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Open Air Prison: Camp 2

Posted on Sat Jan 27th, 2018 @ 8:56pm by Captain Enalia Telvan & Petty Officer 2nd Class Ila Dedjoy & Ahreva Malana & Baroness 2nd Class Schwein von Alcott & Lieutenant Commander Eneas Clio & Lieutenant Commander Thex sh'Zoarhi & Lieutenant Cassiopeia Yale Md & Lieutenant Vaemyn & Crewman Draex Ashir & Akira Zhuri & Lieutenant Kieran Gideon & Ensign Shavni & Warrant Officer Cerus Read & Master Chief Petty Officer Abraham Laurent & Chief Petty Officer R'Tor & Chief Petty Officer Ronald Greer & Petty Officer 1st Class Katee Dahl & Stephen Jenkins & Miril Sa'Vvn
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Mission: When Iconians Deserve to Die
Location: Inside the Sphere
Timeline: After Open Air Prison: Camp 1

Clio groaned, blinking as she pushed herself up to a kneeling position. The last thing she remembered was being on the bridge of the Hera, but she now found herself... outdoors? That couldn't be right. After another moment, she scrambled to her feet and looked around. A solitary star shone above where she stood, a large-ish patch of ground surrounded by vertical purple bars and two small structures that looked like some sort of shelter. It took her only a few seconds to realize what had happened.

They'd been taken from the Hera and put in some sort of prison camp inside the sphere. And they'd been separated. Why or how, she didn't know, but they could figure that out later. Right now they needed a way out of the camp. Spotting Thex nearby, she went to the Andorian officer and gently shook her awake.

Draex awoke with a light headache making his head throb, laying face down on what felt like cold concrete. It took a second for his mind to tick over the situation and remember where he had been what felt like moments before. He had been on patrol, preparing to head back to his quarters after a fairly uneventful day. He awkwardly started to scramble up to his feet as the realization of this sudden change in scenery hit him but his balance was still off, leading to him falling back into a sitting position right after trying to stand up. The sudden landing jolted him back to his senses, his head turning like a swivel to get his bearings. He recognized Lieutenant Commander Eneas and Draex was fairly sure the other person she was trying to wake up was the Chief Engineering Officer Thex. He was still fairly new to the Hera but he did at least know the names of those in charge. Unsure of what to do next in this situation, he worked on getting to his feet and looking around for others in the same area as them.

Thex groaned as someone shook her awake. Her head was spinning and it was painful for her eyelids to open. Whoever was shaking her didn't stop causing the androrian to try blindly bating them away. She felt sick and it was painful to open her blue eyes. Feeling up towards her head she realized the source of her discomfort. One of her antennae hung at an angle that she knew it wasn't supposed to. Biting her tongue to prevent herself from swearing she managed to mumble out " Where are we?"

"Damn it, Thex, stop hitting me!" Clio had dodged one swat only to take a solid hit to her right cheek bone, missing her eye by less than an inch. When Thex came around, she couldn't help glaring at the other woman for a moment. "I think we're inside the sphere, though I don't know how we got here. Or how your antenna got broken." Clio looked around, trying to see who else was nearby.

" Teleported here most likely. " The andorian replied as she searched her toolbelt. Almost all of it was gone, apart from one item. Wrapping her hand on the electrical tape that was still thankfully in it's place. " Anyone see a stick or something I need to straighten this thing out." She said jabbing a finger at her broken antenna.

There were no sticks or other debris in the cell. Clio's hand went to her hip where her collapsible staff had been, but she found it missing. "We're fresh out of sticks. I think you'll have to make do with just the tape... should work if it's wrapped tight enough." She wasn't a doctor or even a field medic, but she'd dressed enough of her own battle wounds to have a fair understanding of how to do such things. Holding one hand out for the tape, she used the other to gently re-align Thex's broken antenna.

Schwein had come around and noticed Clio patching up Thex as she was getting her bearings. Checking her pockets for her normal medical supplies, she found she had none of it on her. All she apparently had was her cybernetic eye. Crouching next to the two, she flipped up her eye patch to reveal her glowing red cybernetic eye and scanned them both for injuries. "Lieutenant, your antenna should heal naturally in a day or two, but your balance and hearing will be greatly affected as I am sure you are aware. Commander, you appear to be uninjured."

Ila had come to as well and was starting to rally the others of the crew that were here in the prison camp. Thankfully she still had her personal science tricorder on her and she could start scanning individual life forms and even comm badge codes. Isolating Commander Eneas, she went to her location to report her findings.

Ila also crouched next to Clio. "Commander Eneas! It seems the entire crew has been transported inside of some sort of prison complex. I'm picking up two main groups and two smaller groups. Badge codes indicate you're the ranking individual for this group. The captain is leading a small team from the other group towards us but there is an unknown artificial life form with her. The other group... Is Nexi, Aewia, T'Pral, Cato, and Daytona... And Ma'am... I'm picking up massive black blood readings in their vicinity."

"Fabulous." Clio's tone was very dry as she somewhat impatiently plucked the tape out of Thex's hand and did her best to splint the broken antenna more or less straight. As if they didn't have enough to deal with being in a cage, now the Master was here and doing experiments on the crew. And he had Nexi again! "We need to find a way out of here. Now." Not that getting out was going to help them. Her demon-killing weapons had apparently been left on the ship. A quick touch to either side of her belt showed she didn't even have Mal's friction-less kopis, only a hand phaser. Which she knew would be useless against the Master. "Are there any weaknesses in the bars? Are the shelters tall enough that if we could get on top we could climb out?"

"That's the weird thing..." Ila began, scanning in the direction of the fence and a couple of the prison structures. "Other than the four meter fence, I'm not detecting anything meant to keep us inside or subdue us if we escape. Unless you count the wildlife... I'm picking up something similar to an Earth squirrel but it looks like it... Might? Be able to emit a flaming gas? I'm not sure, I've never seen readings like these before. As for the fence, it only has vertical bars so would be difficult to climb over. If we had a way to bend them further apart or find a break..."

"If we're inside a Dyson sphere, I don't think there are any breaks in the bars." Getting up from the ground, Clio could see a young human male nearby. Wearing yellow, so either engineering or security. She wasn't entirely sure who he was, but his face looked somewhat familiar. She'd probably reviewed his dossier, but they hadn't met. She waved him over, simultaneously looking for anyone else. "Hey, kid. What's your name?"

Draex had after seeing that everyone was up and moving around, focused on getting up himself. He had stayed silent, observing the surroundings and trying to get a nasty growing headache under control. Though nothing had really changed, he had heard someone mention 'black blood'. While he did not know specifics he knew that it was something hazardous. The general tone of the conversation seemed to be leaning in that direction as well. Something bad was going down and they needed to be where it was happening. Draex had been avoiding looking in Clio's direction before she addressed him directly. Not because he had anything against her or her race, but because seeing someone's antenna be realigned with duck tape was not something he really wanted to see in detail. "Security Crewman Draex Ashir Ma'am." He said with a quick salute. Given the situation he didn't waste much time with the small formality. "I have over heard the basics of the situation. Where can we move from here? I may be built like a mule, but i doubt i can do anything about those bars as is." He said with a quick glance to the vertical metal bars that kept them pinned in. Sure he was a six foot seven tall human, but he would not be doing superhuman acts any time soon. With tools maybe but right now he did not even have his Stun Baton. And to make matters even worse, his phaser's power pack was empty and shorted out.

"Well, we won't be climbing out over the top, even if we can get on top of the shelters. You and I are the tallest people here, and I doubt even we could make the jump down the other side." There were no tools to help them. As the others began to cluster around her, Clio noticed that only tricorders and phasers remained. No projectile weapons. No blades. Even her own blades - cleverly hidden beneath her uniform most of the time - were missing. No one had any rope or other equipment. Thex's tape seemed to be the only exception, and they weren't bending prison bars with that.

Clio also had a sneaky feeling that the phasers wouldn't be working, even though Ila's tricorder was. Deciding to test that theory, she drew her phaser from her hip and pointed it away from the group before attempting to fire. Absolutely nothing happened. No beam. The lights that displayed the phaser's setting didn't light up. The weapon might as well be a paperweight. "Can't cut our way out either. I'm open to suggestions."

Thex slowly got to her feet. Her head was still hurting like hell, but at least she could see now. " I could try giving it a small charge if I rigg the power cells from are combadges together. Don't know if it will cut through the bars though. "

Draex was having a bit of difficulty thinking of much of a way to break through the bars so he stayed silent when they were asked for suggestions. A way to apply a lot of kinetic energy into one area might work, but they would need a way to do it... When Thex mentioned making a small charge from their powercells out of their comm badges, a 'light' popped on in his head. "While it may not break it, it might weaken it enough to break it by force. If it does weaken it enough at the ground level, given how there are only vertical bars we may be able to bend it from there. Would wanna check 'em with a tricorder first though, that would be a nasty waste if it didn't work."

"Can't hurt to try it, I suppose." Clio was not an engineer or a scientist. She was smart, but not like that. Whether such a plan would work at all, she didn't know. But she didn't have any other ideas.

As Clio and others discussed their options, a blue-shirted lieutenant approached from the opposite side of the prison camp, holding his head gingerly. The Vorta looked a little disconcerted, plainly making an effort to focus on his surroundings, walking with a drunken man's shamble. The only one in the little leadership group that he knew was Ila, and even then, not well, but he approached anyway.

"Hi," the Vorta said quietly as he got close enough for them to hear, still holding his hands carefully over his large, crescent ears. "I couldn't help but...ow...overhear your plan. I think I have an idea." Realising that they probably had no idea who he was, he smiled weakly. "I am Lieutenant Vaemyn, science officer. Just hopping a ride when all of"

Clio quirked an eyebrow at Vaemyn's appearance, surprised to find a Vorta among the Hera's crew. It was rare seeing Vorta at all, let alone in Starfleet. Then again, she was something of a rarity herself. "I'd like to hear your idea, Lieutenant."

Reluctantly, Vaemyn removed a hand from one ear and pulled a tricorder from his belt, then winced at the onslaught of new sound without the protection of his hand. He moved closer to the XO, enough that he could talk more quietly.

“Sorry, Commander,” Vaemyn apologised, “that transporter beam, or whatever it was, doesn’t agree with Vorta ears. Right now, we’ve got loads of tricorders and combadges, so let’s use them. I think can rig two hundred combadges up and twenty tricorders into an improvised directional energy pulse. It may be enough to blast a hole, or at least warp the bars. All we have to do override the tricorder safeties to emit a synchronous polaric energy pulse, while the badges burst-transmit a maximum energy charge into each tricorder to augment the polaric pulse.”

Realising what he had just said, Vaemyn grinned self-consciously. “Uh...I know it’s a bit crazy, and it’ll burn out most of our available hardware.”

"It is crazy," The porcelain faced Malana commented, scanning with her own tricorder as she rounded one of the structures, her large, unblinking, reflective eyes staring at the screen. "I'm detecting forty seven drained weapons. Jury rigging a charger from a pair of tricorders or a replicator inside one of these structures has got to be far easier than fusing several hundred tiny beacons of hope, should the ship regain functionality and attempt to rescue us or regain communications. On top of that, should the worst happen, our comm badges are our easiest means of identifying our dead. Destroying them without exhausting all other options is illogical."

"Or we could show up with an android and bend the bars with ease!" The familiar voice of Captain Telvan rang out over the group from the other side of the bars as they were planning their escape, leading a team of her own.

"Hello, everyone!" said the frightfully tall purple creature walking beside Enalia. It waved in emphasis of its cheerful greeting, then stepped forward to the bars. With a firm grasp on two of the bars, it began to slowly pull them apart until there was just enough room for the people inside to slip out. "Is everyone okay in here? The ship crashed and I was frightfully worried that someone might have been injured before the beam out," the android said as it moved over to more bars to open another space to escape from.

Vaemyn ogled at the huge creature that so effortlessly bent the bars, his headache momentarily forgotten as he pointed at it in amazement. " that...sorry, I don't mean to be rude, I just mean, are you an Iconian android? A actual Iconian android?"

"Ah, well, the outside of me is, but inside it's just me, Akira," the android replied cheerfully. "And there's a whole lab of these things waiting to be activated, and the lab was super nice! I promised him I would try to come back to talk to him, I think he's lonely."

Enalia scanned the area with her tricorder as she spoke. "I've conformed that she's Akira and that the body is safe enough. Commander Eneas, get everyone out of there and rally with Commander Xustos between the prison camps. I'm picking up what I think might be an Iconian gateway of some sort. Once we rescue the last of our crew, it may be our way back to the ship."


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