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Showdown at the Hera Corral

Posted on Sat Jul 7th, 2018 @ 7:40pm by Lieutenant Commander T'Pral Jordan & Ensign Shavni & Chief Petty Officer R'Tor

Mission: Holographic Horrors
Location: Deck Ten

T'Pral had her phaser drawn as she walked with Shavni and R'Tor down the corridor. She trusted these two and they worked well together. Read on the other hand, seemed to be more of a loner and preferred to work alone. She didn't doubt his abilities and thus was the reason she allowed him to work alone when not required to be a part of a team. As they rounded a corner towards Ten Forward, they were startled by the sound of a projectile weapon discharging, followed by several others along with screams.

"What the hell?" Shavni commented as she, T'Pral, and R'Tor drew their phasers.

T'Pral peered around the corner at the doorway leading to Ten Forward. She spotted two men wearing vintage clothing styles from Earth. They had black pants, coat, and wide brim hats with white shirts. One wore a black puff tie with a thin mustache and the other wore a red puff tie and well as sported a long, thick mustache and what appeared to be a vintage law enforcement badge. The men seemed familiar to T'Pral--as if she had seen them in historical archives before.

"Why don't you come on in here, Wyatt!! Join the party!" a gruff voice boomed from within Ten Forward.

'Wyatt?' T'Pral thought--she knew the name. This was a nightmare for T'Pral. Ten Forward was the last place she needed a firefight. She needed to end this fight now before anyone got hurt if they weren't already hurt or killed.

"Give it up, Curly Bill!" Wyatt responded in a demanding voice.

"Why do you ever trade words with the man, Wyatt," the other said as he finished firing a shot and ducked back behind the doorway. "He is not...on your, well at least my intellectual level," he smiled.

"Not now, Doc," Wyatt said before firing another shot.

"I take it you two are lawmen," T'Pral observed, carefully approaching the two.

The forms of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday turned quickly at the newcomer. "I would never associate myself as being a man of the law, madam," Doc Holliday replied with a grin.

"Who are you?" Wyatt asked, holding his revolver in a low ready position.

"I am the Chief of Security for this vessel...I am a lawman as well," she explained.

"A woman lawman?" Doc Holliday chuckled. "Madam, you are a riot."

'Ah, sexism was rampant in the 19th century,' T'Pral recalled from her Terran History class at the Academy. "Excuse me, gentlemen," T'Pral said as she sprinted through the doors, aiming for a turned over table. She landed perfectly, rolling behind the table in one swift agile move. She carried her momentum to the other side and fired her phaser that struck the man in the shoulder as he fell to the ground. Shavni rushed in and fired, striking Curly Bill in the chest before the image disappeared.

"Madam, you may stand at my side any day," Holliday said with a tip of his hat and grin as he and Earp entered.

"You got some fancy moves there," Wyatt said with a nod. "Mind help me and Doc track down the rest of the Cowboy Gang?"

T'Pral nodded at the man. "Your aid would be appreciated."

"Then after you, ma'am," Wyatt said with a slight bow and a gesture with his hand.


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Comments (1)

By Commander Rita Paris on Sat Jul 7th, 2018 @ 8:45pm

Classic! I could hear Kurt Russel and Val Kilmer as I read their lines. That was a fun post!