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Wedding Preparations

Posted on Thu Feb 28th, 2019 @ 1:32pm by Captain Enalia Telvan & Lieutenant Mona Gonadie & Maica III 47 & Commander Rita Paris & Lieutenant Commander Thex sh'Zoarhi & Lieutenant Commander Mnhei'sahe Dox & Lieutenant Commander Sonak & Lieutenant Samuel Clemens XV & Lieutenant Asa Dael & Ensign Tathaa
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Mission: Recovery Trek
Location: USS Hera, Main shuttle bay
Timeline: 2396

As the Andorian stepped out of the turbolift and into the now empty shuttle bay, she was wearing one of her casual blue catsuits, as was her Aenar partner whom she had her arm around. She felt warm but weak as the two overlooked the space that had been cleared. It was almost time. Now they just had to get everything set up.

" Okay let's get the overlay laid out and get started," Thex said to her partner, who nodded as she placed the stasis chamber with the cake down off to one side out of the way as she waited for her Andorian to get started. It wasn't long before a semi-transparent overlay lit up the area. Time to get started.

The doors wooshed open to let Sonak enter with hands behind his back. He went straight to her. Of course, he was not smiling at all; yet, there was something almost congenial radiating from his soft grey eyes before he spoke in his characteristically deep, even tone.

''Lieutenant Commander Thex Sh'Zoarhi; may I be of assistance? I may not be familiar with Andorian practices, but I believe I have recently gained some minimal general experience in these social proceedings. I, therefore, offer my services to make this occasion as memorable to you and your mates as it has been for me.''

"Thank you Sonak! And you don't have to address me by rank- just plain Thex, for the moment. As for help, as you can see we have an outlay already laid out so we just need to get everything in its place. Would you mind helping me with a holo trolly so we can get the ice sculptures into position?" The Andorian asked.

''I come to serve,'' the Vulcan replied, doing as he was asked with a definite seriousness, handling the ice sculptures as if they were some very delicate experiment but with an assured hand and a sharp precise eye.

''I must confess to much curiosity in participating in this ceremony,'' he said with frank candor. ''Of course my first goal is to help and share in the social and spiritual experience you are about to live. But I have heard much intriguing data about the Andorian mating ritual. Considering your unique and very complex biology and ancient culture, this will undoubtedly be most... fascinating; and rarely seen if ever outside of your homeworld, is it not?''

"Indeed. Especially the one we're doing with just two of us. Most of us wait till we have the four individuals, but well...." Thex said looking over at the Anear who was beginning to set up the chairs. " Well, I love her, and I want the whole universe to know," Thex said sentimentally carefully moving one of the sculptures into position and making sure the stasis field was intact. No sense in it melting before the ceremony.

The internal cargo doors *swooshed* open, and the ship's Ginger Gentryman entered, carrying a large table, covered in various and sundry edibles and drinkables. There was a shimmer covering the table, like a thin sheet of glass, which extended back to and covered the dapper Intel Chief, who was walking carefully toward the side of the venue.

"...this a good spot, y'all? Ah put t'gethuh a few r'fresh'ments by hand. Ol'family recipes."

He paused near the bulkhead, table still in the air, grinning through his prodigious mouth-broom at his shipmates. He was looking over the brilliant ice-sculptures, admiring them, as he awaited a response.

Thex gave the chief intelligence officer warm welcoming smile. "Good to see you Samuel," she said, looking at the largest ice sculpture. "Uzaveh the Infinite. The creator in Andorian mythology," she explained to the human who the robed Andorian represented in chipped ice represented. "You can put your table down anywhere there's a space."

It was a few moments later that Ensign Mona Gonadie and Lieutenant Mnhei'sahe Dox entered together, with Dox carrying a small box under one arm and looking around at her Shuttlebay somewhat surprised at how empty it was, making a mental note to make sure the moved Runabouts and Shuttles were all where she had instructed them to be to the rest of the Flight Control Department, of which she was the Chief.

Mona whistled softly at how clean and empty the flight deck was. the crews had even gone through and scrubbed the ceiling like she had asked, leaving no grease stains anywhere. For a moment she had suspected them to cover something up with holographics, which she would have easily seen through, but there was nothing at all. "They did a good job cleaning. I'm impressed."

"Commander, I have the table placards printed up for the place settings." Dox awkwardly called over to Thex as she entered.

The Anear who was still setting up chairs raised her hand before she walked over to the pair. " Dox, Mona, it's great to see you." The blind girl said with a grin on her face. " I need a hand getting the tables and chairs set up so could you give a girl a hand?" She asked politely.

Answering for the newly minted couple, Dox replied as the pair began making their way over. "Of course."

When the cargo bay doors next whooshed open, Doctor Asa Dael came bouncing into the room wearing an all blue pantsuit with white blouse. The doctor was trying to honor the couples colors at all times in wedding preparation, and came carrying centerpieces to match. They held a box of six small vases that when activated projected blue and white orchids with a soft spray of ongoing fireworks emanating from the base. A soft fragrance also came out of each centerpiece, which when clustered together created a heady aroma that was making Asa little bit giggly.

“Hi there!” they greeted the room, “Table decorations ahoy! Where do you want them?”

"Asa, good to see you." the Aenar said. "Can you place them on the table and help us get the rest of the tables up?" Taatha asked politely.

Clemens carefully lowered the long table, making sure to keep it rock-solid level as it connected with the deckplating. The moment it did, the shimmering rolled back from the end of the table back to Sam,, then winked out like a soap bubble popping. He pressed a button on the table, and a stasis field of the same type evident on the ice structures popped into place over it. Even the reflections on the dishes and decanters seemed to stall, exactly as they were when the field was enacted, the engineer noted. Those Slavers certainly knew how to manipulate spacetime, despite their lack of decency, he mused. It was good that the Federation had finally cracked the technology that enabled the effect, he mused, as he looked at his crewmates coming together for this happy event.

Perhaps one day, he might meet someone that would make him think about such things, himself.

"Looks great and delicious, Sam! What have you made for us? " Thex said, walking up behind him.

With a flourish (which Clemens, dressed in a stylized Iron Chef uniform, was prepared -for), the Man of a Thousand Cigar Flavors started at the forward end.

"Why, madame, ah threw together a lil' bit o'everuthin' fer y'all. First, ah wanted t'show off some belly-filluhs from mah grammeh's cookbook. This heah is huh counteh-faymuss shephud's pie, made with meat subs'tute, since her ma an' da wuh both veg'tarian. It's chock-fulla yummeh stuff, an' wrapped in a pastreh shell." He gestured at the aforementioned dish as he talked, moving forward down the table, adding, "...this here's blackberreh cobbluh, m'mama's recipe, an' Auntie Sabrina's rhubahb pie, an' ovuh heah, baked pseudo-ham, an' peas n'dumplins, some bah-buh-kew, veggie'taryun, sweet puhtatuh pie, a few gall'ns uh tea, both sweet an' unsweet, a big ol' pone uh coahnbread, a mess uh oakruh, a pot uh pintos, fried 'maters, fried tatuhs, coahn on thuh cawb, lotsa buttuh..."

He went on and on- and it was a twelve-foot table. He'd labeled every dish neatly, and hadn't forgotten stacks of plates and utensils and cups and napkins. By the time he'd finished, several people had asked when the table would be open- to which is reply was a steadfast, " soon as th'ladies 'r readeh fuh grub!"

Entering the shuttlecraft bay, which back in her day had been the entirety of the flight deck, Commander Rita Paris was out of uniform for a change. A simple sleeveless cotton sundress still clung to her curves like it was tailored for her, which of course it was. But the high neckline and low hemline combined with the stiffer fabric to lend a bit of modesty to the fabulous first officer. The dress was understated, and she'd put some product in her hair and blown it out to give it some volume, then turned it in one of the high yet tight hairstyles of her era. The dress was a particular shade of blue that didn't match Sonak's uniform presently, but complemented it, as the powder blue of the uniform of his era. Shiny white patent pumps completed the outfit, and her hands were filled with bouquets of small white flowers.

Moving slowly, taking it all in, Rita's brow knitted and she looked puzzled. "Say Thex, did you do all this yourself?"

"Nah, I had help. " Thex said as she placed another table down on the floor. " The flight crew got the place cleared up yesterday, our wonderful Orion helped with the planning, and my boys helped get some of this stuff replicated. Oh, and my beautiful partner helped with everything off course." She said looking over at her Aenar, who smiled back.

''Mutual help and shared effort for mutual benefit is integral part of a fulfilling relationship,'' Sonak commented with all due seriousness as his gaze fixed on the first officer who was also his wife.

"As usual, he’s right, you know,” Rita giggled, offering a warm smile for the solemn scientist who held her heart. “I think we actually have a few Kolari crew members these days, but I know who you mean, Thex. Well, it looks great. I brought your two bouquets- it's an old Earth tradition that gives you something to do with your hands during the ceremony," the throwback from another world explained. "Where do you want me and how can I help?"

" Thank you Rita there very nice." The andorian said as she took the bouquets and placed them on one of the tables they'd be suing to store everything for the moment. " Well can you help me with the last ice sculpture then we can start putting out the andorian ale bottles. " Thex said heading over to the last one which was a large replica of Andor.

While Rita and The worked, Dox and Mona were busy, each with a stack of chairs, helping the young Aneir Ensign put them out. "So, are you excited, Tathaa?" Dox asked while they worked.

"Of course as well as nervous, anxious and feeling light-headed. I'm getting married tomorrow.... well technically 2 hours, but you get my point. Pity my family and brother can't be here, but I'm sure they'll enjoy the recording of it." The anear said as she placed a few of the chairs in there place.

Smiling, Dox gestured to a chair. "Well, if you get too light headed, there are plenty of places to sit down. But I don't know how you're keeping it together as well as you are. I'd be chewing on the bulkhead if I was in your place."

" Oh, i am on the inside. I don't know why Thex loves me and we both want this. We already have the telepathic bond so this is just the formality at this point." The anear replied as she continued placing the chairs around the tables.

"I think that there's something about making something official that makes it more real in our brains.We get nervously in spite of all logic. But we're really happy for the both of you, and I know this is going to be a beautiful ceremony." Dox replied as she carried over a new stack of chairs.

"I agree. This ceremony is going to be amazingly beautiful and I couldn't be happier for the both of you." Mona was carrying chairs as well, but hearing what Dox said about this ceremony made her a bit anxious about their own relationship so she sidled up close and spoke softly. "Minay, do you want a ceremony as well? I'm already bonded to you, and my people normally only perform them when one mate has a weak bond, but if you want one..."

Picking up on Mona's slight anxiety, Dox felt a bit self-conscious for making her feel that way as she responded. "I've... never been big on ceremonies. But looking at us all here, together, they make a bit more sense to me."

Smiling, Dox continued at a bit of a whisper, as she didn't want to distract Tathaa from her day. "I think that's what they're about. Sharing that bond with those closest to you. That, I think, might be nice. But I don't need one to know how I feel"

The brightly plumed Miradonian smiled that smile she reserved just for Dox and snuck her a kiss. "Then we'll hold a private ceremony in our nest tonight, Minay."

Blushing slightly, Dox responded with a quick kiss of her and smile as they got back to work with the chairs.

The anear said nothing as she allowed the two there a little moment of privacy and continued her work. As she finished with one stack of chairs she paused. Someone had left what appeared to be another ice sculptor. Picking up the small item she was surprised that it was made out of crystal and appeared to be in the shape of a female andorian wearing the crimson 2270 officers uniform. " Thex did you replicate this? " She called over to her boundmate as she held up the sculpture.

It only took a second for Thex to be there as she took a look at the item. She felt like she'd seen this andorian before. " No, i haven't replicated this. Odd though she looks familiar."

Taking a look at the bottom the mystery was solved as Thex eyes fell on the description. " From the first of your line to the present and beyond. I wish you all the love I can. I am with you always. Love Vash."

" It's a gift from that jellyfish I call a great great grandfather. It's a sculpture of my great grandmother Tiviri. The former head of internal affairs of Starfleet intelligence. " She said finally placing the sculpture on the lead table. It was a nice gift, but she had plenty of work still to do.

" Now has anyone seen the altar. I need to make sure it's working." She asked her shipmates over at the slowly emptying pile of boxes and storage containers.

“What does it look like, Thex?" Paris asked, as what she envisioned when she heard the word was not necessarily what Andorian culture called the same thing. Better to err on the side of caution and cultural sensitivity, she reasoned.

" it looks like a stone altar with a bowl on top of....." Ah, here it is." Thex said as found the padded storage box. " The pale white marble pillar ended in a large bowl with the whole thing covered in symbols of andor. " Now just need to get this so we can get a good view of the wormhole."

“With the bay doors open, it’ll be hard to miss I suspect. Maybe over here, y’think?” It being Thex’s wedding day, Rita just wanted to be supportive and was aiming to acquiesce to whatever she needed. After all, not long ago she had been wed in this very bay, although in a nice small reproduction of the chapel from she and Sonak’s old starship from a century and a universe away. Given that Thex was willing to include the entire crew, that made her braver than Rita, so she wanted to be supportive.

" Yeah, that's a good spot. " Thex said looking back over her shoulder then to her mate who gave her a nod of approval. " Thanks for all this Rita and everyone. I just hope tomorrow will go so well."

Clemens noted the ladies of the day talking with Rita, and moved in theur direction, awaiting an appropriate break in the discussion.

As they finished, he sidled over to Thex and Tathaa, and 'ahemed' politely.

At their notice, he pulled a small box from his belt, and presented it to the couple.

"Ah know y'all're gonna have a millyun'n'one gifts alreadeh, but ah wanted t'give yuh two moah that might make t'day go a lil'bit easiuh," he explained with a gigawatt smile.

"D'reck'shuns're in th'box, but they're basic'leh environmental field generatuhs. They'll keep both'uh y'all cooluh than yuh s'rroundin's when they'uh activated."

Walking up behind Mona, Dox wrapped her arms around Mona's middle and rested her head on the Miradonian's shoulder as she smiled to Thex. "I know it will. It can't not."

"Tomorrow? Wait, what? This was just a practice set-up? The ceremony isn't today? I thought this was it?" Rita asked, laughing. "We're all here and dressed and there's food..."

" Tomorrow andorian time. " The andorian replied with a laugh. " It's almost midnight back home and the ceremonies should be starting in two hours. Same as our wedding. " She said wrapping her arms around her mate as they looked over the hanger. Everything looked perfect.

"I just like to say thank you, everyone. Thank you for being here and helping out and being the best family a girl could hope for. Everything looks wonderful. Now if you don't mind me and my mate here would like to change into our ceremonial gear."

"2 hours?" Dox looked down at the uniform she wore almost constantly. "Hnave!" She cursed in Rihan, somewhat exaggeratedly at her own need to change. "Yeah, that sounds like a great plan, Commander."

“All right people, you heard the blue blushing bride,” Paris called out to insure she would be heard. “2 hours. We’re staged and set, so let’s all be back here in an hour and a half, looking our best, shall we?”


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