asleep on the couch.

Mal entered and saw to his surprise that Akira already had company.

"Chief Carter," he said quietly. He wasn't sure if Akira was really 'asleep' or just looked that way. In fact, he wasn't sure if you could wake up a holographic life form with noise. Better safe than sorry. "I didn't know you were aboard. Is everything alright with Akira?"

"Yeah, she's alright, just making sure she'll stay that way when it's time for me to leave," Andy replied with a lopsided grin. She finished what she was working on and sent the modifications back to Akira, who promptly opened her eyes and sat up.

"Oh, Commander, hello," Akira said softly, a stark contrast to Andy's gruff demeanor.

"Relax, I think he's just here to check up on you," Andy said with a grin, continuing to look through some data she had saved for future modifications. "You want me to leave or stay?" she asked her 'daughter'.

"I do not mind either way," Akira replied, then rose from the couch. "What can I do for you, sir?" she said to Mal.

"Your mother is correct, Miss Zhuri," Mal said. "I am in fact here to check up on you. You've had a bit of a rough ride getting here. I've come to see how you are settling in."

"I'm alright," Akira replied in a subdued tone. "I miss Father; I know he is always with me now, but it's not the same. But the crew has been nice, I'm adapting to my new roll here, and the computer feels different than the Katana's computer but I feel more secure here."

"And Maica made her go see the Counselor," Andy chimed in. "Akira says she's fine, but after all she's been through it's better to be safe than sorry. Anyway, we also made her go to establish a rapport with the Counselor so she'll feel comfortable asking for help when she needs it."

Mal nodded.

"And you can always come to me if there's anything you need," he said. "If you're having any issues at all fitting in or finding your way, or you just want to talk something out, problem solve, or just have someone listen to you."

"I appreciate the consideration," Akira said with a grateful nod. "I must admit that I am having difficulty adapting to social interactions, and Father's experiences haven't really helped all that much," she admitted.

"Social interactions can be difficult even for people who've had the chance to grow into them," Mal said. "The ship has clubs, classes, and social organizations you can join. It will be almost painfully awkward at first, but joining one or two could be a good experience for you, socially. It would expose you to different kinds of people in social situations and give you an opportunity to try out different kinds of things, to figure out what you enjoy doing."

"The Counselor has suggested much the same," Akira stated. "I have also started exploring the interests of my parents; Mother Maica has made a violin for me and Mother Andy is teaching me to play, and I often find myself reading in my spare time, as Father used to do."

"That's good," Mal said. "I play several instruments, a few different kinds of flutes, the aulos, the kithara, and the lyre. Music can be great fun and it is especially satisfying when you master a piece you've been working hard on, no matter how simple the piece is. So, what have you been reading?"

"Oh, a novel that Father never got to finish, A Tale of Two Cities," Akira replied. "I'm finding it to be quite illuminating, and while Father preferred the solitude of his quarters to read, I'm finding that I rather like going to the arboretum to read, it is... peaceful there."

Mal smiled.

"Yes," he said. "It is peaceful there. Chief Carter, how long will you be with us?"

"Well, Maica's gotta go back tomorrow; the Merlin can't run itself," Andy said as she leaned back in her chair and gave the matter some thought. "As for me, I can afford to take more time away to take care of Akira. I hadn't really given a time frame much thought, but I was hoping for at least another week to ensure Akira is settled in and stable."

"Whatever it takes," Mal said. "Well, I suppose I should leave you to it. If there's anything you need, feel free to come to me and I'll see if I can make it happen. It was nice to meet you, Chief Carter, and it was nice to officially meet you, Miss Zhuri."

"It was nice to meet you as well," Akira replied with a slight nod. "And I think I would like to hear you play music sometime," she added with a slight smile.

"I would love to play for you," Mal said. "We'll make a time soon or you can just come and find me. I'm always willing to play a tune. Again, a pleasure to meet both of you."

Mal turned and left Akira's quarters. It seemed the little holoperson was settling in well. He decided that he'd check in again soon, just to be sure.


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